Faltrian Railroad Association

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Faltrian Railroad Association
LeaderMatthew Laptev
Founded23 September 2021
Headquarters Breuckelen
Membership (2022)4
IdeologyEnvironmentalism, Industrialism, Free Market Capitalism
Political positionCentrist
Faltrian Senate
5 / 18
Faltrian Cabinet
3 / 6
Party flag
Flag of the Faltrian Railroad Association.svg

The Faltrian Railroad Association was a centrist political party currently active in the State of Faltree. It was founded by Matthew Laptev on 23 September 2021. The party was dissolved on the 22 June 2022 during Faltree's transition into a single-party state. Later following the restructuring of Faltrian politics it was re-established by Laptev.

Party statistics

Senate Cabinet Overall member count
4 / 18
2 / 6