Marshal of the Realm

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Marshal of the Realm of
the Commonwealth of Zealandia
Zeelandiens Riksmarskalk CoA.png
Coat of arms of the Marshal of the Realm
StyleTheir Excellency
Term lengthAt the Queen's pleasure
Inaugural holderTEE Rt Hon Lord Dylan Grönsson, Duke Grönsson
Formation17 March 2014

The Marshal of the Realm (Swedish:Riksmarskalken) was the highest official in the Royal Court of Zealandia. The Marshal of the Realm was appointed by the Queen and was directly responsible for the organisation and affairs of the court, and for liaising between the court and the Zealandian Government. Press releases and official statements from the Zealandian Royal Court to the press and the public where typically released through the Marshal of the Realm.

The office was created in 2014 during the reign of Astrid.The incumbent is in formal writing entitled the style of Excellency, and is today, apart from Zealandia ambassadors, the Commissioner of Human Rights, The Prime Minister and Governors of the Cantons the only officeholder to use this style.

The first and last officeholder, Dylan Grönsson, was appointed in 2014.

List of Marshals of the Realm

Term Number Picture Name Canton Term start Term end Notes
Their Excellent Excellency Rt Hon. Lord Dylan Grönsson, Duke Grönsson Denton 18 March 2014 12 April 2016 First Marshal of the Realm.

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