State of Faltree

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State of Faltree
State flag of Faltree
Civil flag of Faltree
Coat of arms of State of Faltree
Coat of arms
"Rifle and Club, Tooth and Nail"
Anthem: "Garryowen"
CapitalNew Havre
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
GovernmentSemi-democratic autocratic state
• Commander
Jacob Vancapelle
Connor Shaw
LegislatureFaltrian Senate
• Formation
9 March 2020
• Dissolution of the State of Faltree
20 April 2023
• Total
4.54 km2 (1.75 sq mi)
• 2022 estimate
CurrencyUnited States dollar
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Driving sideright
IMSO 1 codeFTR
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Faltree-Eureka Provisional Government
Commonwealth of Faltree

The State of Faltree, often informally known as Faltree was an independent sovereign state, commonly referred to as a micronation by outside observers. It was established on 9 March 2020 as a sovereign entity, being the successor to the Faltree-Eureka Provisional Government. Faltree was located across North America, holding enclaves throughout the United States. However, Faltree was primarily located in the US state of Rhode Island. Faltree was dissolved thoroughly and suddenly on 20 April 2023, with no legal successor.

Faltree was governed by an anocratic system consisting of an executive government headed by the Commander of Faltree and a legislative branch in the Faltrian Senate. The Commander served as head of state, and the Interior Minister of Faltree served as the head of government. A series of ministries comprised the executive government, with all Ministers being appointed by the Interior Minister, who was elected by the Faltrian Senate. Senators were elected three to a singular county, of which 7 counties make up the majority of Faltree. Faltree had a population of 100 at its height.

Hunt Powell founded the State of Faltree and served as its Commander throughout the majority of the nation's existence. Jacob Vancapelle served as the second and final Commander of Faltree, though generally Powell still played a major role in the affairs of the nation. Asher Young is regarded as the most significant of Faltree's three serving Interior Ministers, having the longest tenured regime as he was elected five consecutive times. Connor Shaw served as the third and final Interior Minister.


Faltree comes from a portmanteau of fall and tree, coming from the fact that Faltree has a large number of fallen trees. Everywhere in Faltree there is an abundance of trees and general flora. "State of" was officially added to the legal name of Faltree after a proposition by Senator Matthew Laptev on the 29 August 2021.


Pre-senatorial establishment

Flag of the Faltree-Eureka Provisional Government.

The modern Faltrian nation began after the Faltree-Eureka Provisional Government restructured into what is now Faltree. Many territories in Montana leftover from Union of Mountain States were dissolved due to the distance from inner Faltree. Shortly after the formation of Faltree, non-citizens were banned from entering the country due to concerns regarding COVID-19. On the 30 March 2020, the Fasces flag was adopted, the design being made by Jacob Vancapelle.

Following the decline of the United Ocean States, Faltree helped establish the Reorganized Ocean States with the help of Jaime P. III. This venture in reorganizing the region of Ocean States failed spectacularly, the nation being disbanded and subsequently being replaced by the independent government of Reunited Ocean States. Within this summer time frame, the post of the Interior Minister of Faltree was established, initially headed by Jacob Vancapelle, who at the time had been assisting with the situation regarding Ocean States. Relations between Faltree and Ocean States would continue to shift every few months, alternating between open cooperation and downright hostility. After the failed attempts at reorganization of nearby nations Faltrian foreign policy would shift outward, with Faltree becoming the Chairnation of the Micronational Assembly on 1 August 2020. This Chairship was marked by turmoil at the turn of the year, as Powell became apathetic about the position, which culminated in the deletion of the main Micronational Assembly server and resignation from Powell himself. Within this time, Jacob Vancapelle would also resign as the Interior Minister of Faltree, leaving the position vacant for 227 until the appointment of the next Interior Minister.

After this period, Faltree would enter into a union with the Kingdom of Jehovah, forming the Wohlstand Vereinigung on 28 October 2020. The Eastern Unity Front was formed as a Faltrian party within the union, formerly being the National Party of Faltree. As the State of Falletree, Faltree participated in the Tungsten-MACP War and later invaded the Aleunnic Empire as a part of Operation Seebrecher. Following victory in the war, Wohlstand attempted to form the Federal Republic of Vulhalin with other micronations, but the concept failed and led to the dissolution of the Wohlstand Vereinigung on 28 November 2020.

Photo taken during the Invasion of Latalle

Relative undocumentation and more inactivity was ended by the beginning of the Greater Aleunnic War on 31 January 2021 and the creation of the Faltree's third Discord server on 24 April 2021. This would usher in a new era of Faltree, as it became more involved within the micronational community. Together with the Reunited Ocean States, Faltree organized the Invasion of Latalle to topple the rogue Latalle Monarchy. A day later, Faltree signed treaties with the State of Herzetia and the Ausverian Volksrepublik, also intervening in the Ausverian Civil War on the side of the Ausverian Loyalists. Socialism began to take prevalence in Faltree on 28 April 2021, after it was officially adopted as the economic system of Faltree.

The post of Interior Minister also returned to importance within the nation when Asher Young was appointed to the position. Faltrian Ministries were also strengthened when Jacob Vancapelle was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and Isaac J. White was appointed Minister of Environment and Land Management. Early plans to convene the Faltrian Senate were announced on 31 May 2021, with initial ideas suggesting a senate comprised of 9 members. Two days after, Faltree annexed the Canvian Confederation after a joint agreement between Powell and Owen Bean, as Canvia had been in decline and was geographically close to Faltree. Canvia was integrated into Faltree as the counties of Tug Hill and Oak, later expanding to include Breuckelen. Elections were officially announced to take place on 2 June 2021, with voting set to take place on 9 June 2021. The county of Aleunnic Faltree was established on 4 June 2021, the territory having been captured from the Aleunnic Empire months before. Senatorial elections were held on 9 June 2021, with 13 senators being sworn in the next day. This began the time period spanning the 1st Faltrian Senate.

First senatorial era

The Roosevelt Act was a piece of legislation regarding the creation of a National Park Service was the first act passed in the Senate, being passed on 18 June 2021. The Faltrian Senate Act was passed later the same day, effectively acting as a de-facto Faltrian constitution which outlined the relations between the Senate, Ministries, and the Commander.[1] The early days of the senate saw a variety of political parties including the Faltrian Workers' Party, the Democratic Bleeding Heart Libertarians, and some other smaller parties. The 23 June would see the end of the Greater Aleunnic War, resulting in a victory for Faltree and Faltrian allies which lead to a shakeup and increased feelings of Faltrian irredentism.[2]

Photo taken during the Faltrian invasion of Providence Rock

This emboldened irredentism lead to the entire Faltrian government agreeing to declare war against the Empire of Kapreburg, thus beginning the Faltrian-Kapresh War.[3] In order to draft a standing military force the Faltrian Conscription Act was enacted on 6 July 2021, but was met with widespread apathy from a large chunk of the population and was later rescinded.[4] The Loyal 1st Infantry Regiment was dissolved the same day as the enacting of the Conscription Act. Jaime P. III was appointed as the Minister of Defense on the 11 July by the Interior Minister, helping plan the Faltrian invasion of Providence Rock which took place the next day. A single wooden plank was looted from the Kapresh territory of Providence Rock by the 1st Faltrian Infantry Regiment. The same day Jackson I would release a video via KBC of himself signing Royal Decree 26/2021, officially relinquishing Kapresh claims over the territory of Providence Rock.[5] Breuckelen was founded as a county on 12 July 2021 as a collaboration between Matthew Laptev and Hunt Powell to claim Faltrian land in New York. The territory of Faltrian-Falmouth was also founded the same day, a sign of growing Faltrian expansion. The Republic of Surdam declared war on Faltree on 13 June 2021, beginning the short-lived Faltrian-Surdamian War. After an hour of international pressure the Surdamian government claimed the war was a "joke", and backed out of the conflict which was declared as a Faltrian victory. From this point on the war would take a dip in activity, and relatively placed on the back burner as focus was once again placed inward within Faltree.

Results of the August 2021 New Havre Senatorial election

The Conscription Act and the Conscription Regiment were both nullified on the 27th of July, after previously mentioned widespread feeling of apathy towards the concept. Women and non-binary individual were permitted to serve in combat roles within the National Army of Faltree on 29 July 2021, an action that garnered wide support from the Faltrian populace. Increasing liberalization occurred within Faltree, as with the passing of the Freedom of Religion Act the official religion of Faltree was abolished. These actions lead to some push back of conservative elements of Faltrian society, the moves receiving criticism from the Faltrian Republican Party, Faltrian Social Nationalist Front, and the National Labor Party. Effects of this would be felt as the Faltrian Republican Party gained control over the senate seat of New Havre by a slim margin on the 31st, as Javier Martinez beat out Chandrachur Basu among other candidates.

Flag of Huntsburg

Reeling from the failures of politics, the Social Nationalist Front and the NLP announced a merger which coalesced both of the parties into a stronger singular party in hopes of holding more political sway. The Political Party Act was enacted on 5 August 2021, after fears that one-man extremist parties would be able to represented within the Faltrian Senate. Aidan McGrath, the previous senator for Richmond had departed Faltree on the 7th of August and left the Senate seat open which resulted in the calling of a snap election for the position. This snap election ended in another blow against the National Labor Party, as Daniel Quintero of the Faltrian Workers' Party beat R. Benson of the NLP. The county of Huntsburg was established on the 19th of August, founded by Connor Shaw who would then go on to form the Union Bloc. Senator Evan Callies of Jamestown resigned from his post on the same day, as he had come under increasing fire for perpetrating the Fox Islands Campaign hoax. His resignation had the repercussions of vacancy in the Senate for Jamestown, and the general collapse of the Democratic-Libertarian Party. Thus a snap election was immediately called to fill the vacant position, and once again the National Labor Party ran in the election against other parties. Jonathan Gundy of the Union Bloc won the election by 56.3%, resulting in failure for the NLP and increase in prevalence for the Union Bloc. This failure to produce electoral results by the National Labor Party lead to the resignation of its leader, whom cited that Faltree had "become degenerate." The National Labor Party officially dissolved on 22 August 2021, leading to the dispersal of many former members. Ever since these failures a truly socially far-right party has never taken a real foothold, instead being replaced by moderate right-wing and statist parties whom appeal to a non-extreme populace.

Logo of AirCanvia, the company that was in contention of Faltrian labor laws

Late August would see relative stability politically, and would lead to establishment of New Eureka on the 23 August. 1 September would be designated as Armaments Day on the 29 August, and an official name was attributed to Faltree via the Senate. This name was to be the State of Faltree, and onwards it was used in official documentation and diplomacy. On 6 September the Quadcolor flag was adopted as the civil flag of Faltree, with the Fasces flag remaining as the official state flag.[6]

September saw the Ministries of Faltree grow exponentially in authority, and a significant growth of socialism as a concept within Faltree. In a move to strengthen workers' rights, the Unassociated Corporations Act was proposed and eventually passed via a Senate vote of 10-3 on 11 September 2021.[7] This was opposed by a vocal minority which consisted of the right-wing capitalistic minority of Faltree, headed primarily by Governor Owen Bean. Andrew Perdomo formed the National Restoration Movement, a populist and anti-socialist political party in response to the new legislation. Owen Bean was especially in opposition to the new labor laws due to his ownership of AirCanvia, which was directly in violation of the Unassociated Corporations Act as it continued to operate as a private company. Faltrian executive power continued to increase, as on the 16th of September both Daniel Quintero was appointed Minister of Labor. This tension would calm for a while, as Faltree entered a frenzy of expansionism and lust for victory.

