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Chris Ramsay
Archchancellor of Mediolaurentia
Assumed office
27 June 2022
Preceded byOffice established
8th Chair of the Cupertino Alliance
In office
21 November 2022 – 31 July 2023
(acting until 31 January 2023)
Superior JudgeSertor Valentinus
Lt. ChairCarson Snyder
Preceded byThorin Neal
Succeeded bySertor Valentinus
Cupertino Alliance Minister of Development and Interstate Co-operation
Assumed office
31 July 2023
ChairSertor Valentinus
Preceded byCarson Snyder
4th Cupertino Alliance Deputy Minister of Development and Interstate Co-operation
In office
31 July 2022[a] – 21 November 2022
Serving with Carson I of Northwood-Oregon (Minister)
Chair of the BoardLarry Martin
Thorin Neal
Preceded bySimon Reeve
2nd Cupertino Alliance Deputy Minister of European and African Affairs
In office
21 August 2021 – 31 July 2022
Serving with Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu (Minister)
until 28 July 2022
Chair of the BoardVaruna Sriraya
Tyler I of New Athens
Carson I of Northwood-Oregon
Preceded byVacant
Last held by Joseph Peto
Succeeded byVacant
Larry Martin (ex officio)
Marshal of the Realm
Assumed office
15 August 2022
MonarchAlexander I of Atiera
Preceded byOffice established
Assumed office
9 September 2022
MonarchAlexander I of Atiera
In office
27 July 2022 – 15 August 2022 [b]
MonarchAlexander I of Atiera
Regional ministerSertor Valentinus
In office
25 September 2020 – 13 December 2020
Serving with Brandon I of Matacehwan and Simon Fraser
(Other past and present offices.)
Personal details
Political partyAtieran Moderate Coalition
Height1m 80cm (5ft 11in)
Known forGraphic designer • political advisor • heraldic advisor
CommitteesUnification Commission

Count Chris Ramsay KOA, is an idealogue, advisor and heraldist within and around internationally unrecognized governments and the community that surrounds it who currently serves as the inaugural archchancellor of Mediolaurentia since July 2022 and the eighth Chair of the Cupertino Alliance between 21 November 2022 and 31 July 2023. Expressing sympathy for a society's right to self-determination, he has been involved with several self proclaimed states (micronations) since 2019.

Ramsay served on the board of administration of the Cupertino Alliance since 2021 until its dissolution, as Deputy Minister of European and African Affairs between 2021 and 2022, as Deputy Minister of Development and Interstate Cooperation between July and November 2022 and again between July 2023 and May 2024. He was the Chair for 8 months between November 2022 and July 2023, and was the last Lieutenant Chair between March and May 2024, where in May he acted as the Chair and corroborated the organisation's organic dissolution. Additionally he serves on various councils mostly of advisory nature, such as the Privy Council of Vishwamitra, the Royal Privy Council of Revalia, the Council of Imperial Delegates of Elysium, and the State Council of Alesaker.

With regards to the broader MicroWiki community, Ramsay was a moderator of MicroWiki@Discord from January 2022 until October 2023.

Notable involvements

With Matachewan

National flag of Matachewan.

Ramsay became involved with Matachewan on in the early summer of 2019 under introduction by its leader Brandon Mierzwa. Matachewan was a movement for the self-assertion of the large ethnic and cultural Polish community within the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada; though the political capacity of Matachewan was largely concentrated on social media. Through Ramsay's several tenures as the head of government and de-facto advisor to Brandon as King, Matachewan was progressively shaped into a political movement. After several attempts of gaining support among the religious and cultural Polish-Canadian society, largely owing to the social effects of Covid-19, Matachewan was abandoned in the summer of 2021.

In the summer of 2022 Brandon actively warranted the return of Matachewan upon a mature and aspiring basis. Brandon and many others formerly involved with Matachewan, including Ramsay, have since formed a Constitutional Committee. Per November 2022, though the constitution is mostly regarded as finished; its enactment remains to be seen.

Early encounter

Ramsay became involved with Matachewan during a time of union between Matachewan and "New Prussia" (called the Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth), a questionable political entity which lasted two months during which time Ramsay did not pay much attention to the occurrences of the commonwealth, save for a half-hearted attempt at political involvement during the beginning of a prime ministerial election. When the commonwealth abruptly came to an end, sprouted a number of weak and equally questionable claimants to its succession. Among them were the "Kingdom of Pomorskie" which ultimately succeeded the commonwealth and became known in the wake of its dissolution as the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan, "Grand" being a finalized addition to replace "seventh", as Matachewan had a history of changing form of government in a manner reminiscent of the history of the French Republic, only at a significantly accelerated pace.

Prime Minister

Ramsay was named the nations 8th Prime Minister in October 2019, succeeding the brief premiership of Peter Warren under the new Progress Party and held this position for two months. He began speaking regularly with the king and the two discussed for hours at a time, often regarding localization of the Kingdom and gaining a residential base of support for Matachewan's search for genuine self-rule from Canada. Ramsay's tenure was briefly interrupted during the entirety of December 2019 with the one of Nicholas Lokin. Ramsay assumed office once more on New Years Eve after a lengthy and stubborn process of prying Lokin out of his position through dubious legal kerfuffles which only succeeded the day before Lokin's term ended, culminating in an awkward single day period between 30 and 31 December 2019 during which Warren, Lokin's deputy prime minister, served out Lokin's term in an acting capacity. This would be Warren's last case of political involvement with Matachewan. Ramsay would only be in office for merely ten days, and on the 10th of January 2020, an ad hoc Matachewanian Sejm assembled in the King's residence basement and unanimously voted to replace Ramsay with Beau Edwards, a Matachewanian statesman and friend of king Brandon. Though Ramsay's second term was cut short, the development of local initiatives as opposed to solely activity on or via the Internet was seen to him as a massive victory. Thereafter, Ramsay would serve the Edwards administration as the nations Deputy Prime Minister.

