Solidarity Front

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Solidarity Front
Intermicronational Organisation
Logo of the Solidarity Front.png

Headquarters Solidarity Front Discord server

Official language English

Membership 9 full members,
1 observer state

General Secretary of the House Andrew Franson
Justice Secretariat Ethan S.

– Foundation 30 September 2021

The Solidarity Front (also known as the Front or SF) is an intermicronational organization founded on 30 September 2021. Headquartered at Solidarietas Sector, Adonia, it was created out of Adonia's interest in building a small community of likeminded people and nations. As of January 2022, the Solidarity Front has 8 full member states and 1 observer state.



The Solidarity Front was founded by the Federation of Adonia on 30 September, 2021, it was originally thought up as the International Solidarity Union in early November, 2020. However, It was ended due to logistical concerns and activity concerns and quickly forgotten about. The idea behind the Front was brought back up by Andrew Franson after The Longhorn International Summit took place. Following the event concerns of continued copy cat organizations, unprofessionalism, amongst other concerns, were brought up, Andrew started work on founding the Solidary Front.

Creation of the Front

Following the creation of the Front, Andrew of Adonia, and Zanti of the then Apolan Queendom, began looking into the operation and functionality of the Solidary Charter. Following the success of the charter, a further two observers joined within the first week of its foundation. Soon after, the Vexillological Assistance Program for Micronations was announced, as well as the organization having its first meeting, which sparked interest from other outside members.


The Solidary Front aims to promote activity, peace, development, and cooperation between member states, whilst allowing citizens basic rights, including freedom and the right to justice, as well as neutrality. The Front aims to promote the following:

  • Maintaining Unity and Solidarity
  • Protecting and Maintaining Human Rights
  • All Member-States stand together as one collective body in the United Assembly
  • Follow and assist in the goals of the front
  • Maintain peaceful and friendly relations.
  • Avoid micronational drama at all costs.
  • Remain neutral in the micronational community affairs
  • Serve the people to the best of your ability
  • Work together to fulfill these principles
  • Maintain a friendly environment in the front at all costs.

The Solidarity Front maintains all of these goals by providing projects and programs for member states including:

  • Vexillological Assistance Program for Micronations - Providing support for vexillological affairs of member states.
  • Micronational Guide Program - Providing support to members and non members alike in developing a micronation and community.
  • Solidarity Environmental Protection Initiative - Providing support and a basis for all member states to speak out on climate change and environmental concerns and issues.


The Solidarity Front is divided into four parts, those being the General Secretary, Justice Secretariat, United Assembly and the Ministers, all are open for full member states and their delegations to be involved in, with the United Assembly itself being built upon the delegations of all member states.

United Assembly

The United Assembly is the legislative and law-making branch of the Front. It handles the main issues, concerns and projects of the Front and its member states. It is made up of delegates appointed by member nations. Meetings are held mainly on weekends usually, every two to three weeks in-between with member states often opting to speak instead of texting, leading to a closer community and comradery.

Andrew Franson, Current General Secretary of the House

General Secretary of the House

The General Secretary of the House acts as the head of the government of the Front and is the liaison between the Front government and the member states. The General Secretary also supervises and represents the Solidary Front in meetings and events intermicronationally. The General Secretary is elected through an election by the delegates every 6 months. Individuals wishing to run for the position of General Secretary must also be apart of a delegation to the Solidarity Front. The candidate who receives the most votes becomes the General Secretary of the House.

The first General Secretary was Andrew Franson, who founded the organization as a whole, and was appointed as the General Secretary of the House on the 30th of September 2021. However, when Andrew left the community on April 4, 2022, Thomas Bainbridge took over as acting General Secretary. When Andrew returned, he immediately retook the reigns.

Justice Secretariat

The Justice Secretariat acts as the head of the judiciary of the Front and is the main figurehead of mediating situations between member states as well as providing legal support within the Solidarity Front and its functions. The Justice Secretariat is elected through a election by the delegates every 6 months. Individuals wishing to run for the position of Justice Secretariat must also be apart of a delegation to the Solidarity Front. The candidate who receives the most votes becomes the Justice Secretariat.

The first and incumbent Justice Secretariat was Otto Gillespie Birch, who was appointed by the General Secretary on the 7th of January 2022. After Otto left the community he was replaced by Ethan I of the Republic of The Sohnland.


The various ministries of the Solidarity Front are specific groups appointed to specific tasks of interest. The ministries are appointed to their position and have the position for 6 months, before being replaced by the next administration. Currently, the four ministries that are in use are filled by delegates of the Solidarity Front by the General Secretary of the House as apart of their administration.

  • The Security Ministry - Provides cyber-security and looks into misinformation.
  • The Applications Ministry - Provides support and review of pending applications and helping applicants through the application process.
  • The Ministry of Foreign and Domestic Affairs - Provides support in the foreign and domestic affairs of the organization.
  • The Ministry of Micronational Research - Provides the organization with the latest information of the micronational community, as well as support in Micropatriology.

List of Members

Current members

As of 8 January 2022, nine nations are members of the Solidarity Front

Country Date Admitted Delegates
ROA (Adonia) Flag.png Federation of Adonia 30 September 2021 Andrew Franson
* Kingdom of Atlia 1 October 2021 Luis Marcel
GODR flag.jpg Grand Order of DR 10 October 2021 SOL Dane Bozzoli
Flag of The Sohnland.png Republic of The Sohnland 26 October 2021 Ethan
Our flag the Peoples Banner.jpg Peoples Republic Of Baliga 28 October 2021 Benjamin
North Sea Empire 8 January 2022 Thomas Bainbridge, Laura of Hrafnarfjall
The Tsardom of Begon 10 January 2022 Christoph Billung

Current observers

As of 14 April 2022, no nation is an observer in the Solidarity Front

Country Date Admitted Delegates

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