Kingdom of Nortenland

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Kingdom of Nortenland
Flag of Kingdom of Nortenland
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Nortenland
Coat of arms
Anthem: Miri it is, while sumer ilast
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• King
Wolfric I
• Declaration of Independence
24 September 2021
CurrencyNortennish schilling
IMSO 1 codeNLD

The Kingdom of Nortenland is an independent sovereign state established in 2021 primarily located in North America. Nortenland is an absolute Monarchy which is presided over by the King of Nortenland. The King has complete Legislative and Executive control over the Kingdom and he maintains authority over the Kingdom's Military forces. The Kingdom of Nortenland is made up of 2 Laws, previously called Provinces, each of which is administered by a Prince who makes decisions for the Province in the stead of the King.


The name of the Kingdom of Nortenland derives from the demonym "Nortennish" which arose during the foundation of Nortenland as a unifying name for the people which would come to inhabit Nortenland. Shortly after the demonym was made, the suffix -land was applied and Nortenland was cemented as the name of the Kingdom. A common misconception is that Nortenland and Nortennish refer to the direction North, alongside the misconception that the name bears some relation to Emperor Norton the self-proclaimed Emperor of the United States, both of these claims have been refuted by the King and other Nortennish founders.


Founding and Commonwealth

Nortenland was founded on 24 September 2021 with the Declaration of Independence laying out the reasoning for its foundation.[1] The Diet was subsequently founded on 26 September 2021 to serve as a legislature for the Kingdom.[2] It wouldn't be until 7 October 2021 that another significant event would occur, which would be the integration of Falkenreich into the Nortennish Commonwealth.[3] Falkenreich's integration led to a period of expansion and cultural development in Nortenland, with more Rykes being added to the Commonwealth[4][5] and further Government Acts being passed.

Nortennish Abdication Crisis

On 12 December 2021, King Wolfric I abdicated, citing lack of interest in micronationalism as a whole. His successor Kaiser Baldwin, who was confirmed by the Nortennish Diet, was widely unpopular, and was deposed by the Diet later that day. On the same day, the Diet controversially assumed the power to appoint monarchs, and appointed King Frederick I. King Frederick I assumed the powers of king and permanently banned the Lord of Bärenland, and Prince of Norsex Hunt Odovacar, and also established the Supreme Court of Nortenland.

On 13 December, King Frederick I was deposed and replaced by the temporary King Aeyphix I, who was appointed on the caveat that he would rule until 1 January 2021. The same day Maximilian I of Wynnland, among others, joined Nortenland and attempted to vie for the position of King. Maximilian also gained control of the communications server.

On 14 December 2021 Maximilian let the Lord of Bärenland, and the Prince of Norsex Hunt Odovacar back into the server, after negotiations Maximillian gave control of the communications server to Hunt Odovacar; the temporary King Aeyphix I left during this time. Hunt then announced that there were efforts underway to choose a new King of Nortenland. Shortly thereafter Wolfric I returned as King of Nortenland.

Isolation and Kingdom

Following a short period of stagnation after the return of Wolfric as King, certain individuals stated frustrations with the Kingdom's lack of activity and the government's non-existent communication with the Nortennish populace. In response the Prince of Norsex and the King of Nortenland convened and decided to announce a purge of citizenry to remove "heavily entrenched Anti-Nortennish subversion by foreign sources". This entailed the dissolution of all Nortennish Laws except for Norsex and Fieldwark alongside every existing Ryke.[6] The independent Kingdom of Bärenland, a former Nortennish Ryke, announced their lack of ill will towards Nortenland and their well wishes in its decision for isolationism.

On 12 February 2022 the Kingdom of Nortenland published a new Royal Proclamation available only in Nortennish English announcing their exit from isolation.[7] The Proclamation also announced that the King of Nortenland dissolved the Diet of Nortenland and removed all Lawmen. All treaties and legislation were also dissolved except the Treaty of Mutual Recognition that was signed with the State of Faltree, the NKSO Act, and the Declaration of Independence.


Nortennish territories are organized into laws, the main two laws being Fieldwark and Norsex[8][9].

Flag Shield Name Location Capital shire Capital city Population Area
Law of Fieldwark Alberta Windbank Alderford
2.95 km2
Law of Norsex Rhode Island South Ostroküste Lordsshore
0.22 km2
Rikelaw of Houghmark Long Island, New York Evehaven TBA 1 TBA


  1. The Diet served as the legislature until 12 February 2022