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State of Vishwamitra
Flag of Purvanchal
Land of the East
Anthem: "O! Hamare Mahan Shashak"
(Royal anthem of Vishwamitra)
Statehood2 January 2017
Founded byPresident Sarala Baishya
Prime Minister Varuna Sriraya
 • MaharajaVaruna Sriraya
 • RegentPrincess Sarala
 • GovernorReshmi Hazarika
 • Chief MinisterW. Pranit Singh
 • Rank1st
Time zoneUTC+05:30 (IST)
ISO 3166 codeVH-PR

Purvanchal (Hindi: पूर्वांचल, Bengali: পূর্বানচাল) is a state of Vishwamitra which is also the nation's most populated state. It was created after its bifurcation from Uttaranchal, formerly known as North Guwahati, on 2 January 2017. Purvanchal only shares its borders with one state - Uttaranchal, its parent state. There are four official languages in the state - English, Hindi, Bengali language, and Assamese language. Due to the presence of mainly Hindu population in Purvanchal, the Hindu festivals of Durga Puja, Diwali, Holi and the cultural festival of Bihu are the major festivals observed within the state.

Purvanchal has been the seat of the national government of Vishwamitra as the national capital region of Rajagriha is also the capital of the state.

Etymology and history

The name "Purvanchal" means a region in the east. It is a blend of two words - Purv (meaning east and Anchal (meaning region). The province was established on 1 January 2017 after the newly elected Parliament adopted the State Reorganisation Bill, 2017 on 31 December 2016. It was initially named as Greater Guwahati, but was renamed in May the same year as Brihattar Guwahati. From 2017 to 2020, it was known as Brihattar Guwahati, until in March 2020, that then President Varuna Sriraya named it as Purvanchal.


The province of Purvanchal is one of the six royal provinces of the State of Vishwamitra. Following the establishment of the monarchy on 8 June 2020, the administration of the province has been carried out by the absolute monarch who is titled as the Rajpramukh of Kamrupa. The Rajpramukh discharges the functions of both the head of state and government of the provincial administration. The main functions of the monarch includes appointing officials, maintaining law and order, representing the state and the interests of the people. The current and first monarch is Varuna Sriraya who ascended to the throne on 8 June 2020. As the constitution does not allow simultaneously reign as the federal monarch and a provincial monarch and due to the Rajpramukh of Purvanchal also being the Rashtradhyaksh, he appointed his first cousin Princess Sarala as the Princess Regent of Purvanchal on 6 February 2021.


Following the bifurcation of the province of Purvanchal from Uttaranchal, then known as North Guwahati, the administration of the province was entrusted on a Governor who served as the representative of the President and the union government to the province.

Heads of State of Purvanchal

Governors of Purvanchal

The head of state of Purvanchal was known of that of the "Governor of Purvanchal" between 2 January 2017 and 2 February 2020. The governor served as the representative of the President and was appointed by the President on the advice of the council of ministers headed by the Prime Minister, who served as the nation's de facto executive. The governor remained in office on the pleasure of the President without any fixed tenure in office. The governor functioned as both the head of state and government of the state, except for the time, the Chief Minister served as the head of government.

No. Portrait Name Term of office Ministry Appointer
1 File:Portrait of Arnab Sil.png Arnab Sil 2 January 2017 12 April 2017 100 days Varuna IV Sarala Baishya
2 Rajdeep Deka 12 April 2017 7 May 2017 25 days Baishya III Varuna Sriraya
3 File:Portrait of Anoushkaa Patranabish in 2018.jpg Anoushkaa Patranabish 7 May 2017 5 July 2017 59 days Varuna Sriraya
4 File:Arnab Deka in 2017.jpg Arnab Deka 6 July 2017 4 February 2019 1 year, 213 days Tanishkaa II Varuna Sriraya
Varuna V – VI
Tanishkaa III
Varuna VII
Tanishkaa IV
5 File:Reshmi Hazarika.jpg Reshmi Hazarika 4 February 2019 20 July 2019 166 days Varuna Sriraya
Tanishkaa V
6 File:Anirban Phatowali new photo.jpg Anirban Phatowali 20 July 2019 1 September 2019 43 days Varuna Sriraya
(2) Rajdeep Deka 1 September 2019 9 December 2019 99 days Varuna Sriraya
7 Asmi Patranabis 9 December 2019 2 February 2020 55 days Varuna Sriraya
Replaced by Governor-General of Purvanchal (2 February  – 13 May 2020)
8 File:Mridul AminP.jpg Mohammad Mridul Amin 13 May 2020 8 June 2020 26 days Tanishkaa VII Varuna Sriraya

Governor-General of Purvanchal

On 2 February 2020, the position of the governors of states was discontinued and replaced by that of a governor-general under the Commonweath. The Governor-General acted as the representative of the Head of the Commonwealth to the respective dominions. The position of the Governor-General was discontinued on 13 May 2020 and replaced back by the Governor.

No. Portrait Name Term of office Ministry Appointer
8 Bhargab Jyoti Medhi 2 February 2020 13 May 2020 101 days Varuna Sriraya


Purvanchal is one of the largest provinces in terms of flora and fauna. It has huge hills surrounding the territories. Huge trees add to its beauty, in addition to small flowering plants and shrubs. The most common trees found in this province are of mango, guava, banana, banyan, coconut and much more. A wide variety of flowers are also found in the province, including Hibiscus, Garden roses, Dahlia, Shiuli, etc.

The state also houses the Rashtra Niwas which is the family residence of the Rashtradhyaksh and the Sriraya Family.