August Crisis

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The August Crisis, also referred to as the Saspearian Crisis, was a political and diplomatic crisis in Saspearian and the Micronational Assembly that begun in August 2019, during the Emperor Anthony I Era, when Würbec declared war on Saspearian. Which went disagreed upon by Saspearian, other events such as the Terran Civil War, and Anthony I being banned from the MA during the same month came as part of the aftermath of the hostility. The crisis is considered to have fully ended with Saspearian's re-admission to the Micronational Assembly on 24 February 2020.


In March 2019, Würbec offered an annexation of Saspearian. Several months later on 8 August 2019, Würbec declared war on Saspearian, in an announcement on the MA Server. However, the conflict went disagreed upon as a war by Saspearian, shortly after the declaration of war, a treaty was signed between both nations to end the hostility.



Initial hostilities

On 8 August 2019 Würbec declares war on Saspearian. Shortly afterward, a treaty was signed between both nations, ending the hostility. In Mid-August 2019, Anthony I was contacted by someone who supposedly spoken to the leader of Würbec regarding the hostility, and claimed that the nation still held hostility against Saspearian. Anthony I was added into a group chat as a discussion on the supposed hostility and one of the members in the group chat insisted on declaring war on Würbec. Others found out about the group chat, and as a result, Anthony I was kicked out of the Federation of the United States Server as concerns were raised regarding Anthony's diplomatic intentions. Anthony I messaged Corvin on what was happening in the server, which leads to Anthony I being accused of spying. The other individuals in the group chat accuse Anthony I of having hostility towards Würbec. Despite Anthony not agreeing to declare war. The Würbec Incident causes outrage in the Micronational Assembly, with many MA members offering an agreement under penalizing another "mistake". Anthony I refused to agree with the terms citing sovereignty concerns and vagueness on the agreements.

Terran Civil War

The Workers' Republic of Terra experiences protests as an outcome of the severed diplomatic relations, consequently leading to the start of the Terran Civil War, which was fought between Pro-Saspearian and Anti-Saspearian factions, the Anti-Saspearian forces would later win the war during the same month.



Saspearian's Readmission to the MA

On 24 February 2020 Emperor Anthony I was unbanned from the MA. Saspearian would later be re-admitted as a member state on the same day.