Greater Forsyth

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Greater Forsyth
A half submerged shopping cart in Greater Forsyth, 2022
A half submerged shopping cart in Greater Forsyth, 2022
Flag of Greater Forsyth
“Stay Funky!”
Country State of Faltree
Established7 December 2021
Founded byJebediah Powell
Seat Coxey
 • SenatorsThomas Jacobs
Ali Farrokhzad
Connor Simonetti
 • Total0.78 km2 (0.30 sq mi)
 • Total11

Greater Forsyth was a county in the State of Faltree bordering New Havre. It is the least populated county in Faltree. It was established on 7 December 2021, after a restructuring of the Faltrian county system. The county seat of Greater Forsyth is Coxey. The motto of Greater Forsyth is "Stay Funky!", a reference to an image posted in Faltree numerous times showing a man next to a depiction of a chicken uttering the aforementioned phrase.


The name of Greater Forsyth originates from Forsyth, Montana.


The Greater Forsyth Army is the independent militia located in the county.