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Thomas Jacobs
Conqueror of Ballinfoyleburg
1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th President of Roscamistan
Assumed office
6 August 2023
Vice PresidentNyck Bradaten
Preceded byFalcone de Los Santos
In office
11 May 2022[a] – 17 May 2023
Vice President
Preceded byDoros Patusky
Succeeded byFalcone de Los Santos
In office
23 June 2021 – 19 March 2022
Vice President
Preceded byJames Irwin
Succeeded byCulann Burke (as acting president)
In office
18 February 2021 – 18 May 2021
Vice PresidentCulann Burke
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byJames Irwin
Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Roscami Democratic Patriotic Front
Assumed office
6 March 2023
Preceded byOffice established
3rd Vice President of Roscamistan
In office
21 March 2022 – 11 May 2022
PresidentCulann Burke
Jan Kotoński
Doros Patusky
Preceded byDoros Patusky
Succeeded byLudwig Collins & Ali Farrokhzad
In office
8 June 2021 – 20 June 2021
Serving with Kayden Conboy
PresidentJames Irwin
Preceded byKayden Conboy (as sole Vice President)
Succeeded byKayden Conboy (as sole Vice President)
President of Atillaterra-Roscamistan
In office
1 September 2021 – 15 September 2021
Vice PresidentMike Smith
Preceded byoffice established
Succeeded byoffice abolished
Secretary General of the International Christian Forum
Assumed office
7 September 2022
Preceded byOffice established
2nd Chair of the Southeast Asian Micronational Association
In office
1 January 2023 – 10 January 2023
Preceded byAzwariq Qadri
Succeeded byManggala Alif Prasetia (acting)
Personal details
Born3 February 2008 (2008-02-03) (age 15)
Galway City,  Ireland
NationalitySouth African-Irish
Political partyNational Catholic League (2023-present)
Other political
National Front (Scynja) (2022-present)
Ausverian Fatherland Party (2022-present)
National Östruck Party (2022-present)
Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
ResidencesRoscam,  Greater Roscam
Known forfirst, third and fifth President of Roscamistan
Founder of Roscamistan
PortfolioConqueror of Ballinfoyleburg
ReligionRoman Catholic
  • Irish
  • English
  • Scottish
School of ThoughtWorkers Fascism
NicknamesThe DJ
The Commander
Military service
Allegiance Roscamistan
Branch/serviceNational Army of Roscamistan
National Army of Melite
His Royal Navy
Years of serviceFebruary 2021 - present
RankMarshal of the Republic
Generalissimo of the NAM
Ordinary seaman
UnitGreater Roscam Army
AwardsHero of Roscamistan
Order of the Province of Mervustan
Order of the Golden Sun

Thomas Peter Jacobs[b] is a South African-Irish micronationalist, artist and musician who has served as the President of Roscamistan several times in its history, and is a co-founder of the nation.

Often described by many as a firm believer in Traditionalism, Nationalism, and Catholicism, Jacobs has been an influential figure in the Roman Catholic portion of the MicroWiki Community, and has been responsible for the introduction of Catholicism as the state religion of multiple micronations, as well as serving in the office of Commissioner of the International Catholic League.

Jacobs is a self-described Christian Fascist and a supporter of workers rights, anti-degeneracy and supports an authoritarian government.

Early life

Jacobs was born in 2008, in Galway, Ireland. He lived first in the suburb of Renmore, and later to the east of Galway, where he currently lives.



Jacobs’ first micronation, Roscamistan was founded in February 2021 with his friend Culann Burke, which would later on become an influential nation in the future Galway Sector. Jacobs made himself President and Burke his Vice President. He has developed Roscamistan more than any other President, having created most of the institutions and acts in the nation.

He has seen four Vice Presidents under his three terms as President. Doros Patusky, Ludwig Collins, Ali Farrokhzad, and Culann Burke have all served under Jacobs, with Collins as his current.