Flag of the Commission of Kapreburg

The Treaty of New Albuquerque was signed by Faltree in the Faltrian city of New Albuquerque, and the treaty officially put an end to the Kapresh Civil War. Even though both nations had worked alongside each other against the Empire of Kapreburg, Reunited Ocean States had officially severed relations with Faltree shortly after the dismissal of Jaime P. III from the Faltrian Senate on 18 September 2021. This marked growing boldness of the Faltrian nation, as the concept of a Faltrian identity began to trump other ideas. National Socialism was officially declared illegal within Faltree on the 19th of September, on the grounds of the ideology generally attempting to undermine the Faltrian nation. On the 21st of September multiple awards were given out, including National Service Award and the Greater Aleunnic Service Award. These awards served to bolster the idea of a Faltrian military, and a general sense of Faltrian pride. Following the end of the Kapresh Civil War the Grand Republic of Kapreburg was left generally destitute, and was willingly annexed by Faltree whom established the Commission of Kapreburg on the 23rd of September, 2021.[8] Immediately the next day North Dirigo was annexed into Faltree per the Treaty of Newton, this treaty integrated Dirigo into Faltree originally as a series of counties which would make up the region.[9] The annexation of 2 nations within such a short time-frame encouraged further bold behavior from the government of Faltree, as the Senate voted to sever treaties with both Saspearian and the Republic of Hilbert Dimension. This boldness would spectacularly explode following a bet between Hunt and Jaime Powell regarding a game of football, which led to a subsequent territorial crisis.

The Canvian Dissolution Declaration

The Ocean States Territorial War began on 26 September 2021, after the Faltrian government announced plans to occupy the territory making up Reunited Ocean States. It was cited that Jaime Powell had agreed to a bet regarding American football, and had subsequently lost this bet and therefore forfeit sovereignty of Ocean States over to Faltree. An immediate response was sent from Ocean States, condemning the announcement and declaring that it would maintain sovereignty by any means necessary. The Commission of Ocean States was set up by the Faltrian government on 28 September 2021, intended to serve as a temporary governing body for the region whilst the war continued. Subsequently the Commission of Kapreburg was integrated into Aleunnic Faltree the same day, in an attempt to convey that commissions were intended to be speedily integrated into Faltree. In a move to protect the capital and any significant areas of interest, the mainland of Ocean States was declared "dormant" by the government of Ocean States. Similarly, the capital of Ocean States was moved north to Fort Sarita in an effort to keep such a significant prize out of Faltrian reach. After this little regarding Faltrian goals would be reached and eventually the Ocean States Dissolution Act was passed in the Senate in a vote of 9 to 5, thus ending the conflict on 4 October 2021.[10]

Beginning on 1 October 2021, tensions regarding labor laws would flare up again as Senator Bean proposed a revision to the laws which was opposed 10-1. The next day the Freedom of Religion Act was appealed in a push to adopt Christianity as the official religion of Faltree, which only passed by a slim margin of 8-7. Bean continued to become roused about the increasing grasp of the Senate and executive government, stating that "canvia will never have official religion". [sic] The Official Religion Act was then proposed on 4 October 2021 and passed in favor of 8 to 6, with 2 senators abstaining from the vote. A series of failed propositions by Bean regarding Faltrian county names would serve to further alienate him and Canvia in-general as both began to dig their heels in. The Governate Act was proposed and passed on 10 October 2021 with the intended goal of organizing counties into subnational entities, but unintentionally gave further sense of autonomy to Canvia.[11] Following another argument involving Canvia a proposition in the senate was proposed in order to remove Breuckelen from the Governate of Canvia on 28 October, passing in favor of 8-3. Senator Joshua Stoddard proposed a motion to ban paganism as a religion within Faltree, causing Senator Bean to accuse Stoddard and Senator Andrew Perdomo of "literally trying to turn this country into an authoritarian sh**hole". [sic] Immediately after this accusation Perdomo motioned for an inquiry into the informality and immaturity of Senator Bean within the Senate, a motion that passed 6-3. This flew into a massive argument within the Faltrian Senate wherein Senator Bean and others exchanged insults whilst Bean continually expressed his desire to undermine national law. A climax was reached when Hunt Powell issued the Canvia Dissolution Declaration, formally dissolving and expulsing Canvia from Faltree due to the multitude of problems which existed between the two entities.[12]

On 1 November 2021, Faltree and Mensenberg signed a treaty of mutual recognition, Mensenberg later becoming Trasona. 18 November would see another treaty signed, this time between Faltree and the Confederation of Malus.[13] The Commission of Kapreburg was dissolved on the 25th, and all subjagated commissioné were considered stateless by the Faltrian government.[14] Territory encompassed by the Commission was integrated into Aleunnic Faltree. General elections began and ended on the first of December, convening a Senate for 7 days until there was a reorganization of Faltrian counties by the County Merging Act. This act formulated what is essentially the modern coterie of Faltrian counties. Another election was held in order to fit with the new amount of counties, and Asher Young was once again re-elected as the Interior Minister of Faltree.

Second senatorial era

Logo of the Faltrian Civil Defense.

One of the first major events of the Second Senatorial Era was the peaceful annexation of Reunited Ocean States, which was integrated into Faltree as the Free City of Tulate and territory of Verapaz.[15] This signaled further expansion of the Faltrian nation, albeit in a more peaceful manner than recent attempts at the time. Monkey Day was officially celebrated on the 14th of December. The Faltrian Civil Defense was created on the 31st of December, and Hunt Powell was appointed as Director of the office.

Faltree further expanded and decreased foreign relations in January, beginning with the dissolution of ties between Faltree and the Social State of Gasconade on the 7th due to religious differences between the two states. Faltree and the Kingdom of Nortenland began relations with each other on the 12th, both nations having close relations beforehand but not in documented form.[16] A few days later on the 17th of January relations were established with the Kingdom of Bärenland, a state that was similar to Nortenland in composition.[17]

January saw political developments such as the creation of new government organs within Faltree. Connor Shaw was appointed as Director of the newly created Immigration and Naturalization Service, a government body responsible for the citizenship status of those living in Faltree. The Communist Party of Faltree was deregistered and banned following the party leader's comments about wanting to "destroy Faltree" and being an alleged associate of the nation of Almendria.[18] In need of an official weather governing body, the Faltrian Senate passed the Weather Office Act on the 17th of January.[19] An election was held to decide the Secretary of the Weather, wherein Jaime Powell won the position with 57.1% of the vote. Following the dissolution of the Republic of Tueoedeth, Faltree seized the former Tueoedethian territories of Tueoedethian-Goddard and the Bald Rock Territory. Faltree withdrew from the Micronational Assembly on the 3rd of February, this decision being supported internally by a large chunk of the Faltrian population.

Faltree hit a population of 50 on the 9th of February, signaling major growth within the nation that was unprecedented at the time. Internal developments increased due to the population growth, such as stricter regulations being imposed on the creation of political parties through the Political Party Act, 2022.[20] Jonathan Gundy was appointed as the Minister of Labor on the 12th of February. All county seats were given flags on the 13th of February, as per a contest that was held earlier comprising of citizen submitted flags. The Rhode Island Consortium was formed by Faltree on the 17th, serving as an organization to bring together micronations in the Rhode Island Sector.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service revoked the citizenship of 2 notable citizens in February, Heinz Haberer and Ratovit. Haberer was the leader of the Deutsche Minderheitspartei, a German ultranationalist party that was suspected of holding national socialist sympathies. The Deutsche Minderheitspartei also had an independent discord server, something that was unprecedented in Faltree at the time. Ratovit was banned due to lying on official government documentation, a move influenced by a small influx of anti-Serbian sentiment within Faltree.

More government development arrived in March, with Catholicism being adopted as the official religion of Faltree on 2 March, much to the praise of Catholics and much to the chagrin of Protestants and Secularists.[21] An official flag code was put into Faltrian law, concerning the display of the Flag of Faltree in public and private settings.[22] The Proportionality Act was passed by the Faltrian Senate on the same day, calling for a proportionality of one Senator for every three citizens.[23] This change required the disbandment and convening of another Senate, thus beginning the 3rd Senatorial Era on the 10th of March, 2022.

Third senatorial era

The 3rd Faltrian Senate immediately passed the Ukraine Conflict of Interest Act, in response to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.[24] The Ministry of Transport further codified regulations regarding travel between Ukraine and the State of Faltree on 13 March.[25] The Ministry of War was created on 21 March via the War Act, and Fredrick M. was appointed as the Minister of War.[26] Andrew Perdomo resigned as the Minister of Labor on 25 March 2022, after having grievances against socialist policies and his own lack of effectiveness to change them. The next day saw the formation of the Patron Coalition, a government coalition of the Union Bloc and Faltrian Workers' Party, giving the coalition a majority within the Senate.[27] This announcement came among some discontent within the Senate about the barring of independents from holding seats, a policy that continued to be enforced within the Senate.

March 27 brought about what is considered the biggest failure in Faltrian bureaucracy, the failed attempt at self-governance within the numerous Faltrian counties. The County Government Act officially codified into existence the position of Magisters and Sheriffs, the latter to be appointed by the National Army of Faltree.[28] Due to a clause in the document, any sitting Senator was prevented from becoming a Magister of a county which had the unintended effect of keeping the most abled statesmen in Faltree from governing counties. Notable politician and former Interior Minister Jacob Vancapelle resigned from Faltrian government and society on the 29th of March, later dissolving the long-standing Cliff Environmentalist Party on the 31st.[29] Magisters were officially elected into office on April 5, 2022 with some gossiping in the nation about the alleged incompetence of some Magisters, an opinion that would be soon also be held by the Senate. Cole Baird was appointed as the Territorial Magister of the Faltrian Rainbowlands on the 6th of April, a position that they still hold due the post of Territorial Magister remaining even after the repealing of other Magisterial positions. Freemasonry was illegalized in Faltree on the 10th, following the passing of the Freemasonry Act by the Senate.[30] More government crackdown soon followed with the forced deregistration of the Pirate Party of Faltree, after the party leader vowed to "overthrow Faltree". Another strong-armed move came with the passing of the Road Sovereignty Act which designated rights of way as extensions of sovereign Faltrian territory, this act being a show of force to competing nations at the time.[31] The 26th of April finally saw the problem of ineffective Magisters being solved, as the Senate repealed the County Government Act in a vote of 12 to 5.

An announcement for a June election for the Senate was also sent out around this time, along with other political developments such as the revoking of former Senator Evan Callies' citizenship by the Immigration and Naturalization Service due to acts of sedition. Due what seemed like the maximum amount of possible applicants for the election, the election date was initially moved to the 20th of May but was held four days earlier on the 16th. The 4th Faltrian Senate had been convened and Asher Young was re-elected for his 4th term as Interior Minister.

Fourth senatorial era

Apeborean declaration of war on Faltree, not deemed a threat until 20 May 2022.

With the foundation of the 4th Faltrian Senate conflict also arose as the Senate officially recognized Apeborea and the Apeborean War as a genuine threat to Faltree, this event having begun on the 20th of May. The Anarcho-capitalist ideology of Apeborea strictly contrasted with the socialist and labor-oriented Faltrian government, later causing Faltree to unofficially support the Republic of Hasullahstan in the civil war that directly proceeded the Apeborean War. The rest of May was relatively uneventful besides further hostility towards the Nexan Republic due to actions committed by certain high-ranking Nexan individuals.

Charbonneau, bordering the Columbia River.

The 1st of June began with the establishment of Charbonneau, a Faltrian territory in Oregon that directly bordered the now defunct Kingdom of Barenland. Pride Month was celebrated during June despite protests from conservative elements of Faltrian society, and found way into government in the form of the Army Discrimination Act which was passed on the 2nd.[32] 4 June saw the establishment of the Ministry of Justice, a somewhat debated decision as it created further bureaucracy which has not been utilized up to the current date.[33] The Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released the first edition of the Register of Contentious Entities, a list of foreign entities deemed as against the aims and goals of the State of Faltree.[34] This decision drew the ire of many such as Terry McKeen III and Ape V., the respective leaders of the Grand Principality of Arcadia and the aforementioned Apeborea. More positive diplomatic developments came in the form of a mutual recognition treated being signed with the Republic of Roscamistan on the 25th of June.[35]

June saw the think tanking and eventual implementation of a one-party state, probably the most controversial and divisive decision in Faltrian history. A number of Senators and higher-echeloned Faltrians approved of the idea of a one-party state, whilst other Senators and Faltrian citizens staunchly opposed the idea due to the much enjoyed political plurality in Faltree. Despite quite a large amount of opposition the National Party of Faltree was passed into law on the 22nd of June, dissolving all previously existing parties and limiting all politics to within the NPF.[36] The National Party of Faltree had 4 internal subdivisions in the form of party wings, created in an effort to appeal to the politics of all Faltrians and cement the NPF as a big-tent party.[37] This development in politics proved to be near disastrous for Faltree, seeing a sharp decline in the amount of citizens and activity within the Senate. Investment into the Faltrian National Party stopped almost immediately after it was formally created, the party having never received an electoral symbol nor a Microwiki page. This disastrous project along with further incompetence paired with apathy led to sharp decline of productivity in Faltree, leading to the dissolution of the Senate on the 14th of July with Hunt Powell describing 98% of the government as "useless".

Fifth senatorial era and interregnum

A short interregnum period began after the dissolution of the Senate, marked by decline and the revocation of multiple citizenships which led to a decrease in activity. Long standing proportionality of Senators to citizens was abolished on 21 July 2022, in favor of 2 hypothetical Senators per county. The same day saw the dissolution of the Faltrian National Party and the reintroduction of political plurality in Faltree. Immediately the Faltrian Laborers' Front and the Faltrian Pine Party were formed by long-time citizens Asher Young and IJW, quickly gaining party members shortly after being formed. The National Army of Faltree was officially dissolved on the 30th of July, being replaced by the ability for citizens to form their own independent militias in the name of national defense.[38] The Berthold Regional Militia and the Greater Forsyth Army were both founded on 1 August 2022, the latter being led by Thomas Jacobs. Faltree officially cut relations with Trasona, a long-time ally of Faltree due to "the little channels of communication between the nations, the Trasenic Realm's betrayal of populistic rights, and Trasenic calls for the subjugation of Faltree".

An election for the 5th Faltrian Senate was announced by Hunt Powell on the 5th of August after calls by citizens to hold an election. By this time two new parties were formed along the aforementioned FPP and FLF, the re-formed Faltrian Railroad Association and the Labour Party of Faltree. The election was concluded on the 11th with the Faltrian Laborers' Front winning 7 seats, the Faltrian Pine Party winning 5 seats, and the Faltrian Railroad Association and Labour Party of Faltree both winning 3 seats. An 18 man Senate was a great help to Faltree, and saw newfound activity within the nation. Asher Young was re-elected for his fifth term as the Interior Minister of Faltree, shortly appointing a new cabinet including the newly created positions of Attorney General and the Chairman of the Militia Regulatory Militia.

August saw significant strides in Faltrian foreign policy as Connor Shaw was re-appointed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Faltree began to expand relations after stabilization of domestic policy. Faltree entered into the Einheitspakt as a Bundnispartner, the pact founded by Ausveria which has consistently been a Faltrian ally. After grievances with previously existing organizations like the Union of Christian Sovereign Micronations, Faltree officially established the International Catholic League on the 20th of August to serve as a flagship micronational Catholic organization. More diplomacy came with the establishment of relations with the State of Avon, the successor state to the former Faltrian ally of Herzetia. The Republic of Breuckelen was formed out of the Faltrian county of Breuckelen following a referendum that resulted in the Breuckelen Sovereignty Command, released on 15 September 2022.[39] Faltree promptly recognized Breuckelen as a sovereign state, and many Faltrian citizens applied for citizenship in the burgeoning republic. Faltree additionally signed the Belt Parkway Lease on 17 September 2022, which allowed Faltree to retain membership in the Assembly of Long Island Micronations (which it later left).[40] 27 September saw Faltree transfer the county of Huntsburg to the Kingdom of Nortenland via the Huntsburg Transferal Command.[41]

Flag of the Commission of Chepiwanoxet, established after the conclusion of the Chepiwanoxet Conflict.

