Faltrian Dam Zone

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Faltrian Dam Zone
  Military Occupied Zone  
Roadblock at the entrance to the dam

Country Faltree
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The Faltrian Dam Zone is an area occupied by the military of Faltree, and contains multiple water-controlling structures such as a dam and spillway. It was established on the 21st of March, 2021.


Its' name comes from the fact that it is an occupied military zone under the control of Faltree that contains a dam.


The dam zone was established on March 21st, 2021 after being occupied by the military of Faltree. Since then it has been under the control of Faltrian forces.


Within the zone there are multiple structures that control the flow of water through the area. There is the namesake dam that is assisted by a spillway in controlling water flow through a river. A concrete wall runs parallel to the dam, creating a small overflow pool where overflow water can escape through a pipe. There are man-made water ways that control the flow of water into a nearby river, which eventually runs into the ocean.