Arnab Sil of Madhya Prant

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His Royal Highness
General of the Army
Arnab Sil
Rajpramukh of Madhya Prant
Assumed office
8 June 2020
Rashtradhyaksh Tanishkaa Patranabish
Dhrubajyoti Roy
Prime Minister Anoushkaa Patranabish
Predecessor Position established
Minister for Finance
In office
10 April - 8 June 2020
President Dhrubajyoti Roy
Tanishkaa Patranabish
Predecessor Ankurjyoti Thakuria
Successor Anoushkaa Patranabish
Deputy Prime Minister
In office
29 March - 30 April 2020
President Dhrubajyoti Roy
Prime Minister Tanishkaa Patranabish
In office
19 March - 14 July 2019
President Dhrubajyoti Roy
Prime Minister Tanishkaa Patranabish
In office
12 April 2017 - 21 March 2018
President Dhrubajyoti Roy
Anoushkaa Patranabish
Prime Minister Sarala Baishya
Dhrubajyoti Roy
Vice President of Friends Society
In office
29 May - 27 November 2016
President Tanishkaa Patranabish
Anoushkaa Patranabish
Prime Minister Dhrubajyoti Roy
Predecessor Bishnu Chetry
Successor Bishnu Chetry (Acting)
Personal information
Born February 24, 2004 (2004-02-24) (age 17)
Guwahati, India
Citizenship  Vishwamitra
Nationality  Indian
Political party National People's Congress
Other political
Friends Society Freedom Party (2016-19)
Relations Prince Saikat (brother)
Residence Rajpramukh Niwas, Madhya Prant
Alma mater Kendriya Vidyalaya Maligaon
Occupation Student
Religion Hindu

Arnab Sil (born 24 February 2004) is one of the most active politicians in the State of Vishwamitra who currently serves as the Rajpramukh of Madhya Prant since the establishment of the monarchy on 8 June 2020. He also served as the Vice-President of the nation under the former-republican era between May and November 2016. He had also served as a Cabinet Minister holding various portfolios, and has also been a Deputy Prime Minister between 2017 and 2020.

Early and personal life

Arnab Sil was born on 24 February 2004 in Guwahati, India as the first child of his parents. He is also the elder brother of Prince Saikat, who currently serves as a Cabinet Minister. He is currently a high schooler, pursuing his education at the Kendriya Vidyalaya, Maligaon.

Political career

He joined micronationalism in December 2015 and became a Minister for the first time under the Second Sarala Baishya Ministry on 6 December 2015. He was entrusted the duties of the Minister of Child Welfare by the Prime Minister and held office until dissolution of the council of ministers on 11 April 2016. Following the introduction of the multi-party system of governance, he formed the Friends Society Freedom Party (also known as Children's Group Freedom Party until January 2017) and became a part of the Union Cabinet under Dhrubajyoti Roy. On 11 April 2016, he was appointed as the Minister of Finance and served in office until his resignation on 29 May 2016. In late May 2016, then Vice-President Bishnu Chetry indicated that he would step down from his office, and eventually stepped out as the country's Vice President, thereby making it necessary for an election to be held to fill in the position. Arnab Sil was nominated as the candidate by the ruling alliance, whereas Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mohammad Mridul Amin decided to contest the election as an independent candidate. The result of the election highly favoured Arnab Sil, and he was eventually appointed as the Vice-President of the nation on 29 May 2016. He was replaced as the Minister of Finance by his vice-presidential predecessor Bishnu Chetry. He was re-elected to office alongside newly-elected President Anoushkaa Patranabish on 2 October 2016 in an election where he defeated Friends Society Independent Party candidate Abhiraj Kar. It was also under his tenure that the Parliament became unicameral, and he was appointed to serve as the first Deputy Speaker under the new system. However, his tenure as the Vice-President was marked short following his resignation on 27 December 2016, after he indicated to run in the general elections scheduled in December 2016 against incumbent Prime Minister Dhrubajyoti Roy. Following his resignation, there was a short period of constitutional crisis, which ended after Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security and first in-line of vice presidential succession, Bishnu Chetry was appointed as the Acting Vice President by the President.

It was under his leadership, that the Friends Society Freedom Party contested the 2016 December general election but would hardly win 2 seats in the parliament. His younger brother Saikat Seal was recognized as the Leader of the Opposition, while he was appointed to the Governor of Purvanchal on 2 January 2017 and remained in office until his resignation as Governor on 12 April 2017. During his tenure as the Governor of Purvanchal, he also held the additional charge of the Governor of the neighbouring state of Uttaranchal until 27 February. It was on 12 April 2017, that the Friends Society Freedom Party formed an alliance with the Sarala Baishya led-Friends Society Independent Party and he became Deputy Prime Minister under the alliance government.

Titles, styles and honours

Styles of
Arnab Sil of Madha Prant
Arnab Sil - Badge.png
Reference styleHis Royal Highness
Spoken styleYour Royal Highness
Alternative styleSir

Titles and styles

  • 06 December 2015 - 08 June 2020: His Excellency Arnab Sil
  • 08 June 2020 - Incumbent: His Royal Highness Arnab Sil

His full style and title is: His Royal Highness Shri Arnab Sil, Rajpramukh of Madhya Prant, Privy Councillor in His Majesty's Privy Council, General of the Army in the Honorary Armed Forces of Vishwamitra GColL, KOS, SSV, PC

Military ranks

Vishwamitra General (Vishwamitra) - rotated.svg General Royal Vishwamitran Army


National honours

Provincial honours

Wear of orders, decorations, and medals

Awards worn regularly by Arnab Sil are noted in the above tables and are worn in accordance with customary conventions applicable to the occasion, the location and to the form of dress worn. The current ribbons worn by Arnab Sil are as follows:

Badge of the Order of the Lotus.svg
Order of the Sanghamitra-badge (SVG).svgOrder of Mahabali Karthika Padaka - (Badge).svgBadge of the Order of the Vishwamitra.svg
Order of the Lotus (Vishwamitra)
Order of the Sanghamitra - ribbon.svgOrder of Mahabali Karthika Padaka - 0 - Grand Commander (ribbon).svgOrder of the Vishwamitra - Ribbon.svg
Order of Chandril-Ribbon (1).svgOrder of the Commonwealth (Friends Society) - Ribbon.svgOrder of Service Merit (Friends Society) - Ribbon.svg
Friends Society Ratna - Ribbon.svgPadma Ratna - Ribbon.svgShri Ratna - Ribbon.svg
20th Birthday commemorative medal of Arnisha Phatowali-ribbon.svgMedal for services to National Leader II - Ribbon.svgInvestiture Medal of National Leader III - Ribbon.svg

Standards and arms

Arnab Sil - Badge.png
Arnab Sil - Order of the Lotus.png
Arnab Sil - KOS.png Arnab Sil - Order of the Vishwamitra-SSV.png
Personal Coat of arms
Coat of arms as Grand Collar of the
Order of the Lotus
Coat of arms as Knight of the
Order of the Sanghamitra
Coat of arms as Member Special Class of the
Order of the Vishwamitra