Empirical Dyarchy of Ohio

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Empirical Dyarchy of Ohio
Official language English
Denonym Ohioan
Government Constitutional Diarchy
Founded May 27, 2010
Area ~600 sq ft
Location Formerly Cincinnati, USA
Population 6
Parliament Unicameral, 4 Seats
Three Independents, One Liberal Democrat
Currency US dollar
Rulers Emperor Samuel I, Chancellor Nikolaj I

The Empirical Dyarchy of Ohio, also known as the EDO, is a micronation bordered by Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. It is an enclave nation and is classified as a sixth world nation unrder the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System of Classification.


In early April 2010, Samuel and Nikolaj became interested in micronationalism and over the next month, they planned on the creation of the Empirical Dyarchy of Ohio. Samuel leaned towards a liberal multi-party democracy while Nikolaj leaned towards a absolute monarchy or dictatorship. A compromise was developed by Samuel in which there were two equal leaders - a democratically elected Chancellor and a hereditary Emperor or Empress. On May 27, 2010, the Empirical Dyarch of Ohio was formed with a declaration of independence being sent to the Ohio Empire. Nikolaj I was named the Crown Prince and became the first Chancellor while Samuel I became the first Emperor. A military was formed soon afterwards and after a couple of days, the Liberal Democratic Party was formed with the Emperor as its only member. An emergency meeting of Parliament was held on June 1, 2010.

System of Government

Liberal Democratic Party logo

The Empirical Dyarchy of Ohio is a self-styled Constitutional Dyarchic Monarchy. It is split up into townships, each ruled by a democratically elected representative. Each representative has the duty of presenting to Parliament the complaints of their citizens. There are two equal leaders, a democratically elected Chancellor and a hereditary Emperor/Empress. The quorum in Parliament is three-quarters whereby three-quarters of Parliament must be present in order for Parliament to perform its duties. Parliament is elected through a proportional voting system. In the event of seats being empty, the Emperor may appoint a member from a different political party to his own into the position. A simple majority vote is needed for laws to be passed. There is currently only one political party, the Liberal Democratic Party.


The Ohioan Armed Forces were founded on May 28, 2010 to protect the Empirical Dyarchy of Ohio from the Ohio Empire. No war came about but the Ohioan Armed Forces expanded regardless. There are currently three personnel with the standard issue weapon being wooden clubs and assorted nerf weapons. Overseen by the Ministry of Defence, the current Minister of Defence and High General is Nikolaj while the Field Marshall is Samuel.