Eastern Unity Front

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Eastern Unity Front
LeaderHunt Powell
FoundedAugust 25th, 2019
HeadquartersNew Havre, Faltree
IdeologyFascism De-jure
Despotism De-facto
ColoursRed and Blue

The Eastern Unity Front (previously known as the National Party of Faltree, and Mountain States Blueshirt Party) was a political party that was founded on August 25, 2019 in the Union of Mountain States. It was headquartered in New Havre, Faltree when it was dissolved. It was dissolved by Hunt Powell at an unknown date.


EUF believes that in-order for the nation to survive it must maintain a balance between the State and the People. "The State must abide by the interests in of the citizenry and the People must work in the interests of the State. A strong nation will not persevere without coexistence between these two groups." Any ideas or concepts that seek to throw off this balance are condemned and opposed by the EUF.

EUF has a varied, non-rigid outlook on other micronations and ideologies. There is official opposition towards leftist ideologies in-general due to communism trying to eradicate micronations where EUF has flourished and established itself. Merit and cooperation is a major idea in party doctrine, therefore it is encouraged to form alliances based on mutual benefit other than political alignment. Due to this fact EUF and micronations it influences have cooperated with a number of democratic micronations, forming strong alliances with some. EUF chooses to distance itself from many if not most monarchist micronations due to the fact that many monarchist micronations are thinly veiled leftists. Right-wing micronations may also be disregarded as overzealous or egotistical, with EUF having an aversion to self-important heads of state. Overall, party doctrine promotes diplomatic relations based on merit and reliability other than ideological basis.