Federal Republic of Vulhalin

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Federal Republic of Vulhalin
Flag of Vulhalin
Largest cityWasusu
GovernmentFederal presidential constitutional republic
• President
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright

The Federal Republic of Vulhalin, also known as simply Vulhalin was a micronation that consisted of the union between the United Provinces of Natlin, the Wohlstand Vereinigung, and the Reunited Ocean States. It was created on 19 November after a diplomatic conference and a signing of a treaty, and a constitution was being written. It was dissolved 28 November due to diverging interests and the departure of Jacob Vancapelle from micronations.

Politics and government

During it's existence there were 4 distinctive entities within Vulhalin, and are only distinctive as they are extensions of their previous respective nation. Without a constitution currently Vulhalin is operating as a country without a figurehead, with current power being shared by Jacob Vancapelle, Hunt Powell, Connor Shaw, and Jaime P. III.


Vulhalin has land across North America. Notable Vulhalian claims in the the US are currently located in the states of Montana, Rhode Island, Maryland, Pennsylvania, among other areas. Vulhalin also has land in the Canadian province of Alberta.