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Matthew Laptev is the first king of Bepistan, first vice president of Cloverzem, Chairman of BepisRail, and was the 5th vice president of Aenderia.

His Majesty,
Matthew Laptev, King of Bepistan Flag of Bepistan.svg
Common Depiction of Laptev
King of Bepistan Flag of Bepistan.svg
Assumed October 2018 office:
October 5th, 2018 - Present
King Matthew Laptev
Successor N/A
5th Vice President of the Aenderese Republic AendereseFlag.png
Assumed January 2019 office:
January 8th, 2019 - Jan 11th, 2019
Vice President Matthew Laptev
Successor Nicholas Randouler
1st Vice President of Cloverzem Flag of Cloverzem.svg
Assumed February 2019 office:
February 24th, 2019 - Present
Vice President Matthew Laptev
Successor N/A
Chairman of BepisRail BepisRailBanner.png
Assumed January 2019 office:
January 28th, 2019 - Present
Chairman Matthew Laptev
Successor N/A
Personal information
Brooklyn, NY
Birth name Matthew Laptev
Citizenship U.S., Russian; Bepistanian, Auvenese, Aenderian, Obelan, Dukian
Nationality Flag of Russia.png Russian
Ethnicity Eastern European
Political party N/A
Residence Brooklyn
Religion Atheist

Micronational career

Personal life





  • Flag of Bepistan.svg Lvl. 1 Crook
  • Flag of Bepistan.svg Lvl. 50 Hitman
  • Flag of Bepistan.svg Lvl. 100 Boss
  • Flag of Cloverzem.svg Vice President’s Honor Award for Bravery
  • Dukenewflag.png Order of Sungkar


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