Government Seal of New Eiffel

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Government Seal of New Eiffel

ArmigerPrincipality of New Eiffel
Adoption25 March 2020
DescriptionWhite roundel with red outline, and the words "Seal of the Government of New Eiffel" on the outline. Inside the roundel contains Hardy the Fox holding the Latin cross.
CreatorJayden Lycon and the Cupertino Alliance
UseOn treaties, documents, and letters

The Government Seal of New Eiffel is a national emblem used by the Government of the Principality of New Eiffel on official documents and unofficially used in parliament and on road signs.

The seal contains the words "Seal of the Government of New Eiffel", Hardy the Fox and a Latin cross, all surrounded by a dark red circle. The seal has many variations, some alternative versions of the seal are used on navy ships and some are used as flags.


The previous seals were made by Zabëlle Skye on 23 June 2019. The current seal was made by Jayden Lycon and the Cupertino Alliance as an appreciation gift for New Eiffel's membership to the Cupertino Alliance and as a test run for the new Cupertino Alliance ministerial seals.[1]

Previous designs

Previously, there were three official designs of the seal.

Blanked variation

The blanked variation contains a grey star behind Hardy, with the Latin cross at the top of the red circle, and a New Eiffel flag on a flagpole on the right side.

Eiffel Star variation

The Eiffel Star variation is similar to the normal version but replaced the "GOVERNMENT OF NEW EIFFEL" wording with the grey star and the New Eiffel flag above Hardy the Fox.


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