Hardy the Fox

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Hardy the Fox (Arabtemporarian: Hardy æ Fox) is a mythical fox which was an important symbol in New Eiffelic culture. The mythical fox has a usually yellow appearance, and acts almost anthropomorphically; in some depictions of art and literature, Hardy is able to hold things in his paws and stand on two legs. The origin of Hardy is unknown.

Hardy is the subject in the Government Seal of New Eiffel, designed on 25 March 2020 by Jayden Lycon and the Cupertino Alliance as an appreciation gift for New Eiffel's membership to the Cupertino Alliance and as a test run for the new Cupertino Alliance ministerial seals.[1] Hardy was also on the previous government seal and its two variations made by the erstwhile Zabëlle I on 23 June 2019. Hardy is also subject to various poems and short stories written on him.

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