East Galway

Alongside of a small group of students in his school, Jacobs founded the East Galway Soviet, a council of students dedicated to socialist beliefs on 7 September 2021. Jan Kotoński, himself and Ludwig Collins would be made Chairman, Vice Chairman, and General Secretary respectively. On the 7th of January 2022, Jacobs and the other higher members of the Soviet declared the East Galway Commune, a quasi-stateless entity headed by the a chairman and later premier of the commune, Jan Kotoński. A People’s Assembly was created to serve as the legislative body in the commune, with Jacobs placed as its chairman and head of the assembly’s presidium, in effect Jacobs had become a supreme legislator.

From late February to April 2022, the commune saw a heavy decline in activity and decline of Kotoński’s Premiership in general. To combat this, the People’s Executive began to reform the commune, planning to create a fully functional parliamentary socialist republic to replace the quasi-stateless socialist commune. The People’s Executive renamed itself to the Cabinet of Ministers, a Presidency was created to be the head of state, the head of the Free People’s Army being transferred to the Presidency, and a new House of Representatives replacing the People’s Assembly.

In July 2022, President Collins and Vice-Premier Jacobs performed a constitutional coup, replacing one another in each other’s roles, and in September 2022, Jacobs founded the East Galwegian Blue-Shirt Movement, replacing the Party of Labour and Iron as the dominant party.

In December 2022 he successfully created and passed two acts which allowed the Cabinet of Ministers to hold referendums and the second act annexing Jordans Island and Moycullen, East Galway as territories.[1]

Other nations

Jacobs has been a citizen of Excelsior since March 2022, and has served in many positions. Jacobs currently serves as Secretary of Foreign Affairs, a Member of the Federal Assembly, head of the subjugated territories of Invictus, and formerly acting Premier-General of Excelsior. He is also currently Governor of the Cortes Islands in the Empire of Östruck.

Personal life

Jacobs lives in Galway, Ireland with his family, his father Shaun Jacobs serving as a micronational politician in Roscamistan. He is currently a third year student in secondary school.

His hobbies include Transformers, reading, writing, history, music, Thai boxing and going to the gym. He is also a member of Scouting Ireland.


Jacobs aspires to be a musician, though has stated it be for creative purposes not financial ones. He primarily listens to Nirvana, Linkin Park, Soundgarden, 2pac, Eminem, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Wu Tang Clan and Daft Punk.

His primary influences are Grunge, Alt-Rock, Alt-metal, Hip hop, nu metal, punk rock, and Rap metal.

Political views

Jacobs identifies with Fascism, Authoritarianism, State Socialism, Workers rights, Anti-capitalism ,Christian Theocracy and Anti-Communism.

In the past Jacobs has supported and endorsed economic systems on both sides of the political spectrum, including Socialism and Capitalism. He is the founder of Galwegian Socialism, and has also endorsed free-market capitalism too. In January 2023 he became disenchanted with the concept of Capitalism, whilst remaining anti-Socialist, and has identified himself with Corporatism, and also with Neo-Fascist economics.

Currently Jacobs supports both socialistic and fascistic views. Whilst being against capitalism, he is also against individualism.

Irish politics

He has supported both the far-right Irish National Party and the right wing Human Dignity Alliance, and has considered joining the youth wing of the former in the past.

He supported both due to his dismay at the major parties, especially the Green Party and Fine Gael.

He currently supports no party, and holds Irish politics in contempt. He is described as holding both left and right wing views, both calling for economic reform whilst also advocating for traditionalism.

Religious views

Jacobs is a Roman Catholic, and completed his Catholic confirmation in September 2021. His views on religion often collide with his political views, and has shown himself to be a firm believer that the Catholic Church is the one true church, much to the dismay of his Orthodox and Protestant colleagues. His first micronation, Roscamistan, has been a Catholic state since its foundation.

Jacobs is also a firm believer in state religion, and has defended the status of Catholicism as the state religion of Roscamistan from opposition parties through 2022 and 2023.