Relations rapidly deteriorated with the Republic of Roscamistan beginning on 25 September 2022, when the Faltrian Senate voted 11-1 in favor of severing relations with Roscamistan. This deterioration of relations began with Roscami Rhode Island and the revanchism felt in Faltree towards the territory, despite the fact that the territory had been given to Roscamistan less than a month before. The Declaration of Hostility was issued on 4 October 2022[42], issuing a de-facto state of war against Roscamistan and forming the State Organization for Military Operations to facilitate a unified invasion into Chepiwanoxet. This began the Chepiwanoxet conflict which saw no actual conflict nor invasion, and promptly ended on 5 October 2022 after Roscamistan formally ceded the territory to Faltree.[43] The State Organization for Military Operations was immediately dissolved and the Commission of Chepiwanoxet was established, with Jonathan Gundy serving as the first and only commissioner. 7 October saw the deregistration of the Labour Party of Faltree by the Faltrian government, as the party was led by Thomas Jacobs and comprised of other members who had Roscami ties. The Militia Regulatory Committee and the Ministry of Justice were both dissolved on 15 October 2022 by Hunt Powell. 17 October 2022 saw the dissolution of all political parties, militias, and sheriff offices within the State of Faltree.

4 November 2022 saw the brief single day dissolution of Faltree by Commander Powell, who felt generally discontented and disconnected from the State of Faltree. Immediately, Terry McKeen attempted to form an Almendrian-Zepranan government claiming the mantle of Faltree. This caused Hunt Powell to re-establish the State of Faltree on 5 November 2022.

Jacob Vancapelle was once again appointed Minister of the Environment and Land Management on 5 November 2022. The County of Stonefort was transferred to the Batavian Empire on 6 November 2022 through the Stonefort Transfer Command.[44] The creation of political parties was relegalized on 7 November 2022. Commander Powell announced elections for the 6th Faltrian Senate on 8 November 2022, slating the election to be held on 20 November 2022. Commander Powell called the election early on 15 November, bringing forth the 6th Faltrian Senate.

Propaganda disseminated by the Organization for a Greater Fatherland in Ausveria shortly before the outbreak of the Second Ausverian Civil War.

Sixth senatorial era

Connor Shaw was elected as the 3rd Interior Minister of Faltree by the 6th Faltrian Senate on 16 November 2022, ending the 1 year and 202 day long tenure of previous Interior Minister Asher Young. Shaw appointed Jacob Vancapelle as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Asher Young as Minister of Labour, re-appointed Matthew Laptev as Minister of Transport, and appointed Ali Farrokhzad as Minister of the Environment and Land Management. The National Army of Faltree was re-established on 21 November 2022 following the passage of the Military Reformation Act in the Faltrian Senate.[45] The State of Faltree ceased to recognize Ukraine as a independent nation on 10 December 2022.

The Second Ausverian Civil War began on 24 November 2022, seeing the Ausverian Volksrepublik thrown into a civil war initiated by the Organization for a Greater Fatherland. The Faltrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs designated the Organization for a Greater Fatherland as a terrorist group the same day the civil war started, pledging to support the legitimate Ausverian government in the war. Faltree ceased support for Ausveria on 21 December 2022 seeing as the Ausverian government was making miniscule gains against the OGF government of National Ausveria.

On 7 December 2022, Hunt Powell posed a national referendum regarding whether there should be an election of a new Commander, wherein two thirds of the population voted in favor of the idea of electing a new Commander. On 17 December 2022, long-time citizen and statesman Jacob Vancapelle was elected as the second and last Commander of the State of Faltree. Hunt Powell relinquished power to Jacob Vancapelle on 18 December 2022, ending his tenure of 2 years, 9 months, and 9 days.

Commander Vancapelle announced his intentions to reacquire the former counties of Stonefort and Breuckelen on 20 December 2022. The long-running Apeborean War was declared a Faltrian victory on 22 December 2022, after Apeborea had functionally been defunct for numerous months. The State of Faltree reacquired the county of Breuckelen on 7 January 2023 following a political coup and bureaucratic maneuvering that had occurred in the Republic of Breuckelen previously, signing the Treaty of Wyckoff with the Bepistani Reich.[46] Lucferio Mickomik was appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs on 9 January 2023, a generally controversial move as Mickomik had been the head of the Satanist movement in Faltree for quite a while. The far-right party Faltree's Behest! was forcefully dissolved via the Dissolution Act on 13 January 2023 due to being associated with Samuel W., who was a member of the party. Minister of Foreign Affairs Mickomik signed the Treaty of the Rainbowlands with the Federal Union of Wegmat on 17 January 2023, transferring the Faltrian Rainbowlands to Wegmat.[47] Owen Bean was appointed as Minister of the Environment and Land Management on 25 January 2023. The Territory of Chepiwanoxet was established on 30 January 2023 after negotiations between the Faltrian and Zepranan governments over the area.

The State of Faltree saw relatively little activity in the month of February. Ezri Ambriz was appointed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs on 5 March 2023. Jaime P. was appointed Chief of Staff of the National Army Faltree on 6 March 2023, in ostensible preparations for the occupation of Macarena, a Malusian territory. The Macarena Occupation Act was passed on 12 March 2023[48], though the National Army of Faltree never moved to occupy the territory.

Commander Vancapelle announced elections for the 7th Faltrian Senate on 27 March 2023, with a much smaller Senate size compared to the 6th Senate. The 7th Faltrian Senate was elected on 1 April 2023, the final Senate in Faltree's political twilight.

