Luis Marcel of Atlia

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H.R.H Luis Marcel of Atlia
Personal information
Born 4 April 2001 (2001-04-04) (age 22)
Birth name Luis Marcel Ramos
Citizenship Kingdom of Atlia, Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall, Dolusian Unitary Republic, Byzantinum Novum, Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta
Nationality Mexican, Atlia
Residence Atlium
Religion Roman Catholic

Prince Luis Marcel, Prince-Regent of Atlia (Luis Marcel Ramos; born 4 April 2001) is the current Head of State of the Kingdom of Atlia. Prince-Regent since 4 February 2020, His Royal Highness has administrated the Kingdom with the help of the Atlian Council of Representatives.

Personal life

Born in Tamaulipas, Mexico. He's the firstborn of two brothers, and heir to the Atlian Throne. He's interested in history, astronomy, photography, vexillology and preservation of cultures. Got interested in micronationalism on the summer of 2017, resulting in the creation of the Kingdom of Atlia.


Luis Marcel is currently studying a Major in Digital Cinematographic Production.

Micronational career

Prince Luis with an Atlian Flag


The Kingdom of Atlia was originated as an idea of Luis Marcel to give his family an actual organization as a Royal Family. It later evolved into a micronational project more than that. Up to date, the Prince-Regent has organized several activities for the different celebrations of the Kingdom for its citizens, as well as conducting diplomacy with different nations.

Various Micronations

In the past, Luis Marcel was Regent of Carpathia (United Carpathian Federation), and Prince of the Capital Province, Crown Prince of Zuhan (Second and Third Zuhan Empire).

Luis Marcel worked since middle-2020 to February 2021 in the Misberian Confederacy, acting currently as Archive and Preservation Minister in the Misberian government. And since late-2020, he has held the position of Director of Culture in the Dolusian Unitary Republic.

United Sovereignties

During Atlia's time as member of USov, Luis Marcel advocated for more interaction between members and an increase in activity. Since late 2019, the Kingdom of Atlia, represented by Luis Marcel, took the role as administrator of USov along other administrators at the moment, known as "The Triumvirate". He remained in charge until the USov's dissolution.


Along Justin Tsai of Rushwell, Luis tried to make this YAMO work. As Mr. Tsai retired, Luis Marcel tried to give some activity to the discord server where the IAMN had its headquarters. As it was evident it wouldn't take off, he decided to pull the plug and unceremoniously end the Assembly.

Halcyon Convention

Prince Luis Marcel collaborated along other micronationalists to write the Halcyion Convention, being Atlia one of its first signatories.


Personal Coat of Arms of Prince Luis Marcel


Titles, styles, and honours


  •  Atlia:
    • Representative of HM the King at Parliament (2017 - 2019)
    • Minister of Foreign Affairs (2017 -2018; 2019)
    • Prince-Regent (4 February 2020 – present)
  • Carpathia (Nedland) Carpathia:
    • Regent of Carpathia (2019-2020)

Full Title

His Royal Highness, Prince Luis, Prince Regent of Atlia of the House of Ramos, Duke of Rowe Island, Baron of Grand Lake Stream; Second Master of the Atlian Orders, First Class Honour of the Order of Tolba, Legacy Protector of the Most Illustrious Order of The Star of Maria, Knight Grand Cross of the Most Illustrious Royal Order of the Crown of Vishwamitra, Knight Commander of the Order of Polaris, Knight of the Most Excellent Order of St. Paul, Knight of the Order of the Compatriots of Prestige, Third Class Knight of the Noble and Sovereign Order of Machias, Deshbandhu of Vishwamitra, Samuel Honour of the Order of Hoffman, Grand Commander of the Most Noble Royal Family Order of Purvanchal, Companion of the Most Distinguished Order for Merit and Public Service, Recipient of the Commemorative Medal of the First Anniversary of the Vishwamitran Monarchy


National honours

Foreign honours

  • Misberia Misberia:
    • First Class Honor of the Order of Tolba (2020)
    • Samuel Honor of the Order of Hoffmann (2020)
    • Legacy Protector of the Most Illustrious Order of the Star of Maria (2020)
    • Knight Third Class of the Noble and Sovereign Order of Machias (19 June 2020)
Vishwamitran state honours

Honors and awards visualized


File:Coat of arms of Luis Marcel of Atlia (Order of the Lotus).svg
Vishwamitra Armorial as Grand Cross of the
Order of the Lotus