Reunited Ocean States

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Reunited Ocean States
of Ocean States
Motto: Navigating the way!
Anthem: Wave, Ocean wave!
Main land of Reunited Ocean States
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish
DemonymOcean States
GovernmentFederal Republic
• President
Jaime P. III
• Vice President
Pablo S.
LegislatureReunited Ocean States Congress
• Created after the dissolution of Reorganized Ocean States, claiming itself to be the legitimate successor of United Ocean States
13 June 2020
CurrencyUS Dollar
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Drives on theright

The Reunited Ocean States is a micronation that is the successor to the now-dissolved United Ocean States. It was founded on 13 June 2020 by Pablo Sanchez who was the former military commander of the United Ocean States.


The Reunited Ocean States was formed on 13 June 2020 directly after the dissolution of Reorganized Ocean States as the foundation of the country was very quick to seize the title of the government of Ocean States, the country was made in hopes of continuing the activity of Ocean States with a better reputation after social turmoil during the United Ocean States period, leading to dissolution. After establishment, Reunited Ocean States continued where United Ocean States had left.

States and Territories

Below are lists and info of active states and territories owned by Ocean States.

Flag Name Population State
Sodaosoup45.png New Tulate 7 Active State
VertangaFlag4.jpg Vertanga 4 Active State
NewerNewWertiFlag.jpg New Werti 4 Active State
NewerSeaLaiFLag.jpg Sea Lai 2 Active State
RoseFlag8.jpg Rose 1 Active State
FortDur323.jpeg Fort Lonsei 2 Active Territory
Blechlin.jpeg Blechlin N/A Dissolved Autonomous
RTEC.png East Coast N/A Dissolved, Autonomous
EEFlag.jpeg Echlin N/A Dissolved, Autonomous


After establishment, the military had seen a decrease in personnel from previous states/periods. All original military units stayed established throughout all previous dissolutions surrounding Ocean States.

Flag Branch Personnel
UOS Airforce.png Army 5
UOS Navy.png Navy 3
UOS Army (actually airforce but I messed up).png Airforce 1


Micronation Begin Status
Faltree2021.png Faltree 2020 Formal
Republic of Tueoedeth.png Republic of Tueoedeth 2021 Informal
Herzetia.png State of Herzetia 2020 Informal
Flag-of-the-empire-of-vulhalin.png Empire of Vulhalin 2021 Informal


Reunited Ocean States claims around 90.3 acres entirely bordered by the United States of America.