Korp Sector

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Korp Sector
General information
Sector foundedJanuary 2020
Sector founded byJacob Deceuninck
Nations in area9
Organisations in areaMicronational Assembly
Rhode Island League
Notable people in area

The Korp Sector, also known as the Ayumu Sector is a micronational sector that consists of micronations involved in the Korp discord server. It is known for indulging in comedic and ridiculous situations that occur over Discord. Being a member of the sector is based on if said nation had membership in the sector discord server or was closely associated with multiple members of the sector.


Youtube Era

Most nations in the sector discovered each other in the Youtube Micronational Community in 2019, but the sector did not truly emerge until 2020. Initial relations between members of the sector can be found in pre-sector conflicts and events in the Youtube community. Conflicts such as the North Divine War and the Ernish-Mountain States War brought together what can be seen as the first members of the sector; the United Provinces of Natlin, the Union of Mountain States, United Ocean States, Kingdom of the Saugeen, and the Federation of East Michigan. This micronational clique would go on to engage in diplomacy and participate in numerous wars in the micronational community throughout the year 2019. Proto-sector members would frequently congregate in Discord group chats, which would eventually evolve into a main server.


Current Nations

Arms Flag Nation Capital
FaltreeCOA.svg Flag of Faltree.svg Faltree New Havre
Lesser-coat-of-arms-vulhalin.png Flag-of-the-empire-of-vulhalin.png Empire of Vulhalin Wasusu
Insigne incognitum.svg AWR.png Aleunnic Workers' Republic Red Heights
Coat of arms of Ausveria.svg Flag of Ausveria.png Ausveria Brittany
Nortenland Coat of Arms.svg Flag of Nortenland.svg Kingdom of Nortenland Fieldwark
Vandelland Coat of Arms.svg VandellandFlag.svg Commonwealth of Vandelland Saxon Hill

Former nations

Nations that were formerly apart of the sector.

Arms Flag Nation Capital
JehovahCOA.png JehovahFlag.png Kingdom of Jehovah Shawsburg
Uomscoatofarms.png Union of Mountain States.png Union of Mountain States Bighorn
FEcoatOA.png FEprovisional.png Faltree-Eureka Provisional Government Bighorn
UOScoatofarmspng.png UnitedOceanStates.jpg United Ocean States Tulateville
Adobe 20200427 210429.png PacificaFlag.png Kingdom of Pacifica Balesese
Saugeen coat of arms.jpg Saugeen Flag.png Kingdom of the Saugeen Saugeen City
Insigne incognitum.svg FederationofEastMichigan.PNG Federation of East Michigan St. Annasberg
Second COA Natlin.png Flag of Natlin.svg United Provinces of Natlin Wasusu
Insigne incognitum.svg HOUSEISTAN.png Democratic Republic of Houseistan Bedmond
Insigne incognitum.svg Flag of the Hessian Empire.svg Hessian Empire Unknown
FSDCOA.png Delphia.png Federal States of Delphia Dunpin
Insigne incognitum.svg Praesitum.png Praesitum Montarcem
Uos Shield.png UnitedOceanStates.jpg Reunited Ocean States Tuja
Arms of West Canada.svg Flag of West Canada.svg Dominion of West Canada Shawsburg
Insigne incognitum.svg Herzetia.png State of Herzetia New Nolius
Insigne incognitum.svg Monkeyfreestate.jpeg Monkey Free State N/A
Coat-of-arms-tueoedeth.png Flag of Tueoedeth.png Republic of Tueoedeth Tueoedeth City