State of Faltree

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State of Faltree
State Flag of Faltree
Civil Flag of Faltree
Coat of Arms of Faltree
Coat of Arms
"Rifle and Club, Tooth and Nail"
Anthem: Garyowen
CapitalNew Havre
Largest cityYaak City
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups72.2% White
16.7% Hispanic
11.1% Mixed race
GovernmentSemi-democratic Autocracy
Hunt P.
LegislatureFaltrian Senate
• Formation
9 March 2020
• Estimate
CurrencyUnited States dollar
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Drives on theright
Patron saintSaint Joseph the Worker
IMSO 1 codeFTR
National sportRugby

The State of Faltree, often informally known as Faltree is an independent sovereign state, commonly referred to as a micronation by outside observers. Faltree is primarily located in Rhode Island, but also holds territory in Kentucky, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and Alberta. It was established on 9 March 2020, being the successor to a previous state. Faltree is unrecognized by all United Nations member states. Faltree consists of 15 counties overseen by the government and military. Faltree has a population of 47 citizens. Faltree maintains formal diplomatic relations with 7 micronations as of April 20th, 2021. Faltree is a member of the Micronational Assembly, and was previously chairman of the organization. Faltree is apart of the Korp Sector.


Faltree comes from a portmanteau of fall and tree, coming from the fact that Faltree has a large number of fallen trees. Everywhere in Faltree there is an abundance of trees and general flora.


Faltree was formed from the previous provisional government, which existed due to the dissolution of Union of Mountain States. Faltree was officially established 9 March 2020. Faltree began to establish relations with other micronations, joining the Micronational Assembly.

Pre-Senatorial Era

2020 was an interesting year for Faltree, participating in the Hougoumont Campaign, establishing Reorganized Ocean States, and being elected chair of the Micronational Assembly. Faltree acquired the United Ocean States after an agreement between the two leaders. The United Ocean States became a protectorate of Faltree, under a fascist government headed by the Commander of Faltree. From then on UOS would be known as Reorganized Ocean States, taking inspiration from the previous political parties that had once been active in the Ocean States. A day after the establishment of ROS, Faltree joined the war in support of Natlin against the Kingdom of Johnny Land. Faltrian involvement in the Hougoumont Campaign would be significant, as it contributed much in intelligence and design. Eventually Johnny Land would collapse on 6 May, with the Republic of Vöin established by the coalition. Relative stability would continue in Faltree until the dissolution of Reorganized Ocean States on 13 June 2020. On August 1st, 2020, Hunt P. became the 9th Chairman of the Micronational Assembly after being elected by his peers. Faltree was been responsible for the establishment of meetings in the MA, a span of time where delegates congregate to discuss micronationalism and other topics. Faltree experienced a revitalization after the collapse of the plans for the Federal Republic of Vulhalin. In 2021, Faltree coined the Rhode Island Sector and formed the Rhode Island League. Faltree entered into the Greater Aleunnic War on the 2nd of February, 2021. It mainly joined to support the Aleunnic Workers' Republic and Reunited Ocean States, and also to reverse the Partition of the Aleunnic Empire. Initial military operations were halted due to bad weather conditions in the region. Renewed military offensives came in the Spring after the rebellion of the Latalle Monarchy from Reunited Ocean States, and a general improvement in weather. On the 2nd of June, 2021, Canvia was integrated into Faltree upon the agreement of both the Faltrian and Canvian governments. Territorial changes would come with Aleunnic Faltree being formed on the 4th of June and Eccleston formed on the 5th. By this point an election for a new Senate had begun, Faltree had also signed a mutual recognition treaty with the People's Republic of Todt Hill.

Senatorial Era

The Senatorial Era of Faltree began on the 10th of June 2021, with the Faltrian Workers' Party taking an immediate lead with 3 Senators elected. Following close behind them were the Democratic Bleeding Heart Libertarians and Unity - Radical Civil Union which both had 2 Senators elected. Faltree signed a treaty with the Dominion of British North America on the 13th of June, at the time it was the Dominion of West Canada. On the 6th of August, the Democratic Bleeding Heart Libertarians merged with the Democratic-Republican Party to become the Democratic-Libertarian Party. An official adoption of state and civil flags was conducted on the 6th of September, 2021.[1]

Politics and Government

Faltree is currently a semi-democratic autocratic state with a strong executive government assisted by a legislative body known as the Faltrian Senate. The Commander of Faltree holds most authority in the country, but is legally nonpartisan and cannot halt the processes of the Senate. This Commander appoints the Interior Minister of Faltree, whom is the head of government and the legal successor if the Commander can no longer perform his duties. All ministries are handled and overseen by the Interior Minister, and the Interior Minister may create ministries and appoint ministries at any time without input from the Commander. The Interior Minister is given the right to be partisan, usually founding or joining a political party. All legislation and lawmaking is handled by the Senate, composed of 16 Senatorial seats to represent each Faltrian county. Every proposed piece of legislation in the Senate must gain a 61% majority vote before going up to the Interior Minister, who gives either an approving or disapproving vote of the proposition. If the proposition is approved by the Interior Minister, it shall go up to the Commander for approval. If the Commander approves the proposition, it shall go into effect immediately after approval. Any bill that does not reach a majority or is disapproved in any step of the lawmaking process, it may be rewritten and proposed once again. Elections for the Senate are held every 6 months, usually in the months of June and December. If a seat is unfilled anytime between these election periods the Commander will appoint a new senator to the unfilled seat or hold a quick election if there is enough interest in the vacant seat. Irredentism has been popular across the political spectrum during the Senatorial Era, with the August 2021 census finding that 50% of respondents supported it, 44.4% were unsure, and 5.6% opposed it.

Political Parties

Logo Name Ideology Position Leader Senate Cabinet
FWPlogonew.svg Faltrian Workers' Party FWP Workplace Democracy, Equity, Socialism Centre-Left A.Y
4 / 18
2 / 4
LDPFaltree.jpeg Liberal Democratic Party of Faltree LDPF Social Liberalism, Classical Liberalism, Georgism Centrist Matthew Cunningham
0 / 18
0 / 4
Union Bloc UB Pro-Commander, Revanchist, Pro-Authoritarianism, Chauvinism, Patriotism, State-socialism Syncretic Connor Shaw
3 / 18
1 / 4
EvergreenParty.png Evergreen Party EP Nationalism, States' Rights, Semi-socialist Non-aligned Katie H.
1 / 18
0 / 4
Cliff Environmentalist Party CEF Environmentalism, Patriotism, Populism Centrist Jacob Deceuninck
3 / 18
1 / 4
FRA.svg Faltrian Railway Association FRA Technocracy, Industrialism, Free Market Capitalism Center Matt Laptev
4 / 18
0 / 4
SocialNationalistFront.png Faltrian Social Nationalist Front[2] FSNF Nationalism, Market-Socialism, Traditionalism, Environmentalism Syncretic Andrew Szemere
1 / 18
0 / 4
Faltrianrepub.png Republican Party of Faltree RPF Conservatism Far-right Jaime P. III
0 / 18
0 / 4
N/A Independent I Independent Politics N/A N/A
1 / 18
0 / 4



Counties are integrated areas of Faltree with most having a permanent population.

Flag Name Location Population Senator County seat
NewHavre.svg New Havre Rhode Island 9 Javier Martinez Maxwell's Silver Hammer
YaakFlag.svg Yaak Rhode Island 6 Logan Medlin Yaak City
UMSBosche.svg Bosche Rhode Island 1 Andrew Perdomo Fritigern
Forsyth.svg New Forsyth Rhode Island 2 Emmett Autes Coxey
Gallatin.svg Gallatin Rhode Island 1 Evan Callies TBD
Dorr.png Dorr Rhode Island 2 John Lakes Thomas
Galway.svg Galway Rhode Island 1 A.Y Sudbury
Xanten.svg Xanten Rhode Island 2 Andreas Rauma Bezirke
Jamestown flag.png Jamestown Rhode Island 2 Mattias Forsberg Bartholomew
Richmondflag.png Richmond Rhode Island 2 Daniel Quintero Rockwell
Aleunnic Faltree flag.svg Aleunnic Faltree Rhode Island 1 Anthony G. New Albuquerque
NewFaltrianTueoedeth.png Faltrian-Tueoedeth Kentucky 1 Isaac J. White Sand Banks
Stonefortnew.svg Stonefort Rhode Island 2 Jacob Deceuninck Village Green
Huntsburg.svg Huntsburg Alberta 1 Connor Shaw Snowden
Oakflag.svg Oak Connecticut 1 Matthew Laptev Mawagura
Tughillflag.svg Tug Hill New York 1 Owen Bean Maple Hill
Flag of Breuckelen.svg Breuckelen New York 1 Katie H. Wyckoff
Newtonflag.svg Newton North Carolina 4 Andrew Szemere TBA
King david.svg King David North Carolina 2 N/A Psalms
Noflag.png Creek North Carolina 5 N/A TBD
Noflag.png Gluskabe Maine 0 N/A TBD
Noflag.png Silver North Carolina 2 N/A TBD


Territories are areas of Faltree that are not yet integrated, and all territories lack any permanent population.

