List of political scandals in New Eiffel and New Finland

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The following is a list of political scandals in New Eiffel, as well as its predecessors the Republic and Kingdom of New Finland.


  • Zabëlle I using loopholes in the law to steal people's property (June)


  • Elijahgate (28–29 November): A hidden agenda shown from leaked documents by Luke I of Nottingham Woods to Prince Zabëlle I showcasing a plan to propose an act known as the Act Act 2019, abolishing Zabëlle I's power to veto any proposed bill of the New Eiffelic parliament allegedly in order to install an Anarcho-capitalist regime.
  • 2019–2020 New Eiffelic Constitution Crisis (14 December—1 March 2020): Zabëlle I had accidentally lost New Eiffel's constitution; the constitution was later rewrote however many factors delayed the new constitution from being put foward, such as the Prince's hiatus, Parliament's suspension and a lack of action from political parties.

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