Commander of Faltree

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Commander of the State of Faltree
Flag of Faltree
Jacob Vancapelle

since 18 December 2022
Central authority in Faltree
Head of the military
StatusHead of State
ResidenceNew Havre
Term lengthIndefinite
First holderHunt Powell

The Commander of Faltree is the Head of the State of Faltree and the supreme authority in the nation. They have absolute say and are involved in all Faltrian affairs, internal and external. Military matters are commanded and lead by the Commander himself. Commander is a position of indefinite length and the de-jure successor to the Commander is the Interior Minister of Faltree, though other factors may influence the ascension of a new Commander.


The title Commander was influenced by George Lincoln Rockwell, whom also titled himself Commander.

Commanders of Faltree

No. Commander Portrait Term start Term end
1 Hunt Powell 9 March 2020 18 December 2022
2 Jacob Vancapelle File:DalerkPortrait.png 18 December 2022 20 April 2023
The State of Faltree is dissolved

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