Micronationalism in Ohio

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Micronations in Ohio

Active Ohio micronations in the 2020s

Micronationalism in Ohio is a topic pertaining to micronationalism in the U.S. state of Ohio. While micronations have most likely predated it, one of the earliest modern examples of micronationalism in Ohio exists in the form of the Kingdom of Pibocip, which was founded 12 July 2000.

Enthusiasm for micronationalism had seemingly dissipated by 2020 within Ohio, with many micronations falling into inactivity, but by late 2021 multiple new entities would be founded.


On 12 July 2000, the Kingdom of Pibocip was founded.

On 31 May 2008 the United American Kingdom and Ohio River Republic were founded. Later, on 28 August, Joseph Marx declares himself the Emperor of Ohio and forms the Ohio Empire, replacing the United American Kingdom and Ohio River Republic.

Active Ohio micronations in the 2000s

Ohio micronations that dissolved in the 2000s


On 28 November 2010, the Ohio Empire joined the newly founded North American Confederation and reformed into the Republic of Ohio.

On 18 May 2015, the Theocracy of Nazareth successfully wins the Nazarene Revolution and breaks free from the Faction System of Estremitá, originally being a province of the nation. On 19 September, the Republic of Ohio would be replaced by the Commonwealth of Greene.

On 22 August 2018, the Ohio Protection Pact would be founded by the Kingdom of Loveland, the Kingdom of Butler, Republic of Goshen, and the Free City-State of Hamilton.

On 12 March 2019, Shahawkia is founded as Eagle Tribe, and would battle on-and-off with neighboring tribes until late 2020 when it would conquer all neighboring tribes.

Active Ohio micronations in the 2010s

Ohio micronations that went inactive in the 2010s

Ohio micronations that dissolved in the 2010s


In early 2020, the Kingdom of Pibocip celebrated its 20th foundation anniversary on 12 July 2020 and was widely active in the international community, signing multiple treaties throughout the year and being featured in the “One More Nation” project by Jonathan Levain. In the Principality of Posaf, Prince Nicholas Randouler passed away on 3 June, and the government moved into a provisional transitional government. By mid-September, the Principality of Caudonia would enter into a period of stagnated activity, and on 28 September the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon would be founded, though it would not become internationally active until January 2021. On 18 December, the Sawdustistan would begin preparations for its sixth general election of its Prime Minister, which would begin on 31 December.

On 2 January 2021, Armen Nazarian won the Sawdustistan sixth general election and became Prime Minister. After being contacted by Northwood-Oregon, Sawdustistan and Northwood-Oregon signed a treaty of mutual recognition.[1] On 27 February, the Republic of Slavtria was founded. On 12 March, the Principality of Posaf held a referendum to either transition into a to-be formed confederation, become a ceremonial state, or remain in its current state. The referendum ended in fifty percent of the vote deciding to join the Empire of Sentallares alongside Iustus and the Confederation of El Dorado. This is believed to have been a swan song for the Principality, as further information about it or Sentallares is unavailable or non-existent. On 11 April, the Sawdustistan & Northwood-Oregon Compact was signed.[2] On 10 July, the Austenasian territory of Hoagland was dissolved after its local governor John Smith (hudjefa) moved away from the area, marking a removal of only foreign imperial figure within Ohio at the time.[3] On 18 November, the Commonwealth of Ottawa was founded.

On 12 March 2022, the Federal Republics of Ohio reformed into the Grand Pharaohate of Mhw H’pi. On 22 April, the Holy Ohio Empire was founded. On 14 November 2022, the Holy Ohio Empire reformed into the Federation of the Buckeyes.

Active Ohio micronations in the 2020s

Ohio micronations that went inactive in the 2020s

Ohio micronations that dissolved in the 2020s


Timelines spanning from 1 January 2000 to 31 December 2019, and 1 January 2020 to present. Micronations that are inactive by the end of 2019 and continue to be inactive into 2020 are not included in the second timeline.



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