Seventh senatorial era and decline

Connor Shaw was re-elected as the Interior Minister of Faltree on 2 April 2023. A notable cabinet appointment was Anthony G., a perennial Faltrian politican and candidate who had until then failed to secure a seat in the Faltrian cabinet. The gradual decline of Faltree that had began since November 2022 accelerated rapidly in April.

Thank you for your participation in Faltree, it will now be officially put to rest. We will not reconsider our choice and will be moving on from micronations.

— Jakob Vancapelle, The Dissolution of Faltree

On 20 April 2023, the State of Faltree was abruptly dissolved by Commander Vancapelle. This signified an end to Faltree fully, as founding members of Faltree and members of the "old guard" had officially put the nation to rest. Pretender states such as the Satanic Federation of Faltree and the Mawaguran Regime of Faltree declared themselves as legal successors to the State of Faltree, whilst the Free State of Wetherill, Bepistan, Ausveria, and Batavia moved to secure former Faltrian territories. A "true" successor did not come about until the establishment of the Commonwealth of Faltree on 29 July 2023.

Government and politics

Faltree is currently a semi-democratic autocratic state with a strong executive government assisted by a legislative body known as the Faltrian Senate. The Commander of Faltree holds most authority in the country, but is legally nonpartisan and cannot halt the processes of the Senate. The Commander appoints the Interior Minister of Faltree, whom is the head of government and the legal successor if the Commander can no longer perform his duties. All ministries are handled and overseen by the Interior Minister, and the Interior Minister may create ministries and appoint ministries at any time without input from the Commander. The Interior Minister is given the right to be partisan, usually founding or joining a political party. All legislation and lawmaking is handled by the Senate, composed of 18 Senatorial seats to represent each Faltrian county. Every proposed piece of legislation in the Senate must gain a 61% majority vote before going up to the Interior Minister, who gives either an approving or disapproving vote of the proposition. If the proposition is approved by the Interior Minister, it shall go up to the Commander for approval. If the Commander approves the proposition, it shall go into effect immediately after approval. Any bill that does not reach a majority or is disapproved in any step of the lawmaking process, it may be rewritten and proposed once again. Elections for the Senate are de-jure held every 6 months in the months of June and December, however historically Senate elections have corresponded to demand within Faltree and discretion of the Commander. If a seat is unfilled anytime between these election periods the Commander will appoint a new senator to the unfilled seat or hold a quick election if there is enough interest in the vacant seat.

Ministers and Cabinet

The State of Faltree manages multiple ministries that are headed by ministers who are appointed by the Interior Minister of Faltree. Other cabinet members include the Attorney General and Chairman of the Militia Regulatory Committee.

Political parties

Logo Name Ideology Position Leader Membership Cabinet Senate
Parties with national representation
Faltrian Stalwart League FSL Catholicism, Despotism, Anti-Imperialism Centre Hunt Powell 5
2 / 5
2 / 7
Faltrian People's United National Patriotic Socialist Worker's Front FPUNPSWF Maoism Left-wing Asher Young 4
2 / 5
2 / 7
Faltrian Railroad Association FRA Environmentalism, Industrialism, Free Market Capitalism Centre Matthew Laptev 4
1 / 5
1 / 7
Faltree Islamic Party FIP Muslim Representation, Modern Sharia Politics Centre-left Xulff 1
0 / 5
1 / 7
N/A Radical Satanist Party RSP Libertarian Socialism, LHP Politics, Environmentalism, Secularism, Utilitarianism, Anti-Fascism Left-wing Luciferio Mickomik 1
0 / 5
1 / 7
Parties without representation
Fascist Action Party FAP Fascism, Futurism, Corporatism, Workers Rights, Environmentalism Syncretic
Fiscal: Far-left
Social: Far-right
Samuel W. 5
0 / 5
0 / 7
True Satanist Party TSP Chaosophy, Chaos, Mutual aid Far-left Aleister Paxton 1
0 / 5
0 / 7
Faltrian Ergatist Party FEP Ergatism Right-wing Conor Newman 1
0 / 5
0 / 7
Arjunist Party of Faltree APF Arjunism Centre Arjunveer Singh 1
0 / 5
0 / 7
Black Panther Party: Direct Action! BPPDA Black Nationalism, Socialism, Black Separatism, Pan-Africanism Far-left Zane Ayim 1
0 / 5
0 / 7



Counties are integrated areas of Faltree that have a permanent population and are entitled to representation in the Faltrian Senate. Counties are required to have a County seat, which serves as the de-facto capital city of each respective county. Every county is represented by two Senators, however in the past the amount of Senators assigned to a county has depended on the county population.

County Location Population Area County seat
New Havre Rhode Island 13 0.58 km2 Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Greater Forsyth Rhode Island 11 0.78 km2 Coxey
Berthold Rhode Island 10 0.15 km2 New Albuquerque
Jamestown Rhode Island 16 0.04 km2 Fort Getty
Faltrian-Tueoedeth Kentucky 11 0.01 km2 Monkey's Eyebrow
Dirigo North Carolina
13 0.2 km2 Newton
Breuckelen New York 8 0.11 km2 Wyckoff


Territories are areas of Faltree that are not yet integrated, and all territories lack any permanent population. Territories are not entitled to any representation within the Faltrian Senate. Certain territories may receive an appointed Territorial Magister, such as the Faltrian Rainbowlands which are governed by Cole Baird. If they maintain a stable population for a long enough amount of time, territories may petition to be integrated as a county and receive representation in the Senate.

