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Country Faltree2021.png Faltree
 - Total 6

Yaak is a county in Faltree.


The name Yaak comes from Yaak, Montana. Yaak derives its name from the Yaak River According to local lore, A’ak is a Kootenai name meaning "Arrow." The Kootenai River forms the shape of a drawn bow; its tributary the Yaak River is its arrow.


Union of Mountain States

Yaak was originally one of the first colonial possessions held by Union of Mountain States, being established on 8 August, 2019. Yaak would serve as the launching point for the creation of other states such as New Eureka and the Faltree territory. Being one of the most important states in Union of Mountain States, Yaak would see an era of prominence where it enjoyed special privileges within the Union. Yaak also consistently maintained the highest population out of any state in the Union, this factor contributing to its position in Union of Mountain States. The flag of Yaak was directly based on the party flag of the Blueshirts, which Union of Mountain States had drawn much inspiration from. Yaak enjoyed aforementioned prominence until 3 March, 2020; when Union of Mountain States dissolved and was replaced by the Faltree-Eureka Provisional Government.

Provisional Government

During the era of the provisional government Yaak saw a lesser role, swiftly being reannexed by the government within a few day or so.

State of Faltree