New England Sector

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New England sector
General information
LocatedNew England
Sector founded2020
Sector founded byMisberia and Liangsi
Notable people in areaOtto Green
Leo Akien
Hunt Powell
Jaime P. III
Terry McKeen III
Conor I
Joseph Montgomery
Džözyp I
Grant Taylor
Antonio V

New England Sector is a term used to categorize micronations located in New England, a region of the United States. The term has been used since the establishment of the sector by Otto Green and Akien in the Spring of 2020.


New England is a region composed of six states in the northeastern United States: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. It is bordered by the state of Pennsylvania to the west and by the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick to the northeast and Quebec to the north. The Atlantic Ocean is to the east and southeast, and Long Island Sound is to the southwest. Greater Boston is New England's largest metropolitan area, with nearly a third of New England's population; this area includes Worcester, Massachusetts (the third-largest city in New England), Manchester, New Hampshire (the largest city in New Hampshire), and Providence, Rhode Island (the capital of and largest city in Rhode Island). A nation which has land in the region is automatically considered apart of the Sector.


The New England sector was a project which originally started in October 2019 with Directive of Misberia and Caermont and Metacomet with the foundation of the East Coast Micronational Cooperation Organization or ECMCO. It quickly dissolved following lack of interest by its founders. In Spring 2020 before and during the 24 Hour Quorum (2020), Directive of Misberia and the Grand Duchy of Leonsle started talking about creating a New England Sector, during the 24 hour quorum they came up with the idea to create a region wide accepted currency. On May 4, 2020, the official charter for the sector was published and ratified by Directive of Misberia, the Grand Duchy of Liangsi and Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall.[1]


Name Capital Government Established Time Period Location
Micronational Government of High Aynvaul n/a Semi-Constitutional Monarchy 2006 2006 Long Island, Massachusetts (Outerlands Region)
Kingdom of Atlia Atlium Absolute monarchy 2017 2020 New York, Maine
State of Faltree New Havre Semi-democratic Autocracy 2020 2021 Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine
Kingdom of Fontasia Fontum Constitutional Monarchy 2015 2022 Massachusetts, New Hampshire
Morrill State Center Centrist Republic 2021 2021 New Hampshire
Grand Principality of Arcadia New Amesston Absolute Monarchy 2022 2022 Southern Rhode Island & New Hampshire
Republic of Averna New Berlin Democratic Republic 2022 2022 Rhode Island & Massachussets
Maritime Republic of Salacia New Dijon Absolute Monarchy 2022 2022 Maine
Democratic Christian Republic of Melite (Melitian Dilu) Dominica Presidential Republic claimed in 2022, 2022 Massachusetts
Empire of Meritia (Dilu Protectorate and Purple Island) Patrickston Absolute Monarchy claimed 2022 2022 Massachusetts
Kingdom of Scynja (Scynn Dilu) Drakhje Constitutional Monarchy claimed 2022 2022 Massachusetts
Roscamistan (Roscami Chepiwanoxet) Galway City Constitutional republic claimed 2022 2022 Rhode Island
Ballinfoyleburg (Reichskommissariat Dilu) Neu Königsberg Constitutional republic claimed 2022 2022 Massachusetts
Kingdom of Bristolia Bristol Semi-Constitutional Federal Monarchy 2022 2022 Massachusetts
Shahawkia Tyrillym Constitutional Monarchy 2019 2022-23 Ohio
Republic of Theria Súll Democratic-Diarchy 2022 2022-23 Massachusetts


Name Capital Government Year Founded Time Period Location
Second Zuhan Empire Imperial City Constitutional Monarchy 2020 2020 Maine
Confederation of the Northern Coast Bristol Constitutional Monarchy 2015 2022 Maine, Massachusetts
Republic of Zeprana Amesston Democratic Republic 2021 2021 Southern Rhode Island & New Hampshire



Regional organizations

Indirect presence in sector