Cupertino Alliance Chair election, 2020

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Cupertino Alliance Chair election, 2020

25 July - 1 August 2020 January 2021 →
Registered29 Delegates[a]
  Eeee.png Sertor.jpg
Candidate Jayden Lycon Sertor Valentinus
Home state Flag of Aenderia.svg Aenderia Flag of Pinelandia (SVG version) • Drapeau de Pinelandia (Version SVG).svg Pinelandia
Popular vote 11 2
Percentage 78.57% 14.27%

     Lycon (11)
     Valentinus (2)
     Absentees (16)

Chairman before election

Jayden Lycon

Elected Chairman

Jayden Lycon

The Cupertino Alliance Chair election was an election lasting from 25 July – 1 August 2020. Incumbent chairman Jayden Lycon won a landslide victory over his opponent Sertor Valentinus.


The nomination period was open till 11 July, with only two delegates opting to run for the chairmanship: Incumbent chairman, Jayden Lycon; and the Minister of European and African Affairs, Sertor Valentinus.

Candidate Experience State Party (if applicable) Campaign announcement date
Jayden Lycon
President of the Fifth Aenderese Republic (2019–present)
1st Chairman of the Cupertino Alliance (2019)
Acting Chairman of the Cupertino Alliance (2020)
Flag of Aenderia.svg
Fifth Aenderian Republic
Independent 7 July 2020
Sertor Valentinus
Prime Minister of West Sayville (2020–present)
Minister for European and African Affairs of the Cupertino Alliance (2020–present)
Minister of Defence for Pinelandia (2019–present)
Flag of Pinelandia (SVG version) • Drapeau de Pinelandia (Version SVG).svg
Kingdom of Pinelandia
Independent 7 July 2020

Jayden Lycon

Lycon had been appointed as chairman on 15 January by his predecessor William Efton. He had previously chaired the alliance during its short-lived 2019 incarnation.

Despite initial controversies such as the 69 Hour Session, Lycon's tenure proved to be incredibly fruitful for the alliance, with several important articles of legislation drafted forming the foundation of the alliance.[2]

Sertor Valentinus

Sertor Valentinus came into the fold of the alliance after the admission of the Kingdom of Pinelandia in April.[3]

Valentinus had been relatively involved with alliance politics, having proposed a public affairs committee, and holding the newly created European and African Affairs ministry.[2]


The election was held in the discord server of the Cupertino Alliance, using the first-past-the-post system as per Article 27 of the Charter.[4]

Votes %
Jayden Lycon
Sertor Valentinus
Voter Turnout
Registered voters

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