Attempts at reform

Interpreting a lack of competence in the local government system, Ramsay authored a piece of legislation named the "Bill of Awesomeness", which sought to split the government between a local section that would meet and process matters of state in person, and an extraterritorial section based exclusively via the Internet. In a rush to enact the reforms, he persuaded the king to enforce it by royal decree. This was successful, and saw the immediate abolishment of the Prime Minister's office and its replacement by two heads of government called Premiers. The legislation prescribed Edwards and himself as co-Premiers of Matachewan. The bill and the method of its enforcement was later labelled with implications of being corrupt, unconstitutional, exploitative, among other things. The Progress Party, by now rebranded to the Progressive Conservative Party had during this time been undisputed leaders in government, amongst local and global citizenship demographics, and of the Matachewanian Sejm. Ramsay resigned from office on 2 April 2020 stating personal reasons unbeknownst to him that the election was scheduled a few days after. He was appointed to the Order of Brandon I and is by 2022 only one of two members.

Premiership, party split and opposition

Despite his resignations, Ramsay continued to chair the party, which was beginning to experience turbulence as part of a chain reaction sparked by the "Bill of Awesomeness". The party's increasingly diametric faction, lead by parliamentarian and minister Robert Smith Jr. splintered not long after, taking with it a fair share of members and forming the Social Union, a new populist party which pledged to restore confidence in the government and to create and maintain a national economy. The Social Union grew increasingly throughout May 2020 and buried Ramsay's party which on its last legs attempted to renew its image and was known as the Patriotic Front. Smith secured a victory in late May and served throughout June, working to undo Ramsay's unorthodox reforms and reconcentrating governing power into a single office. Smith also brought about a new constitution, named by Ramsay in a condescending manner as the "Smith constitution" or the "Summer constitution", referencing that it was written almost exclusively by the Premier and would not last for very long.

Third term

Forced to consider the vastly different political climate of Matachewan and that the Patriotic Front was but a shell of its former self, Ramsay established and spearheaded a vast multifactional coalition of political parties and subparties with the overall intent being to topple Smith and the Social Union with numbers, and make sure that it stayed out of power. The coalition seemed stubborn to make sure that Ramsay did not entirely step on them for power, and in several instances in the face of doubt showed the indecisiveness that can only be expected from a coalition of political parties. Being only united by a common distaste for the Social Union, the coalition installed Ramsay as Premier in the election of August 2020 at which point he appointed himself as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Towards the latter half of 2020, Ramsay would put his focus on the foreign ministry and would not run for another election.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Surprisingly, the rivalling parties would find peace in a third party candidate, Xavier Jackson of the Solidarity Party, who assumed office in October and under whom Ramsay would continue to serve in his ministerial capacity. Ramsay appointed himself as the Matachewanian delegate to the Cupertino Alliance on the 25th of September, and in a meeting with the king and premier he proposed and organized a digital international summit he named the Oblate Convention, which took place on the 9th of October and on the 12 November. In December he successfully patched up relations between Misberia and Matachewan, which had earlier in the year become a touchy subject on both sides. On the 13th of the same month, he in agreement with king Brandon and former premier and fellow delegate Simon Fraser pulled Matachewan out of the Cupertino Alliance as part of a third localization attempt. Ramsay remained as Minister of Foreign Affairs but would not have much to do in this capacity.

Foreign policy

Ramsay conducted a chauvinistic foreign policy, characterized by a "they come to us"-approach towards micronational diplomacy and strict, perhaps unreasonable or hypocritical scrutiny of those which did come. Ramsay was insistent that Matachewan was to be regarded internally and externally as much as reasonably possible with the dignity of any other sovereign state, and that those with which Matachewan conducted diplomatic relations ought to regard Matachewan and themselves likewise. This policy lead to the abandonment of relations with many previous partners, instead opting for a de facto informal relationship by virtue of personal friendship with their leaders. Additionally it brought about de facto diplomatic isolationism arguably playing a role in the decline of Matachewan as a recognizable figure in the MicroWiki community and more broadly the decline of Matachewan on the whole.

Cupertino Alliance

Matachewan was a founding member of the Cupertino Alliance through king Brandon's involvement therein. When Ramsay assessed the foreign department, he was briefed on the membership of Matachewan and was asked to be a delegate. Ramsay accepted and joined the delegation of Matachewan to the alliance on 25 September 2020. This was during the period in which the Cupertino Alliance was gaining traction. During his membership in the Matachewanian delegation, Ramsay largely contributed from a sedentary position and served a few times as a placeholder session speaker, mostly in lieu of incumbent Minister of Asian and Oceanian Affairs Daniel Hamilton. Increasingly busied, Ramsay appointed in the later months of 2020 premier Fraser to the delegacy. By December, interpreting that Matachewan had accomplished in the Alliance what it had set out to do, and as a part of the 3rd large localization initiative, Matachewan decided it would be most desirable to leave the Alliance which it promptly did on the 13th.

Fourth term


Ramsay and the king spoke frequently into 2021 regarding foiled localization plans. During the coming months Matachewan became increasingly ruled as a diarchy, with less and less regard to existing institutions. Ramsay and the king deliberated and implemented a wave of new rules as a drastic attempt to rebrand for the sake of localization. These measures included but were not limited to banning political parties and repealing nearly every active citizenship. For the sake of gaining the support of various Canadian Polish societies including but not limited to; the Polish Legion, the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP), the Organization of Former Veterans of the Republic of Poland and Ex Political Prisoners (ZKRP i BWP), Niagara branch (of which the late king-great-grandfather Stefan Mierzwa was the president) and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint Catharines various ideas included: changing the name from Matachewan to Polonia (which is the conventional name for ethnic Poles outside of Poland), adopting a provisional presidential republican model, and drafting a new constitution along with a declaration of statehood. None of these ideas were carried through, and internal instability in the Polish-Canadian society of the Niagara region brought about by damaging effects of Covid-19 lockdown lead Matachewan's attempts to a halt. In a call on the 26th of July on the same year, Ramsay and king Brandon agreed to abandon Matachewan. There is no available source for the oral dissolution of the country, and it was never documented.


Matachewan once more almost a year after its abandonment proclaimed independence on 2 June 2022 through the ratification of the same declaration of statehood that had fallen to obscurity the year before. This was done following revitalization of Polish-Canadian affairs in the various organizations of Brandon's affiliation. Former Matachewanian socialites, namely Christina Nowell of Cycoldia, Robert Smith of Elysium, Nicholas Lokin as well as Ramsay the following day hastily organized a body which later has come to be referred to as the constitutional committee. Through many ongoing meetings, the committee is resolving the drafting of a constitution and definition of a structure of government. After a proposition by Ramsay on the 7th of June, the committee has thus far agreed to take the stance of shaping Matachewan as if it were a provisional government-in-exile, owing respectively to its lack of localization and lack of any form of statehood recognition.

With Atiera

National flag of Atiera.

Ramsay has been involved with Atiera since 2020, originally intrigued by its proximity to Matachewan. He was a controversial prime minister and foreign minister between October 2020 and January 2021, and again served as prime minister for a single day on 11 June of the same year, six months after the day of his resignation, becoming the only head of government to have served twice. After the reconstitution of Atiera in September 2021, Ramsay served as a Provisional Consul and served in the consulate's since dissolved successor, the High Council. Under the government of Count Stratchan, Ramsay was considered a viable candidate for foreign minister again, however this was not proceeded with. Since the inauguration of chancellor James Bornstein on 30 May Ramsay has been an assemblyman and minister of justice.

Unstable premiership

Ramsay was recognized as the kingdom's first prime minister on 24 October 2020 after having been approved by a handful of electors and the king thereafter. Quickly, he arranged for a phone call between the king and himself who were not yet acquainted with each other at the time, to discuss matters of state, Atiera's existence, and so on. The governing of Ramsay consisted of much of the same policies as had been implemented in Matachewan; and localization, statehood ambitions and international relations were often topics of discussion. One of the first actions of Ramsay's government was to cut ties to a semi-dependent obscure statelet located on the British isles. On 28 November Ramsay co-orchestrated the union of Galte and Atiera (28 November 2020 - 25 August 2021). Ramsay and the king made things work, and during the Christmas honours of 2020, he was showered with recognition for being engaged and ambitious. The governing party, the Atieran National Front had quickly established itself as a non-oriented and ambitious quasi-populistic party, which made it easy to retain majority in the legislature and remain dominant. Occasionally, Ramsay and the king would argue. But these were not lasting arguments. In December 2020 Ramsay issued an executive order (EO-II) banning certain socio-political orientations from organizing (i.e. fascism, communism, racist sentiment et al.) which the king continually protested against on the basis that it infringes freedom of assembly.

In an unclear series of events in which controversial views on LGBTQ+ were discussed in private, the Crown issued a statement warranting the dissolution of Ramsay's government on accusations of transphobia. The government collectively persuaded the king to retract this warrant before it was enacted, which he did. The event sowed distrust between the crown and the government, and the government became increasingly more focused on mending the ties than to govern. Ramsay resorted to the pragmatic solution of resigning nine days later on 11 January 2021.

Foreign policy

Having started to participate with Atiera on background of Matachewanian foreign policy, Ramsay, on becoming prime and foreign minister, conducted Atieran foreign policy much the same as he had with Matachewanian foreign policy. He was an opponent of Atiera's pursued membership to the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM) and had the application cancelled, slightly to the dismay of the king. This was the product of an assertive dogmatic policy which was somewhat restrictive of the kings view and ambitions of outreach, and contributed to disagreement. In pursuance of consolidation of the community of unrecognized nations roughly around the southern Ontario region of Canada, Ramsay proposed that the king joined the new Toronto Pact, which was conceived by Ramsay under his tenure as Matachewan's foreign minister. It is to note however that the Toronto Pact flopped when its plans were cancelled due to severe Covid-19 restrictions in the region. In the Cupertino Alliance, Ramsay would be the king's campaign manager for his short-lived bid for Chair of the Board during the January 2021 Chair election.

"Faceism" and ostracization

As soon as the king repealed EO-II, Ramsay and former members of his government immediately plotted a pseudo-fascist political uprising which would command the majority of parliament and install a politically controversial friend of the king to the prime ministership. The idea, manifesting in the form of the largely satirical "faceist" party aimed to justify the exclusion of "destructive ideology" from freedoms of assembly, was implemented according to plan but was quickly shot down and the king refused to recognize the party and its government. All of those involved would ironically face their political freedoms being taken away, and Ramsay was declared persona non grata on 17 January. The ANF quickly reacted by severing ties to Ramsay and the former administration. This move made sure that the ANF remained the ruling party. By April of the same year, Ramsay and the king had negotiated all sorts of punishments and charges dropped and he was gradually allowed to return to the political stage of Atiera. He was granted forgiveness by the administration of the ANF and was allowed to regain membership in the party. On 10 June he was appointed party Secretary of Information and served in the central committee.

July 2021 election and 40 minute premiership

Prime minister Isaiah David had served since Ramsay's resignation until now but was gradually becoming labelled as inactive. This caused recently politically involved Tucker David Gladden to seek to take initiative; with encouragement from the king, the Prince of Galte, and in collaboration with Ramsay, these collectively formed a social group which persists today, to draft a non-confidence motion against prime minister David and presenting it to the central committee of the party and the parliament of Atiera. It was done and presented on 11 July 2021, however Mr. David voluntarily resigned before the motion had been taken into consideration by either of the parties. As per established practice, the withdrawing chairman appointed the next chairman. Unexpectedly, Mr. David designated the chairmanship to Ramsay, who accepted. In the event that the motion-of-no-confidence succeeded, the group had planned to install Mr. Gladden as chairman, and Ramsay as his deputy, in correlation to the parliamentary majority making them prime minister and deputy prime minister respectively. In honour of the established plans, Ramsay resigned after serving for only 40 minutes. Ramsay' second ministry was thus spent entirely on writing a notice of resignation.

Dissolution of government

In order to pursue localization, the king silently notified the government of his intentions to disband Atiera's dependence upon extraterritorial governance, usually manifested via the Internet. On 25 August 2021 at a digital meeting of the council of ministers, the ministers of the government of Tucker Gladden each voluntarily relinquished their office in respect to the kings decision. Chris resigned as deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs. The ANF is regarded to have been dissolved at this date.


Banner of arms of Atiera, used during the provisional consulate.

In september 2021 Ramsay was invited by the king, Liam Alexander, to become an advisor to a reformed, restructured and restricted Atieran government. The Provisional Consulate of Atiera was the four-person political body constituting Atiera and was charged with drafting a new constitution, settling citizenship regulations and settling a form and a structure of government. In the short window between Atiera's founding and it's structuring to a kingdom, Atiera was a self-styled empire by the sole virtue of its leader claiming emperorship; in reminiscence of this, the king became the emperor of Atiera and discharged the duties of a chief executive of the consulate. Ramsay was inducted as a consul by the emperor on 29 September of the same year. When the provisional consulate was dissolved on 24 November, Ramsay was invited to continue in its successor the High Council of Atiera. He was invited by Chancellor Hayden Strachan to the capacity of Minister of Foreign Affairs, but this was never further considered. On 25 December, Ramsay was created as Count along with Chancellor Strachan. The two remain the only extant peers of Atiera per May 2022, as the bloated peerage of pre-reconstituted Atiera is no longer recognized. At the beginning of May in 2022, Atiera having seen a decline in its activity and thereby being supportive of the plan to unify with Galte and Northwood-Oregon, Emperor Alexander announced the commencement of biannual elections of the Imperial Assembly and the chancellery, at that time held by William Cooper. Ramsay declared that he would run for the seat Amicae–1 under the Atieran Moderate Coalition, rivaling Jayden Dagsa against whom he won with a 77,8% majority. Since 1 May, Ramsay has been the vice chairman of the Moderate party under chancellor James Bornstein.

With Vishwamitra

National flag of Vishwamitra.

Ramsay has been directly involved with Vishwamitra since January 2021 but had quietly observed it from a distance since the latter half of 2020. Since 17 January 2021 Ramsay has been one of the nation's honorary ambassadors. He served as the President of the upper house of Parliament, the House of Councillors, and was the President of its predecessor the Privy Council between 25 May 2021 and its dissolution on 31 December of that year. Ramsay received several awards and titles for his service with Vishwamitra, but continuously disputed the legitimacy of these titles. He relinquished his titles and subsequently resigned on 31 January 2022, but took up to serving again on 28 April as a member in the re-established Privy Council.


Ramsay actively observed Vishwamitra from a distance while working under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Matachewan between later 2020 and early 2021. During his tenure as said minister he was approached by the government of Vishwamitra seeking to establish mutual recognition between the two nations. Owing to the strict and straight-forward foreign policy conducted by Ramsay on behalf of Matachewan, the nature of this relationship became heavily disputed and the matter became touchy between both sides. As primary delegate for Matachewan in the Cupertino Alliance, Ramsay voted against the admission of Vishwamitra. He would later serve on the delegation of Vishwamitra to the Cupertino Alliance until Vishwamitra's departure therefrom on 31 December 2021.

Member of parliament
State flag of Kamrupa, of which Ramsay's citizenship is registered, and for which he shortly served in parliament.

Ramsay became a member of the citizenry in the early part of 2021. He remained politically disinvolved until March during which time he became affiliated with the Royalist Party. After having decided to run in the March 2021 general election for the constituency of 2-National List assigned the State of Kamrupa, Ramsay won a seat in the 13th parliament which he assumed on 1 March 2021 and served in for 99 days. On 25 March, Ramsay was for the first time created as a Baron.

President of the Privy Council

On 23 May 2021 Ramsay was appointed as a member of the Privy Council, the Rashtradhyaksh's consultative council. This was during a period of its reform, and its presiding office, that of Chancellor of the Privy Council was replaced with a presidency. On 25 May, Ramsay was elected to be the temporary acting President, replacing Tanishkaa Patranabish, Rajpramukh of Beltola as Chancellor. He was elected with the intention of serving only until the position had been properly legislated and until a fitting officeholder had been found, a few nominations to which included then-Prime Minister Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu, Duke of Entrosinhos. On 16 June Ramsay was created as a Count with a territorial designation of outside of Vishwamitran territory; he would protest this on occasion.

Against what seemed likely at the time, Ramsay's tenure as President pro tempore of the Privy Council was made permanent on 16 July. The position required him to subsequently resign from politics and withdraw his political affiliation, and he duly resigned from his parliament seat and cancelled his affiliation with the Royalist Party which stood on its last legs. During his servitude to the council between May and December, Ramsay proposed to Rashtradhyaksh Varuna Sriraya that the council be delegated more powers or responsibilities. He asked Roy on the prospect of the council being able to review grants of nobility and appointments to federal orders all on the basis that these grants were prerogatives vested in the monarch, and the privy council was the monarch's advisory council. The propositions were denied, and the council under Ramsay existed on a policy of "speak if you are spoken to", purely consultative. Between August and October, the presidency was equipped with a Vice President nominated by Ramsay and agreed upon by the Rashtradhyaksh. Vice President of the Privy Council Phillip Joseph Pillin resigned shortly after in order to accept the position of caretaker prime minister. On 16 August 2021 Ramsay was created a Duke; though he was opposed to the appointment as he had been to becoming Count.

House of Councillors

Ramsay served the presidency until the passage of the Bicameral Legislature Act (2021) which prescribed the privy council to be dissolved and replaced with an upper house of parliament called the House of Councillors, granting Ramsay's wish of a more powerful council, but not the way he had envisioned. The notable difference between the Privy Council and the House of Councillors is that the latter was elected, putting an end to the monarch's-council-concept. Ramsay stood in opposition to this, and in a debate within the council, likeminded members and the Rashtradhyaksh came to an agreement that three of the seats of the House of Councillors would be filled with appointed members, so to preserve some of the politically independent nature that the Privy Council had enjoyed. On 31 December 2021 the Privy Council was dissolved and Ramsay ceased to be its President. He decided to run in the January 2022 election of the House of Councillors, but was instead offered a nominated seat which he accepted. On 3 January he was inaugurated and elected its President almost immediately thereafter with unilateral approval from the leaders of the opposition and majority and with consent from the lower house, the House of the People. When offered the possibility to return to political partisanship, he declined.

Resignation and reinstation

On 31 January 2022 Ramsay resigned from his political and otherwise relevant affiliations with Vishwamitra, renouncing his dukedom and subsidiary titles in a letter of resignation and a written explanation which entailed that Ramsay was intending to preoccupy himself with other matters. His letter of resignation was published without explicit permission, and upon request to unpublish it, the Rashtradhyaksh firstly declined. The ensuing argument likely stood responsible for a tense atmosphere between Ramsay and Roy. On 6 April 2022 the tension culminated in the revocation of honorifics and honours previously bestowed on grounds of alleged partaking in defamation and anti-state behaviour in relation to an earlier interference by Aenopian first minister Leon Montan into Vishwamitra-Aenopia relations. The affair was brought up by Ramsay to the Ministry of Law and Justice as well as to the Chief Justice, intending to bring forth an apology, revocation of accusations, or sufficient justifications pertaining to said accusations. However, Ramsay did not carry the rights of a citizen to do so, as he had renounced his citizenship during his resignation. In a turn of events, on 23 April, the Rashtradhyaksh and Ramsay exchanged apologies, and revocations from the 6th were reverted on the 26th. Ramsay accepted the reinstating of his citizenship on the 28th following an invitation to serve in the nation's re-established Privy Council for which he took written oath on the same day.

With Galte

National flag of Galte.

Since orchestrating the union between the Kingdom of Atiera and then Kingdom of Galte; Ramsay has been acquainted with Galte and its current prince Michael Shepard. At the dissolution of the kingdom of Atiera, Prince Michael saw no alternative to seceding therefrom. Since then, Ramsay has been independently involved with Galte. He was the first and Minister-President of Galte between 15 September 2021 and 13 May 2022 and is a member of the Galtean delegation to the Cupertino Alliance since 31 December 2021, and Regent in absence of Prince Michael since 19 March 2022.

Atieran dependence

From 28 November 2020 – 25 August 2021 Galte was under the Atieran crown, formally as the Principality of Galte over which Michael was the titular ruler. The union was pitched by then King Michael and Ramsay to the King of Atiera, Alexander, with whom they would draft the act of union. During the lasting of the union, Ramsay and Prince Michael on many points collaborated in the government as colleagues. The prince was Atiera's first Deputy Prime Minister serving under Ramsay, and he often acted as a mediator between the King and the Prime Minister whenever there would be disagreements which on many occasions would prove useful. Michael succeeded Ramsay after his resignation. During the faux parliamentary coup d'etat attempted by Ramsay and a handful of others, Prince Michael was a strong opposition. Their recementing of political ties during the overthrow of Prime Minister Isaiah David later that year played a role in the secession of Galte which occurred the following month.

First government

Ramsay was a member of the constitutional committee of Galte charged with drafting and writing Galte's constitution. He notably contributed in the articles on the monarchy of Galte and less notably coming up with names of institutions and offices such as minister-president (instead of prime minister), and chamber of deputies (instead of parliament or national assembly). For his contributions to the constitution he was appointed to the constitutional committee's successor, the Bar Association. When elections eventually came around, Ramsay ran for the Chamber of Deputies for Otium North; and having been largely involved with the establishment of Galte, for the office of Minister-President. On 4 September Ramsay was created Marquess of Otium by the Prince. During the election, in an eerily similar fashion to what he had done with Atiera a year earlier he ran for the Galtean National Front against William Cooper and won. He assumed office on 15 September 2021.

As the first Minister-President, Ramsay was privileged to determine the shape of the government. He created three ministries; the Ministry of National Security (MNS), the Ministry of Public Relations (MPR), and the Ministry of Integrity (MIN), to which he appointed respectively Count Carson Snyder, Larry Martin and Baron Liam Alexander. Ramsay instituted a norm that the Cabinet converse at least once a week, preferably every Sunday, which he would struggle to uphold throughout his governance. On 27 October the Cabinet of Ministers was confronted by Prince Michael on the prospect of appointing a regent that would exercise his authority while he was unavailable. The Cabinet settled on the appointment of Count Carson who would deputise for the absent Prince until 19 February when he briefly retook the reigns

The early new year of 2022 saw inactivity in the Cabinet, and Sunday conversations were often missed. On 19 February, Prince Michael ceased the regency of Count Carson and assumed authority once again. Though his reinvestment was welcomed it was not very much lasting. The Prince, growing seemingly busy with other factors and the Cabinet not upholding its schedule opened Ramsay' consideration for political reunification with the Empire of Atiera on the rationale that Galte suffered from a lack of capacity to uphold itself, as it had done prior to its devolution into a principality. The proposition was continually opposed by Count Carson, though it was only brought up in informal conversation. During the closing in of the second biannual election, Ramsay openly considered to become disinvolved, but seeing the potential in reunification and the obvious reality that he would stand unopposed, he opted against it.

Second government and regency

In the month long cessation of regency between until 19 March 2022 had occurred the abolishment of the previously established Citizen's Council in light of the passage of the Direct Democracy Act of 2022. The coming election thus only concerned the election to the office of Minister-President in which Ramsay was the only one running, though reluctantly. He stood unopposed and won, technically by default, formally by gaining a vote majority. Prince Michael, whose constitutional duties it was to officiate the reappointment of Ramsay and his cabinet, remained out of the picture the following week after the election, causing the cabinet to deliberate over whether it was or was not in power. Concluding that it was technically the acting executive, it opted again to appoint a regent. During conversation, the Prince briefly returned to give his approval. The Cabinet faced a dilemma as with who to appoint, caused by every cabinet minister except for Martin pitching themselves willing to do the job. Ramsay appointed himself as regent of Galte on 19 March 2022, as per provisions in the constitution. Subsequently he set out to approve his own election for Minister-President and formally reappoint the ministers.

Ramsay ruled alone between 19 March and 13 May 2022 as head of state and government. Under his rule he oversaw the creation of the Unification Commission and elaborated upon the establishment of Galte's jurisdiction under the Joint Heraldic Authority, appointing himself as Regency Herald of Arms on 12 May under Decree IX-2022. At Ramsay' behest, he proposed the dissolution of his government and elevation of ministers, the Count of Equitas and the Baron of Waterview, to an equal status as co-regents and members of the thereby established Regency Council. The proposition was carried unanimously by the Cabinet of Ministers and subsequently enacted via Decree X-2022.

With Mediolaurentia

Banner of arms of Mediolaurentia, which is also the state flag.

Ramsay is the inaugural Archchancellor of Mediolaurentia, Diplomat-General and Marshal of the Realm. He sat on the Unification Commission as co-chairman with William Cooper and later James Bornstein, both Atieran chancellors between its inception and the inclusion of Northwood-Oregon after which he was a regular member all the while representing the Principality of Galte.

Role in formation

Ramsay strongly supported the reformation of the union between Atiera and Galte, as had previously occurred (2020 – 2021) on reasoning that it would be mutually benefitial. He took part the formation of a group which was duly tasked to draft the terms thereof, notably, he favoured reducing the government of Galte to the status of an Atieran government ministry. When the unification commission eventually was formed, it coincided with the aspirations of Carson I of Northwood-Oregon to affirm the sphere of influence of Northwood-Oregon, Atiera, and Galte over each other and the Great Lakes region of unrecognized states as a whole by banding together in a manner with which he drew similarities with the Holy Roman Empire. In a turn of events, as the treaty between Atiera and Galte drew to a conclusion, its establishing legislation was amended to include Northwood-Oregon which was by King Carson decreed into legality for Northwood-Oregon on 30 April 2022.

The agreements that had been thitherto created were scrapped and the process began all over again, this time with the differing purpose of creating a supranational sovereign entity comparable to the contemporary concepts of imperial Germany's sovereignty over independent sovereignties. Ramsay' contributions to the commission's constitution draft largely took the form of formalities and matters of more intricate deliberation such as phrasing, names of offices, institutions, and that of the state, and its coat of arms; but also suggestions to the commission which would spark debating over the most trivial of matters, i.e. the senate/states-general naming debate which was only resolved after two coin tosses and eight days of debate, at which point the name "senate" won and remains today.


As predetermined head of government during the drafting of the constitution, Ramsay had the privilege to name and define most of the base offices of government (Great Officers of the Realm), namely the Archchancellery, Grand Magistrate, and offices of the Diplomat-General and President of the Senate. Ramsay was appointed to form government on 28 July 2022 and was affirmed by the Senate two weeks after its formation on 15 August, the date of the expiration of his appointment. He was also appointed as Diplomat-General, but since he was never affirmed as such by the Senate, the appointment expired on 15 August.

International involvements

With the Cupertino Alliance

Ramsay has been a delegate in the Cupertino Alliance, thus a member of the Cupertino Alliance Parliament since mid- 2020 and a member of five delegations: Matachewan, Vishwamitra, Galte, provisionally New Athens, and presently Mediolaurentia.

Ramsay started under the Matachewanian delegation, but when Matachewan opted out of the alliance for internal reasons he ceased to be a delegate and became disinvolved with the alliance. He got in touch with the alliance again in May 2021 by invitation from Varuna Sriraya, rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra to serve under Vishwamitra's delegation which he accepted and served thereunder until the nation's withdrawal on new years day of 2021. Under the chairmanship of Roy earlier in the year he was nominated and appointed as the alliance's deputy minister for the Ministry of European and African Affairs under minister Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu, a position he retained until the assumption of Larry Martin as Chair and ex officio minister. He was appointed as Deputy Minister of Development and Interstate Co-operation under minister Carson Snyder in the administration of Martin. After the withdrawal of Vishwamitra he was a delegate for Galte between January and July 2022 which transferred to the present day delegation of Mediolaurentia.

Ramsay registered four times consecutively as a candidate for Chair of the Board: once intended satirically in the January 2022 election along with running mate Prince Michael of Galte which was rescinded 19 days later, and secondly in the July 2022 election under James Bornstein. Prior to registration, Ramsay was invited to be the running mate of Larry Martin, however in having already struck a deal with Bornstein he declined. The pair lost narrowly to Martin and Thorin Neal.

In aftermath of the controversial Martin-Neal resignations, Ramsay was dubiously installed as the Chair on 21 November 2022. In the third election, which was in January the following year, Ramsay was the only candidate and won by default. After having served an entire administrative term, Ramsay sought re-election in July of 2023, but lost to Sertor Valentinus and Tyler Mullins.

Under Matachewan (2020)

Matachewan was a founding member of the Cupertino Alliance through king Brandon's involvement therein. When Ramsay assessed the foreign department, he was briefed on the membership of Matachewan and was asked to be a delegate. Ramsay accepted and joined the delegation of Matachewan to the alliance on 25 September 2020. This was during the period in which the Cupertino Alliance was gaining traction. During his membership in the Matachewanian delegation, Ramsay largely contributed from a sedentary position and served a few times as a placeholder session speaker, mostly in lieu of incumbent Minister of Asian and Oceanian Affairs Daniel Hamilton. Increasingly busied, Ramsay appointed in the later months of 2020 premier Fraser to the delegacy. By December, interpreting that Matachewan had accomplished in the Alliance what it had set out to do, and as a part of the 3rd large localization initiative, Matachewan decided it would be most desirable to leave the Alliance which it promptly did on the 13th.

Under Vishwamitra (2021)

In May 2021, Ramsay was offered a seat in the delegacy of Vishwamitra to the Cupertino Alliance which he accepted and subsequently entered on the 26th. Ironically, Ramsay had under Matachewanian representation voted against the admission of Vishwamitra. Now under the Vishwamitran delegacy, he took part in sessions as he had done before between September and December. Ramsay was a campaign involved supporter in the 3rd Chairmanship election, in which he considered running satirically, supported by Tucker Gladden, King of Oskonia. Discarding the idea on basis of unprofessional represenation, Ramsayjoined the campaign for the Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra with Tyler Mullins, King of New Athens; whom upon winning the election on 15 August created Ștefan and Ramsay minister and deputy minister respectively for the Ministry of European and African Affairs. In November, the Rashtradhyaksh faced a vote of no confidence having been rumored against him, and he resigned on the 6th, leaving Mullins in the chair and the cabinet unchanged. It was announced in December, in a joint declaration by Vishwamitra, Revalia and Novus Hierosolymis that their memberships to the Alliance were to be annulled on New Year's eve – by Vishwamitra, on the official reason that it had accomplished what it had set out to do. Effective on 31 December 2021 UTC, as it had promised, Vishwamitra withdrew from the Alliance. Ramsay set out to find delegacy elsewhere in order to remain working with the ministry. He was offered membership in the delegation of the People's Republic of Orientia which he declined and joined instead that of Galte, coinciding with it being an emerging member state of the alliance.

Deputy Minister of European and African Affairs

Ramsay was promised the position of Deputy Minister of European and African Affairs during talks of government formation in the midst of the August 2021 Chair election, serving under Štefan Marius Snagoveanu. Promises of cabinet positions, a part of Varuna Sriraya's cabinet planning, was later critiziced for being nepotistic in nature. However it would provide several with the chance to prove excellence in the participation of the governance of the alliance during the later part of its height, of which Ramsay was one of them. Ramsay and Snagoveanu, knowing each other from before, served effectively dually in a minister/deputy dynamic somewhat unusual (it is not uncommon that a deputy instead waits around for something to do, culminating in their doing nothing at all). Ramsay would serve in this position for almost an entire year under the chairmanship of Roy, Tyler Mullins and Carson Snyder. When on 28 July 2021 the Republic of Snagov withdrew from the alliance, Snagoveanu was disqualified from office and Ramsay served as acting minister for 3 more days until the 31st, the start of the chairmanship of Larry Martin.

Under Galte (2022)

Being Galte's Minister-President, and overseeing its entry and existence within the Alliance, with the approval of Prince Michael as well as the acknowledgement of the Chair, Ramsay assumed a seat in the delegacy of Galte on the evening of the withdrawal of Vishwamitra. Approaching the January 2022 Cupertino Alliance Chair election, Ramsay was appointed to the Cupertino Service Ribbon on 26 January for services within the European & African Ministry by Chairman Mullins during the departing honours of his administration. Ramsay supported the campaign of Carson Snyder, King of Northwood-Oregon during this election, by whom he again landed on the winning side. Ramsay and Ștefan remained in their respective positions in the ministry through the post-election cabinet reshuffle.

Under Mediolaurentia (2022)

The Mediolaurentian unification united the delegations of Northwood-Oregon and Galte in July 2022. In his capacity as head of government and of diplomacy, Ramsay chaired this delegation.

July 2022 election bid
Deputy Minister of Development
July 2023 election bid

With the GUM

Other involvements


Ramsay was from the Spring of 2021 known as the Earl of Keila, a title of peerage that he renounced in February 2022 due to the principle of Keila, a town in Estonia, remaining vastly outside the jurisdiction of Revalia. Ramsay has become involved with Revalia through interaction with its King, at the time regent and Prime Minister Sander II whom he came to know in an effort to create a coat of arms for Revalia, and later to design the dedicated insignia of the Order of St. Anthony to which he was appointed in the grade of member and subsequently upgraded to knighthood the day after. On 16 March 2021 Ramsay was inducted to the Royal Privy Council. He was offered to lead the heraldic initiative of the state, and was subsequently created Chief of Arms on 23 April 2021. In addition he was declared honourary colonel and given the peerage of the Earldom of Keila which since his renouncement the following year has become extinct.


Heraldic interest and wider contribution

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Mediolaurentian titles

  • Kingdom of Atiera Count Ramsay (25 Dec 2021)

Other titles

  • Vishwamitra Raj Ratna (11 Jan 2022)
  • Empire of Elysium Earl Ramsay (3 May 2022)
  • Vishwamitra Duke of the Realm (1 Jan 2023)
  • Baustralia Earl Ramsay (28 Mar 2023)
  • Creek and Lake Viscount Ramsay (15 Jun 2023)


  • Empire of Oskonia Duke of Ridder[c]
  • Vishwamitra Raj BhushanOrnament of the Nation (19 Jul 2021; upgraded 11 Jan 2022)
  • Vishwamitra Duke (16 Aug 2021; relinquished 31 Jan 2022)
  • Vishwamitra Count (3 Jul 2021; relinquished 31 Jan 2022)
  • Vishwamitra Baron (25 Mar 2021; relinquished 31 Jan 2022)
  • Revalia Earl of Keila (26 Mar 2021; relinquished 31 Jan 2022)
  • Vishwamitra Baron of the Realm (8 Jun 2022; upgraded 1 Jan 2023)
  • Galte Marquess of Otium (4 Sep 2021; revoked 7 Jan 2023)


Various renditions of insignia, predominantly Vishwamitran

Mediolaurentian honours

Other national and regional honours

  • Belgica National Hero of Belgica (2019/2020)
  • Revalia Honourary colonel (21 Mar 2021)
  • Knight of the Order of Robert II (1 Jul 2022)

Foreign and international honours

  • Creek and Lake Knight of the Order of the Lyon

Former honours

  • PCS Prime Council Medal of Civility (7 Jul 2019; PCS dissolved 2 Feb 2020)
  • Knighthood (2019; monarchy abolished 6 Apr 2020)
  • Kingdom of Atiera Grand Commander of the Order of Alexander (25 Dec 2021; dissolved)
  • State of Norton Presidential Medal of Patriotic Service (31 Jul 2021; republic abolished 30 May 2022)
  • Juniperia Grand Cordon of the Order of Shahan II ex officio (1 Mar 2023; order dissolved)
  • Juniperia Member of the Order of the Juniperian Star (1 Mar 2023; order dissolved)


List of offices and positions

      Denotes position previously served. See below.

Or organization
Position Tenure
Assumed office Duration
Cupertino Alliance CA Chair of the Cupertino Alliance 21 November 2022 1 year, 214 days
High Kingdom of Mediolaurentia HKM Archchancellor 27 July 2022 1 year, 331 days
Diplomat-General 27 July 2022 1 year, 331 days
Marshal of the Realm 17 August 2022 1 year, 310 days
 Atiera Minister of Justice 2 June 2022 2 years, 20 days
National Assembly 31 May 2022 2 years, 22 days
 Vishwamitra Privy Councilor 28 April 2022 2 years, 55 days
Honorary Ambassador 9 May 2022 2 years, 44 days
Electoral Commissioner 27 September 2022 1 year, 269 days
 Revalia Royal Privy Councillor 16 March 2021 3 years, 98 days
Private Secretary to the Prime Minister 13 April 2022 2 years, 70 days
Chief of Arms 23 April 2021 261 days
Secondary delegate to the GUM 31 January 2022 2 years, 143 days
 Hjalvik Chief Scribe 15 April 2021 3 years, 68 days
King of Arms 5 January 2022 207 days
 Elysium President of the Imperial Heraldry Society 11 January 2022 2 years, 163 days
Imperial Councillor 14 May 2022 2 years, 39 days
Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall NSE Earl Marshal 30 June 2022 1 year, 358 days
Alesaker Council of the Realm 2 February 2022 2 years, 141 days
 Austenasia Ambassador (honourary) 18 March 2021 3 years, 96 days
Juniperia Auran King of Arms 1 March 2023 1 year, 113 days
Garránia Grand Master of the College of Arms 13 March 2023 1 year, 101 days
 Baustralia Earl Marshal 28 March 2023 1 year, 86 days

Former offices and positions

      Denotes position subsequently served. See above.

See list of formerly held offices and positions.

Or organization
Position Tenure
Assumed office Left office Duration
Posts wherein head of state
 Galte Regent (Alone until 13 May) 19 March 2022 27 July 2022 130 days
 Matachewan Regent 18 February 2020 18 February 2020 ~1 day
Posts wherein head of government
Matachewan Prime Minister 1 October 2019 1 December 2019 61 days
1 January 2020 10 January 2020 9 days
5 September 2020 14 September 2020 9 days
Secondary Premier 20 February 2020 2 April 2020 42 days
2 August 2020 3 October 2020 62 days
Deputy Prime Minister 10 January 2020 20 February 2020 41 days
Belgica Prime Minister 3 January 2020 3 January 2020 ~1 day
20 April 2020 6 May 2020 16 days
 Atiera Prime Minister 24 October 2020 11 January 2021 79 days
11 July 2021 11 July 2021 ~1 day
Deputy Prime Minister 11 July 2021 25 August 2021 45 days
Consul 29 September 2021 21 November 2021 53 days
 Roskya Deputy Chancellor 22 July 2021 2 October 2021 72 days
15 March 2021 11 July 2021 118 days
 Oskonia Prime Minister 12 June 2021 13 June 2021 1 day
 Galte Minister-President 15 September 2021 15 March 2022 240 days
19 March 2022 13 May 2022
Acting Minister-President 15 March 2022 19 March 2022
Ministerial/governmental posts
Minister of the Judiciary 1 September 2019 1 October 2019 30 days
Minister of Domestic Affairs 2 July 2020 2 August 2020 31 days
Minister of Foreign Affairs 2 August 2020 26 July 2021 358 days
 Misberia Minister of Internal Affairs 15 March 2020 22 March 2020 7 days
 Elysium Minister of Internal Affairs 7 December 2019 12 March 2020 96 days
Minister of Foreign Affairs 12 March 2020 26 March 2020 14 days
Secretary for Entertainment and Culture 26 April 2020 30 November 2020 249 days
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs 24 October 2019 30 November 2019 37 days
 Roskya Minister of Economic Development 22 July 2020 3 October 2020 73 days
Minister of Foreign Affairs 9 January 2021 10 March 2021 60 days
15 March 2021 11 June 2021 88 days
 Leo Minister of External Affairs 26 November 2020 2 February 2021 68 days
15 March 2021 11 June 2021 88 days
Junior Minister of Immigration 16 March 2021 12 May 2021 57 days
 Atiera Minister of Foreign Affairs 28 October 2020 17 January 2021 81 days
25 July 2021 25 August 2021 31 days
 New Athens Minister of Design 25 January 2022 28 March 2022 62 days
Bureaucratic and advisory posts
 Lurdentania Head of the Foreign Office 15 January 2021 15 February 2021 31 days
 Vishwamitra Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission 6 March 2021 31 January 2022 331 days
President of the Privy Council 25 May 2021 31 December 2021 220 days
Privy Councilor 23 May 2021 31 December 2021 222 days
Foreign Affairs Advisor to the Monarch 25 April 2021 31 January 2022 281 days
President of the House of Councillors 3 January 2022 31 January 2022 28 days
 Leo Hand to the High Council 23 November 2020 16 March 2021 113 days
 Matachewan Royal Advisor 10 July 2019 (de facto)
14 December 2020 (de jure)
26 July 2021 2 years, 16 days
224 days
 Elysium Chief Diplomat 13 November 2020 13 December 2020 30 days
Justice 23 August 2019 23 September 2019 31 days
Heraldic posts
 Revalia Chief of Arms 23 April 2021 9 January 2022 261 days
JHA King of Arms 5 January 2022 31 July 2022 207 days
 Galte Regency Herald of Arms 12 May 2022 31 July 2022 207 days
Parliamentary posts
 Matachewan Grand Sejm 2 October 2019 2 April 2020 183 days
1 June 2020 2 August 2020 62 days
 Roskya Parliament 16 April 2020 11 June 2021 1 year, 56 days
 Cycoldia General Assembly 5 October 2019 23 October 2020 1 year, 18 days
 Elysium Grand Senate (Greater Elyria-Princeton) 3 September 2019 19 July 2020 320 days
 Leo Imperial Senate 9 December 2020 12 May 2021 154 days
11 June 2021 3 July 2021 22 days
 Yu-Xia Global Council 20 December 2020 2 February 2021 44 days
 Atiera Parliament 18 October 2020 14 January 2021 88 days
Parliament (Haliburton west) 14 January 2021 17 January 2021 3 days
25 July 2021 25 August 2021 31 days
High Council
 Vishwamitra House of the People (2-National List) 18 March 2021 23 May 2021 66 days
House of Councillors 3 January 2022 31 January 2022 28 days
 Oskonia Assembly of the Realm 29 May 2021 18 June 2021 20 days
Unitary Council (Duchy of Ridder)
 Caelesta Parliament (Ravansa) 30 March 2021 27 October 2021 211 days
 Galte Chamber of Deputies (Otium north) 15 September 2021 3 January 2022 110 days
Alesaker Council of the Realm
Diplomatic posts
 Vishwamitra Ambassador (honourary) 12 January 2021 31 January 2022 (de facto) 1 year, 19 days
Diplomatic posts in international organizations
Cupertino Alliance CA  Matachewan 25 September 2020 13 December 2020 79 days
 Vishwamitra 26 May 2021 31 December 2021 219 days
 Galte 31 December 2021 27 July 2022 208 days
 Mediolaurentia 31 July 2022 30 October 2022 91 days
 New Athens 30 October 2022 14 January 2023 358 days
CONPACT  Atiera 12 August 2021 25 August 2021 13 days
 Galte 2 September 2021 2022
GUM  Vishwamitra 5 June 2021 31 January 2022 240 days
Posts held in international organizations
Cupertino Alliance CA Chair of the Cupertino Alliance 21 November 2022 252 days
Deputy Minister of European and African Affairs 21 August 2021 31 July 2022 344 days
Deputy Minister of Development and Interstate Co-operation 31 July 2022 21 November 2022 113 days

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