State of Falletree

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State of Falletree
Flag of Falletree
Coat of arms of Falletree
Coat of arms
Tooth and nail, to the end
Anthem: Liebesleid
and largest city
New Havre
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentFederal parliamentary Republic
• President
Hunt P.
LegislatureCentral Administration
CurrencyUS Dollar
Date formatmm-dd-yy
Drives on theright

The State of Falletree is a federal parliamentary republic lead by Hunt P, the state itself is apart of the Wohlstand Vereinigung.


The name Falletree is a variation of Faltree, which is a portmanteau of Fall and Tree.


Falletree essentially itself is a successor state to Faltree, although it is considered a different political entity. Falletree officially began existing on October 28th, 2020, but had been in de-facto existence prior to the aforementioned date. Falletree initially was a one-party imperial monarchy, but this imperial system was dissolved on October 29th, in the best interests of Falletree itself.

Politics and government

Falletree is a federal parliamentary republic, with a president and prime minister holding office. The president is elected every 2 years and the prime minister (who is the prime minister of all of Wohlstand) is elected every 6 months.

Geography and Subdivisions


Flag County Population
Newhavre.png New Havre 2
Union of Mountain States Yaak Flag.png Yaak 5
UMSBoche.png Bosche 2
Forsyth.png New Forsyth 1
Bigcoulee.png Big Coulee 1


Flag Territory Population
Parkway2.png Parkway Territory N/A