Union of Christian Sovereign Micronations

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Union of Christian Sovereign Micronations
  • Fontasian:Çoyuzu ub Gubkriçtanas Lavpastu Minu-Jeypayzu
    Gaelic:Aonadh de baisteadh uachdaranach meanbh naisean
    Maltese:L-Unjoni tan-Nazzjonijiet Żgħar Nsara Sovrana
    Serbian:Savez Hrišćanskih Mikronacija
    Scynn:Sojezuv ůf Kryščjony Lladpvastu Majkronašjonen
Flag of the Union
Official languages
  • English
  • Fontasian
  • Gaelic
  • Maltese
  • Scynn
  • Serbian
  • [a]
Christianity (Catholicism majority)
TypePolitical alliance
Religious Alliance
Membership12 Member States 1 Muslim Permanent Observer: 2 Invited states
• Chairman
Blanuk MacAoidh
• General Secretary
Melite Matthew Tonna
• Server created
10 April 2022 (17 months ago) (2022-04-10)
• First motion tabled
17 April 2022 (17 months ago) (2022-04-17)

The Union of Christian Sovereign Micronations, usually shortened to 'UCSM', is a politico-religious alliance formed by Christian micronations for co-operation in different issues that may arise in their micronations. This organization was founded on 10 April 2022, Christian feast of Palm Sunday, a week before Easter of 2022. The first elections for General Secretary elections were held between the 22nd and the 29th of May, where Matthew Tonna of Melite was elected as first General Secretary of the UCSM.


This initiative was started by Matthew Tonna of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite and MacAoidh of Blanuk, who wished to form a Christian political union of 6 nations altogether, but without any of them losing their independece and sovereignty, so thus word 'Sovereign' in the name. In fact, the organization does not draw any inspiration from the EU, but rather from the Visegrád Group and the Organization of Islamic Co-operation,[c] due to their cultural and religious similarities. The Kingdoms of Fontasia, Meritia, Scynja, and Republica Yara were also invited and immediately accepted, with the Nexan Republic joining soon-after, though later expelled due to shocking revelations on its Chancellor. A formal invitation to the Republic of Roscamistan and the State of Trasona was considered, and formally sent. Trasona and Roscamistan would join soonafter. The Most Serene Republic of Richensland[d] was admitted as as a Muslim Permanent Observer.

Member States

Founding Members

Muslim Permanent Observer to the UCSM

Invited states

Former Members

Administrative Centers

Sessions of the Senate

Session 1

Session 2



  1. The national languages of member states are recognised as official languages of the Union.
  2. As permanent Observer due to its Muslim religion, but still would have voting rights.
  3. Though contrary to the OIC's Islamic official religion, the UCSM has Christianity as it's official religion.
  4. Aniq Sufyan Government. The MSRR was admitted to the UCSM as a permanent Observer due to its Muslim religion, but still would have voting rights.