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Map of Faltrian-Tueoedeth, bordering the Whites Forest Territory

Country Faltree2021.png Faltree
Seat Sand Banks
 - Senator Isaac J. White
 - Total 1

Faltrian-Tueoedeth is a county of Faltree that was given to Faltree as a gift from the Republic of Tueoedeth, located in the US state of Kentucky. Faltrian-Tueoedeth is under the protection of the Tueoedethian Armed Forces.


The flag of the territory is based on the national flag of Faltree using the colors of the national flag of Tueoedeth.


Faltrian-Tueoedeth is located alongside the banks of Yellow Creek a creek that flows through the bordering nation of Republic of Tueoedeth, and Vulhalin. It's seat Sand Banks is located only the banks of Yellow Creek and is named for the sandy banks of the creek. Faltrian-Tueoedeth sits on a elevation of 400.2 feet which is about 3 to 5 feet higher than the surrounding floodplain of the Ohio River.