Matthew Laptev

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His Excellency, The Honorable
Matthew Laptev
Chancellor of Bepistan
Assumed office
5 October 2018
Predecessor Office established
16th President of Aenderia
Assumed office
1 March 2021
Predecessor Nicholas Fisher
Successor Calvin White
Faltrian Senator for Breuckelen
Assumed office
10 March 2022
Commander Hunt Powell
Interior Minister Asher Young
Seat Breuckelen County (Elected)
Personal information
Born 31 October 2004
Brooklyn, New York
Birth name Matthew Laptev
Nationality American
Ethnicity Russian
Political party National Party of Bepistan
Home town Brooklyn
Religion Russian Orthodox

Matthew Laptev (Russian: Матвей Лаптев; born 31 October 2004), is a Russian-American micronationalist residing in New York City.

Apart from serving as Chancellor of the Bepistani Reich since its original inception as the Kingdom of Bepistan on 5 October 2018, Laptev is a also member of the Ausverian Volksammer, senator for Breuckelen County and Minister of Transportation of the State of Faltree, second Chairman of the Assembly of Long Island Micronations, and a MicroWiki administrator.

Laptev had also previously served as the sixteenth President of Aenderia.