Territory Location Population
Parkway Territory Rhode Island 0
Faltrian Falmouth Massachusetts 0
Faltrian Berkshire Massachusetts 0
Eccleston Rhode Island 0
Texas Territory Texas 1
Pawtuxet Junction Rhode Island 0
Eastern Tunnel Rhode Island 0
Despair Island Rhode Island 0
Charbonneau Oregon 0
Faltrian Dam Zone Rhode Island 0
Territory of Chepiwanoxet Rhode Island 0


A picture of the landscape in Huntsburg during winter
A picture of the namesake structure in Stonefort

Mainland Faltree and its claims consist of a variety of different climates and topographical features. What is considered "Mainland Faltree" has the some of the nation's coldest weather as it is in the more northern portions of the nation as well as along the Atlantic Ocean that regulates tempature depending on the air that flows to the coast. This usually prevents Mainland Faltree from experiencing extreme temperatures in the summer. New Havre is one of the largest counties, and consists of a small portion of developed land bordering a large marshland. Being the capital of Faltree, New Havre is geographic nucleus of the nation and thus is the most important. Greater Forsyth is split into four geographical exclaves, two of which border New Havre. The four regions contain ponds, forests, developed land, and even contains a graveyard. Berthold consists of two regions, West Berthold and East Berthold. West Berthold is entirely a graveyard, and East Berthold is a marshland which contains Duck Pond. Jamestown is made up of coastal land located in Fort Getty, within the county are many abandoned military structures. Faltrian-Tueoedeth is located in Kentucky, and borders Yellow Creek which flows through the area. Faltrian-Tueoedeth also borders the Empire of Vulhalin, and formerly bordered the Republic of Tueoedeth. The county of Faltrian-Tueoedeth is sat on a small ridge, and the county is well forested with an abundance of flora and fauna. Dirigo is another one of the two only Faltrian counties to be located in two states, those states being Maine and North Carolina. Northern Dirigo being located in Maine is heavily forested, and contains landmarks such as the Boulder-By-The-Bay. Southern Dirigo is generally forested and has creeks such as Dinosaur Run flowing through the region. Abandoned objects such as a car can be found semi-frequently in Southern Dirigo. Non-county areas of Faltree such as territories and special zones are also geographically notable. The Parkway Territory is located on a marshland, contains an abandoned boat, and borders the Kingdom of the Calverlins. Faltrian-Falmouth and Faltrian-Berkshire are both Faltrian territories that are located in Massachussetts. Eccleston is entirely a beach, and is located in an industrial region. The Faltrian Rainbowlands are located in Illinois, and is technically within the Des Plaines Valley Sector. Faltree also holds a small land claim in Austin, Texas. The Faltrian Dam Zone is one of the most important territories within Faltree, and contains a plethora of things. Within the Dam Zone are the namesake dam, a water spillway, multiple walls to control the flow of water, a historical graveyard, creeks, a pond, and multiple roads. Despair Island is a Faltrian territory which claims Despair Island in Narragansett Bay. Information on Faltrian international borders can be found at Borders of Faltree.


Faltree has a small socialist economy organized into labor collectives, managed by the Ministry of Labor. Labor Collectives are created and organized by the Ministry of Labor, but cannot be dissolved by the Ministry. Labor collectives are intended to be autonomous in their self continuation, and all labor collectives hold autonomy over their own existence. All labor collectives function via majority vote, and collectives may elevate a spokesman to represent the entire group in the Ministry of Labor. The current Minister of Labor is Nicolas Caiazzo, a socialist appointed to the position due to his political beliefs and membership in the Faltrian Laborers' Front.


Agriculture was formerly the largest part of the Faltrian economy before failing and falling out of favor. Faltree had one garden located in New Havre that was intended to provide food, however it failed due to a poor harvest in 2021. Agricultural projects have not been undertaken since due to drought affecting the region in 2022.

Culture and demographics

Faltrian culture has developed significantly since the establishment of Faltree in 2020, propagating a unique micronational culture. Faltree is a nation of primarily English speakers, but has been home to a small minority of Portuguese and Anglish speakers. Linguistics has been a place of study in Faltree historically, however efforts to create a Faltrian pidgin have been attempted and failed. Humor has been a staple in the State of Faltree, with the creation and spread of multiple phrases, images, and concepts. This culture of humor has spread some notable "Faltrian memes", which have spread to other parts of the micronational community. The official national sport of Faltree is Rugby, but Faltree hosts no official rugby team.

72.2% of respondents to the August 2021 census stated they were white, 16.7% stated they were Hispanic and 11.1% stated they were mixed race. 27.8% of respondents stated they were 14 years of age, 22.2% stated they were 16 and 15 years of age, respectively, 11.1% stated they were 17 and 13 years of age, respectively, and 5.55% stated they were 18 years of age. 88.9% of respondents stated they were male, and 5.55% stated they were female and non-binary, respectively. 50% of respondents stated they were heterosexual, 44.4% stated they were bisexual, and 5.6% stated they were asexual. 50% of respondents stated they had at one point served in the Faltrian military and had not served in the Faltrian military, respectively. Freemasons are the only persecuted group in Faltree, as they are barred from establishing Masonic lodges and holding government position whatsoever. Freemasons were also barred from progressing past the rank of Sergeant in the National Army of Faltree, after a policy imposed by then Chief of Staff Connor Simonetti.


Music of and in Faltree varies a lot, the country's most nationally enjoyed genres are new wave, heavy metal, jazz, and rock. While a majority of the music in Faltree comes from outside of the country, there are a handful of pieces that are created by people who are considered to be Faltrians.

National holidays

Faltree has a few notable holidays, such as:

  • Victory over Japan Day - second Monday of August
  • Regimental Day - 11 April
  • Hougoumont Day - 6 May
  • Tungsten Day - 18 November
  • Union of Mountain States Victory Day - 6 October
  • Prussina Day - 21 September
  • Bisexual Pride Day - 23 September

Foreign relations

Official relations

Informal relations


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