Cupertino Service Ribbon

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Cupertino Service Ribbon
The Cupertino Service Ribbon (delegate class)
Awarded by the Chair of the Board
TypeService ribbon
Established7 March 2020
CountryMember nations of the Cupertino Alliance
Delegate class ribbon
Citizen class ribbon
Motto”Le désir d'améliorer la communauté” (English: “The desire to improve the community.”)
EligibilityOutstanding amount of service or passion to the Cupertino Alliance
CriteriaRetired delegate to the Cupertino Alliance after 1 January 2020
StatusCurrently constituted
FounderJayden Lycon
Chair of the BoardLogan Ross
GradesDelegates (CUP)
Citizens (CCR)
Post-nominalsCUP or CCR, depending on grade.
First induction7 March 2020
Last induction2 (as of 12 May 2020)

The Cupertino Service Ribbon or Cupertino Citizenship Recognition Ribbon is the highest official honour in the Cupertino Alliance. It was founded on 7 March 2020 by Jayden Lycon after the departure of Archie Birch from the Alliance.

Structure and appointment

There are 2 classes to this ribbon, one awarded to former delegates and one for any citizen in a Cupertino member state. The delegation class is intended to honour any retired delegate to the Cupertino Alliance who has demonstrated a high level of passion and dedication to the Alliance, whilst the citizen class is to honour dedicated, passionate, and hard-working citizens of member states.

In order to qualify for the ribbon, one must be a delegate of the Cupertino Alliance after 1 January 2020 and retired from their delegate duties. A current delegate can nominate a retired delegate in the Parliament of the Cupertino Alliance, where it gets voted upon by the other members. If it reaches a majority, the retired delegate will be awarded the ribbon by the Chair of the Board. Former delegates are entitled to use the post-nominal letters CUP, whilst citizens are entitled to use the post-nominal letters CCR.


As of October 2020, there have been 3 recipients of the Cupertino Service Ribbon:

Archie Birch CupertinoServiceRibbon.png 18 March 2020 Services to the Cupertino Alliance
Isaac Richards CupertinoCitizenAward.svg 12 May 2020 Services to New Eiffel, their legislature, and MicroWiki.
Orientian Delegate[a] CupertinoServiceRibbon.png October 2020 Various contributions to the alliance during his tenure, advising Chairman Lycon with various decisions regarding the Asian Sector.


  1. Name redacted amid privacy concerns.