Jacobs is notable for him being the former foreign minister of multiple micronations. He served as Foreign Secretary in both Roscamistan and Excelsior, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the dissolved nations of East Galway and Ballinfoyleburg. He has signed most treaties between Roscamistan and other micronations, and served as the nation’s foremost diplomat.

Jacobs would retire from diplomacy in May of 2023.


Jacobs is ethnically Irish through his mother, and English, Scottish, Normano-French and Danish through his father. Through his father’s maternal side, he is descended from the Clan Mackintosh.


There may not be many things a teenager can do, but if you are able to do something as a teenager, do it well.

— Thomas Jacobs, November 2022

For the legacy of the Old Guard, for the glory of the Golden Age, for the new Roscamistan which is rightfully ours and mine to rule, I strike my vengeance upon YOU, the ones who betrayed us, THE ONES WHO MADE US SLAVES!

— Thomas Jacobs, August 2023

Electoral history


Chamber of Representatives

Month and Year % Jacobs Largest Opponent Party % Main Opponent % Other
April 2022 50% ProDems 20.8% 29.2%
June 2022 38.1% ProDems 28.6% 23.76
September 2022 27.78% ProDems 22.22% 44.46%
December 2022 50% DA - TPM 16.7% 33.3%
February 2023 41.7% TI 16.7% 41.6%


Month and Year % Jacobs Largest Opponent Party % Main Opponent % Other
October 2022 100% DA 0% N/A
January 2023 33% Joseph Montgomery (National Catholic League) 67% N/A



Month and Year % Jacobs Largest Opponent Party % Main Opponent % Other
2022 57.1 Fatherland Front 42.9 N/A


National honours

Other national honours

Former honors


The full title of Thomas Jacobs is as follows

His Excellency The Most Honourable Thomas Jacobs, Knight of the Order of the Count of Purple, Hero of Roscamistan, Baronet, Former Sovereign of the Order of the Great Comrades, Recipient of the Blessed Volunteer Laurel, Member of the Order of the Vishwamitra, Commander of the Order of the Lotus, Commander of the Order of the Province of Mervustan, Grand Cross Special Class of the Order of the Golden Sun, Recipient of the Grand Order of Excelsior, Iron Cross First Class, and Collar of the Order of the State of Neu Königsberg.

The style of Jacobs as the King Emeritus of Dungailliamh is as follows:

His Serene Highness, by the grace of God, The Prince of Crainmore, King Emeritus, last Emperor of Barnland[c]

Ribbon bars worn by Thomas Jacobs

Armorials and symbols

Shield of Arms designed by John of Baustralia Coat of arms designed by John of Baustralia Coat of arms as the Prince of Crainmore Shield of arms as the Prince of Crainmore Escutcheon

Other offices

Political offices
Preceded by
Sean Mulryan
Chief Justice of Ballinfoyleburg
28 April 2022 - 8 April 2023
Succeeded by
Nation dissolved
Preceded by
Fearghas MacLochlainn
Roscami Secretary of State for the Interior
10 January 2023 - present
Preceded by
Himself (as Secretary of State for Greater Roscam)
Governor of Greater Roscam
22 February 2022 - 27 January 2023
Succeeded by
Joseph Montgomery
Preceded by
himself as Leader of Republican Bloc
Paramount Leader of the National Catholic League
17 January 2023- present


  1. Powers but not office granted to Ali Farrokhzad from 16 to 17 January 2023
  2. Also known as Thomas Fitzgerald or Tómas Jacobs. He has stated that he prefers the use of Thomas Jacobs outside of Melite, where he calls himself Tómas Jacobs in order to pay respect to Malta, where Melite is located.
  3. As the Barnland dissolved into the Kingdom of Dungailliamh, Jacobs held the style of last Emperor of Barnland as a courtesy


  2. Richards, John. “Dhrubajyoti Roy, Thomas Jacobs, Nicholas Fisher, Others Awarded by Executive Order 013.” Penn Federal Republic | Government Website, Penn Press, 11 May 2022,