New England Sector

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New England sector
New England Sector Flag.png
General information
LocatedNew England
Sector founded2020
Sector founded byMisberia and Leonsle
Notable people in areaArchie Birch

Akien Thomas Bainbridge

Emperor Connor I

New England Sector is a term used to categorizes micronations which are mostly bounded and are located inside the American region of New England. The term is used presumably since the establishment of the sector by Archie Birch and Akien in Spring 2020. There are currently two micronations considered as members of the sector.


New England is a region composed of seven states in the northeastern United States: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York. It is bordered by the state of Pennsylvania to the west and by the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick to the northeast and Quebec to the north. The Atlantic Ocean is to the east and southeast, and Long Island Sound is to the southwest. New York City is New England's largest city. Greater Boston is the second largest metropolitan area, with nearly a third of New England's population; this area includes Worcester, Massachusetts (the third-largest city in New England), Manchester, New Hampshire (the largest city in New Hampshire), and Providence, Rhode Island (the capital of and largest city in Rhode Island). A nation which has land in the region is automatically considered apart of the Sector but has to reach out to Misberia or another member state to gain access to the official discord and community of the Sector.


The New England sector was a project which originally started in October 2019 with Directive of Misberia and Caermont and Metacomet with the foundation of the East Coast Micronational Cooperation Organization or ECMCO. It quickly dissolved following lack of interest by its founders. In Spring 2020 before and during the 24 Hour Quorum (2020), Directive of Misberia and the The Grand Duchy of Leonsle started talking about creating a New England Sector, during the 24 hour quorum they came up with the idea to create a region wide accepted currency. On May 4th 2020, the official charter for the sector was published and ratified by Directive of Misberia, The Grand Duchy of Leonsle and Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall.


The sector has a few projects which are being worked upon and some which maybe worked on in the future.

Current Projects:

  • Regional Currency

Future Projects:

  • Regional Trade Board
  • Regional Meeting Board
  • New England Sector Games
  • Regional Red Cross Organization


Sector Organizations

There are currently no organizations within the sector itself.

Non Sector Organizations

Non Sector Confederations

Current Regional Nations

Name NES Member? Capital Government Year Founded Time Period Location
Grand Duchy of Misberia Yes Wihke of Aci Birchism 2015 Since 2015 Maine
The Grand Duchy of Leonsle Aden Federal Assembly 2019 Since 2019 Massachusetts
Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall Hrafnarfjall Feudal Absolute Monarchy 2016 Since 2020 Maine, New York
Reino de Atlia No Atlium Absolute Monarchy 2017 Since 2020 New York
Kingdom of Pinelandia Unknown Constitutional Monarchy 2019 Since 2019 Maine
Kingdom of Sidera White House Monarchy 2018 Since 2018 Maine
Foster Island Foster Island Republic 2013 Since 2013 Maine
Republic of Sovermia Unknown Republic 1999 Since 1999 Vermont
Re-United Provinces of the Green Mountains Fort Liberty Federal Democratic Republic 2016 Since 2016 Vermont

Inactive Regional Nations

Name NES Member? Capital Government Year Founded Time Period Location
The Dictatorship of the Armed Republic of Maine No Kzechograd Dictatorship 2018 Since 2018 Maine
The Independent Republic of Katsuvia Unknown Republic 2019 Since 2019 Maine
The Principality of East Kenduskeag The Fort Dictatorship 2019 Since 2019 Maine
Virtuan Alliance Republic Cocoon Virtuanism 2013 Since 2013 Maine
Despotate of Acadia Acadiopolis in Androscoggina Constitutional Enlightened Despotism 2010 Since 2010 Maine
Exolvista Exolvista City Social Democracy 2019 Since 2019 Maine
Caermont and Metacomet Williamsburg Republic 2011 Since 2011 Massachusetts
Emerald Isle Unknown Monarchy 2011 Since 2011 Maine
Kingdom of Terra Nostra Unknown Monarch 2017 Since 2017 Maine
Independent State of Hessenburg New Kassel Democratic-Republican 2003 Since 2003 Maine
Kingdom of Vatolean Copenhagen Constitutional Monarchy 2012 Since 2018 Maine
Soviet Socialist Empire of Helveticana Adamsburg Socialist Constitutional Monarchy 2015 Since 2015 New Hampshire
Republic of Alamantia None Democratic Republic 2014 Since 2014 New Hampshire
Haven Empire Haven City Havenist state 2007 2010 to 2013 New England Region
Republic of Howland New Ashuelot Republic 2008 2008 New Hampshire
Kingdom of Hvølksland None Constitutional near-absolute monarchy 2016 2016 New Hampshire
Acadian Confederation Fort Frontenac Confederation with Cantonal Direct Democracy 2013 2013 New Hampshire
Republic of Bakerland Unknown Republic 2018 2018 Massachusetts, Vermont
United Socialist Region of Zelcia Royaume Castlehaven Socialist Monarchy 2015 2015 Vermont
Safington Unknown Fascist Dictatorship 2018 2018 Vermont

Defunct Regional Nations

Name NES Member? Capital Government Year Founded Time Period Location
Second Zuhan Empire No Imperial City Constitutional Monarchy 2020 Mid 2020 Maine
Crowned Confederacy of Zuhan-Misberia Imperial City, Songo Diarchy 2020 June 2020 Maine
Kingdom of Oaklandia Unknown Constitutional Monarchy 2020 Early to Mid 2020 Maine
New Pineland Unknown Client State 2020 Mid 2020 Maine
Free State of Renasia None Constitutional Meritarchy 2010 2010 to 2014 Maine
Republic of Madawaska None Republic 1817 1817 to 1839 Maine
Republic of Hoogwaard Hengelveld


Single Party State 2013 2013 Maine
United Provinces Under Chance Pacific Grove Provinces Military Junta 2010 2010 to Unknown Maine
Commonwealth of Terrexa Arenso Republic 2011 2011 to 2019 Massachusetts
Kingdom of Mistak Farmia Monarchy 2015 2015-2018 Maine
Timberia Timber Republic 2012 2012 to 2018 Massachusetts
Principality of Noland Noland Federal District Monarchic-Democratic State 2015 2015 to 2019 Vermont
Social Republic of Bethania Bethany Beach Unitary Parliamentary Republic 2010 2010 to 2019 New York


  1. New England Sector Charter