Cupertino Service Ribbon

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Cupertino Service Ribbon
The Cupertino Service Ribbon (delegate class)
Awarded by the Chair of the Board
TypeService ribbon
Established7 March 2020
CountryMember nations of the Cupertino Alliance
Delegate class ribbon

Citizen class ribbon
Motto”Le désir d'améliorer la communauté” (English: “The desire to improve the community.”)
EligibilityOutstanding amount of service or passion to the Cupertino Alliance
CriteriaDelegate to the Cupertino Alliance after 1 January 2020
FounderJayden Lycon
Chair of the BoardDaniel Joseph
GradesDelegates (CUM)
Citizens (CCR)
Post-nominalsCUM or CCR, depending on grade.
First induction7 March 2020
Last induction30 July 2022
Total inductees6 (total)
2 (CUM)
4 (CCR)
Next (higher)Lycon Citation
Next (lower)Lowest

The Cupertino Service Ribbon or Cupertino Citizenship Recognition Ribbon was an honour in the Cupertino Alliance. It was founded on 7 March 2020 by Jayden Lycon after the departure of Otto Gillespie Birch from the Alliance.

Structure and appointment

There are 2 classes to this ribbon, one awarded to former delegates and one for any citizen in a Cupertino member state. The delegation class is intended to honour any retired delegate to the Cupertino Alliance who has demonstrated a high level of passion and dedication to the Alliance, whilst the citizen class is to honour dedicated, passionate, and hard-working citizens of member states.

In order to qualify for the ribbon, one must have been a delegate of the Cupertino Alliance after 1 January 2020. A current delegate can nominate a retired delegate in the Parliament of the Cupertino Alliance, where it gets voted upon by the other members. If it reaches a majority, the retired delegate will be awarded the ribbon by the Chair of the Board. Recipients are entitled to use the post-nominal letters CUM, whilst citizens are entitled to use the post-nominal letters CCR.


As of October 2023, there are 6 recipients of the Cupertino Service Ribbon:

Briallen Tremberth 12 May 2020 Services to New Eiffel, their legislature, and MicroWiki.
Pun Watta October 2020 Various contributions to the alliance during their tenure, advising Chairman Lycon with various decisions regarding the Asian Sector.
Tyler Wilson 30 July 2022 For his exceptional diplomatic work as Grand Ambassador of New Athens
Sasha Popov For representing New Athens well in various intermicronational games and competitions
Jordan Silva For her artistic and cultural contributions to Northwood-Oregon
Tim Landa 31 January 2023 For his work as an Associate Judge on the Superior Court.

Former recipients

Otto Gillespie Birch 18 March 2020
Jayden Lycon 10 August 2021
Larry Martin
Carson Snyder
Matthew Xia
Brennan Sullivan
Daniel Hamilton
Varuna Sriraya
Thorin Neal
Charles Burgardt 26 January 2022
Chris Ramsay
James Murray
Jayden I of Novus Hierosolymis
Lord Mike Lewis
James Clear
Sertor Valentinus
Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu