Foreign relations of Faltree

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The foreign relations of Faltree are handled and managed by the Faltrian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Commander of Faltree.

Diplomatic relations

Formal relations

Informal relations

Former formal relations

Current organizations

Former organizations

Recognized nations

Unilateral recognition


Contentious Entities Register

  • Apeborea - Anarcho-capitalist terrorist group waging war against the State of Faltree and the Republic of Hasullahstan.
  • Zeprana - Any state claiming the title of Zeprana, excluding the Mandate of Zeprana which is recognized as a legal entity as per membership in the Rhode Island Consortium.
  • Arcadia - Any state claiming the title of Arcadia.
  • Kingdom of Bristolia - Regards Faltree as an "opponent" per Bristolian foreign affairs
  • All member states of the United New England Micronations, excluding the Republic of Roscamistan - Capitalistic policing entity harboring anti-Faltrian sentiment and general lack of clerical standards.

Recognition Denied

  • w:Israelw:State of Palestine Israel and Palestine - Faltree believes that the region should be governed by Syria.
  • Islamic State - Radical Islamic terrorism.
  • Nexan Republic - actively hostile towards Faltree.
  • Ukraine - Condemned as a puppet state of the western, fascist, neo-capitalist, and destructive hegemony.