Flag Name Location Population
Parkway1.png Parkway Territory Rhode Island 0
Betsy Ross Flag.png Faltrian-Falmouth Massachusetts 0
Noflag.png East Beach Rhode Island 0
Noflag.png Charlestown Rhode Island 0
Faltrian-berkshire flag.png Faltrian-Berkshire Massachusetts 0
Union of Mountain States Eureka Flag.png Eureka Rhode Island 0
Eccleston.png Eccleston Rhode Island 0
Noflag.png Illinois Territory Illinois 0
Noflag.png Texas Territory Texas 0

Special Zones

Flag Name Population
Faltrianarmy (1).svg Faltrian Dam Zone 0
DespairIsland.png Despair Island 0
CommissionKapreburg.svg Commission of Kapreburg Citizen: 0
Commissionné: 5


Mainland Faltree and its claims consist of a variety of different climates and topographical features. What is considered "Mainland Faltree" has the some of the nation's coldest weather as it is in the more norther portions of the nation as well as along the Atlantic Ocean that regulates tempature depending on the air that flows to the coast. This usually prevents Mainland Faltree from experiencing extreme temperatures in the summer.


Faltree has a small socialist economy organized into labor collectives, managed by the Ministry of Labor. Labor Collectives are created and organized by the Ministry of Labor, but cannot be dissolved by the Ministry. Labor collectives are intended to be autonomous in their self continuation, and all labor collectives hold autonomy over their own existence. All labor collectives function via majority vote, and collectives may elevate a spokesman to represent the entire group in the Ministry of Labor. The current Minister of Labor is Daniel Quintero.


Agriculture is the largest part of the Faltrian economy, as it creates food for the nation. Faltree has one garden located in New Havre, this garden provides all of the nation's agricultural output. Faltree mainly grows basil, lettuce, strawberries, onions, sweet peppers, and tomatoes.

Culture and demographics

Most of Faltrian culture comes from America, primarily Rhode Island culture. Urban influence is present in Faltree, mainly in Yaak and New Havre. Most of Faltree being wooded has developed a culture of hiking and exploration. New Havre has a large portion of Montanan culture. The official national sport of Faltree is Rugby. 72.2% of respondents to the August 2021 census stated they were white, 16.7% stated they were Hispanic and 11.1% stated they were mixed race. 27.8% of respondents stated they were 14 years of age, 22.2% stated they were 16 and 15 years of age, respectively, 11.1% stated they were 17 and 13 years of age, respectively, and 5.55% stated they were 18 years of age. 88.9% of respondents stated they were male, and 5.55% stated they were female and non-binary, respectively. 50% of respondents stated they were heterosexual, 44.4% stated they were bisexual, and 5.6% stated they were asexual. 50% of respondents stated they had at one point served in the Faltrian military and had not served in the Faltrian military, respectively.


Music of and in Faltree varies a lot, the country's most nationally enjoyed genres are new wave, heavy metal, jazz, and rock. While a majority of the music in Faltree comes from outside of the country, there are a handful of pieces that are created by people who are considered to be Faltrians.

National holidays

Faltree has a few notable holidays, such as:

  • Victory over Japan Day - second Monday of August
  • Regimental Day - April 11th
  • Hougoumont Day - May 6th
  • Tungsten Day - November 18th
  • Union of Mountain States Victory Day - October 6th
  • Prussina Day - September 21st
  • Bisexual Pride Day - September 23rd


Micronation Begin Status
Tueoedeth Republic of Tueoedeth 2020 Formal
Herzetia State of Herzetia[3] 2020 Formal
Vulhalin Empire of Vulhalin 2021 Formal
Ausveria Ausveria[4] 2021 Formal
Todt Hill Todt Hill[5] 2021 Formal
DBNAState.svg Dominion of British North America[6] 2021 Formal
Bepistan Bepistani Reich[7] 2021 Formal
People's Republic of Tesforia People's Republic of Tesforia[8] 2021 Formal
AWR.png Aleunnic Workers' Republic 2021 Informal
Hilbert dimension flag.png Republic of Hilbert Dimension[9] 2021 Defunct
Saspearian Saspearian[10] 2021 Defunct
503 North Dirigo[11] 2021 Defunct


Faltree is apart of the following organizations:

Organization Notes
MAFLAG2020.png Micronational Assembly Serving as a Councilman (Formerly Chairman)