Political parties in New Eiffel

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In New Eiffel, a new Prime Minister is elected ever year on Christmas Day. In order to became a prime minister of New Eiffel, the person who is “running” must create a political party.

A handful of political parties have been created, here is the list.


Flag Name Code Goverment Motto Number of Seats
The Soviet Onion Party SRK Swampism “You can’t spell ‘progress’ without ogre!” 0/29
Shrek Super Party SHK Democratic Swampism “Shrek is love. Shrek is life.” 1/29
Nationalist Party of New Eiffel NAT Nationalism “Vote Nationalism!” 2/29
Communism Party of New Eiffel CPN Communism “Vote for the best party. Also known as The Communism Party of New Eiffel.” 2/29
Monarchy Party MOP Absolute Monarchy “Our fair Prince” 1/29
LGBTQ+ Rights Party LRP Democracy “Everyone reserves the right to express themselves” 0/29
New Eiffel Anti-Smoking Party ASP New Eiffel Democracy Cancer is never a joke. Stop smoking today” 4/29
New Eiffelic Free Market FMP Anarcho-capitalism “Make money, and do whatever you want, as long as it’s acceptable” 0/29
Grand Libertarian Party GLP Libertarianism N/A 0/29
Traditional Party of the Republic of New Finland TPN Traditionalism “Why do we need to have fifty government changes and new laws a year. Just keep it the traditional way, and have peace. No hassle, folks” 0/29

Defunct Parties

Flag/Logo Name Foundation/Disolution Code (If any) Ideology Motto Seats (2018) Seats (2019) Political Position
Independent L. Smith Party 201?-?? AOA Capitalism “Live freely” 0/29 ?/29 N/A
Socialist Scandinavian Party September, 20182019 SSP Social Democracy “Making Progress!” 10/29 N/A Centre-left
Yellow Party 12 September, 20182020(?) JST Capitalism “We won’t kill to raise the bill!!” 2/29 15/29 N/A
Pro-Subdivisions Political Party 20182020 PSP Federalism “UNITED UNDER ONE” 2/29 ?/29 N/A
The Orange Party September, 2018–October, 2019(?) XKA Direct Democracy, Conservatism, Christian Right “Every vote counts” 6/29 N/A Right-wing
Red Party 20182019 RED Communism “In Russia, it failed. In New Eiffel, it nailed.” 1/29 N/A Far-left
The No-Go Party 20182019 NGP Anarchism 0/29 ?/29
Onion Party/Soviet Onion Party 20182019 SRK Swampism “You can’t spell ‘progress’ without ogre!” 0/29 N/A Far-right
Shrek Super Party November, 2018–August, 2019
Nationalist Party of New Eiffel
Communism Party of New Eiffel
Monarchy Party
LGBTQ+ Rights Party
New Eiffel Anti-Smoking Party
New Eiffelic Free Market
Grand Libertarian Party
Traditional Party of the Republic of New Finland