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"Rifle and Club, Tooth and Nail"
Anthem: Garyowen
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentNPF Fascism
• Commander
Hunt P.
9 March 2020
CurrencyUnited States dollar
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Drives on theright

Faltree, previously known as the Government of Faltree is a micronation in Rhode Island. It came into existence on 9 March 2020 after the end of the Faltree-Eureka Provisional Government. Faltree currently consists of 5 counties and has a population of 11. Faltree is a member of the Micronational Assembly, the current executive being the chairman of the organization.


Faltree comes from a portmanteau of fall and tree, coming from the fact that Faltree has a large number of fallen trees.


Faltree was formed from the previous provisional government, which existed due to the dissolution of Union of Mountain States. Faltree was officially established 9 March 2020. Faltree began to establish relations with other micronations, joining the Micronational Assembly

Ocean States and Hougoumont Campaign

Faltree acquired the United Ocean States after an agreement between the two leaders. The United Ocean States became a protectorate of Faltree, under a fascist government headed by the Commander of Faltree. From then on UOS would be known as Reorganized Ocean States, taking inspiration from the previous political parties that had once been active in the Ocean States.

A day after the establishment of ROS, Faltree joined the war in support of Natlin against the Kingdom of Johnny Land. Faltrian involvement in the Hougoumont Campaign would be significant, as it contributed much in intelligence and design. Eventually Johnny Land would collapse on 6 May, with the Republic of Vöin established by the coalition. Relative stability would continue in Faltree until the dissolution of Reorganized Ocean States on 13 June 2020.

Micronational Assembly

As of 1 August, Hunt P. became the current and 9th Chairman of the Micronational Assembly after being elected by his peers. Faltree has been responsible for the establishment of meetings in the MA, a span of time where delegates congregate to discuss micronationalism and other topics.

Politics and Government

Politics in Faltree are relatively simple, with the government officials being a fascist regime headed by the commander. All other political parties are banned from government, as the National Party of Faltree is the official and only legal party. The Commander of Faltree is in-charge of most government actions, and also acts as the head of the military.

Law and Order

Faltree has no official police force, as the military currently acts as a peacekeeping entity. The judicial system is run by the Commander and there have currently been no cases within the system.


Faltree has a military with fluid-structure, with the doctrine based on Irregular Warfare and similar guerilla tactics. Soldiers are drawn from the civilian population and trained in the defense of the nation. Civilians are permitted to form their own military units during times of war. Faltree has no official uniform but uses plainclothes with some sort of identifying markings, be it colors or unit flags.


Faltree has strong diplomatic relations with the following nations:

Defunct Relations

Faltree has had relations (now defunct) with the following nations:


Faltree is apart of the following organizations:


Nations that Faltree recognizes: