Wohlstand Vereinigung

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Coat of arms of Wohlstand
Coat of arms
Motto: "God, Union, and Prosperity"
Anthem: "Wohlstandlied"
CapitalShawsburg, New Havre
Largest cityNew Havre
Official languagesEnglish, German (ceremonially)
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Republic
• President of Falletree
Hunt Powell
• President of Vätersflachland
Connor Shaw
• Prime Minister
LegislatureParliament of Wohlstand
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Driving sideright

Wohlstand Vereinigung, or just Wohlstand, was a micronation that consisted of the union between the State of Falletree and the Kingdom of Vätersflachland. It was officially formed on 28 October 2020, though it was in de-facto existence prior. Wohlstand was officially dissolved along with the Federal Republic of Vulhalin on 28 November 2020.


Wohlstand Vereinigung is German for "Prosperity Union," or literally "Prosperity Association." This name comes originates from the fact that the union between Faltree and Jehovah will bring about prosperity.


Wohlstand was officially a one-party imperial dictatorship, but the monarchy was abolished in the best interests of Wohlstand itself.

Politics and government

Wohlstand is officially a federal parliamentary republic with a single house of parliament and two elected prime-ministers. The parliament has 11 seats in total.


Wohlstander legislature is an 11 seat unicameral parliament, with elections held every 6 months. Seat elections and Prime Minister elections are held 30 days apart, with the latter always coming after the former. Seats are based on counties, with there being 5 seats in Vätersflachland for the corresponding counties and 5 seats in Falletree for their corresponding counties. There is also a singular non-county parliamentary seat.

Foreign relations

Wohlstand maintains formal relations with every member-state of the Tungsten Pact. In addition Wohlstand recognizes all members of the Micronational Assembly.


Currently Wohlstand maintains 3 branches of the armed forces; the Staatsheer, Kriegsmarine, and Luftwaffe. The Staatsheer is the most developed and largest branch of the military, already seeing engagement in the Tungsten-MACP War.

Politics in Wohlstand

Below is a list of political parties registered in Wohlstand.

Logo Political Party Political views
Eastern Unity Front Right-wing populism
Wohlstander National Party Civic nationalism
Social conservatism
Wohlstander Monarchist Party Monarchism
Wohlstander Republican Party Republicanism

Administrative Divisions

Flag Coat of Arms Name Population Representative Established
New Havre 2 Hunt Powell 2020
Yaak 5 Jaime P. III 2019
Bosche 2 Vacant 2019
N/A New Forsyth 1 Isaac J. White 2020
N/A Big Coulee 1 Vacant 2020
Shawsburg 3 Connor Shaw 2019
Kathslick N/A Vacant 2020
Bullsden N/A Vacant 2020
N/A Alberts N/A Vacant 2020
N/A Etzier N/A Vacant 2020
N/A Parkway Territory N/A N/A 2020