Official New Eiffel Ratings Board

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Official New Eiffel Ratings Board
ONERB logo.jpeg
Current logo, adopted in 2018

Reliable and trustworthy age ratings

17 March 2018


20 April 2019 (Merger wit Amalganated Film Rating Board comfirmed)

Type Government owned
Purpose Film and television age ratings
Headquarters New Eiffel, New Leeds, Main Building, ONERB Headquarters
Region served New Eiffel
Chief executive Zed I


The Official New Eiffel Ratings Board (ONERB), often shortened to the New Eiffel Ratings Board was a government-owned organisation created on 17 March 2018, responsible for film and television classifications and video censorship in New Eiffel. As of 20 April, 2020 it has been confirmed by Zarel I, Prince of New Eiffel that as per being a member of the Cupertino Alliance, the nation "will be combining the Official New Eiffel Ratings Board with other with other film rating boards in other member states to form the Amalgamated Film Rating Board."[1]


Classification Name Definition Guidelines
ONERB AA Rating.jpeg AA (Any age) Suitable for very young children. Unlikely to offend or harm in any way. Minor name calling, mild comedic/slapstick violence, slight scary themes
ONERB AAWW Rating.jpeg AAWW (Any age, with warning) Any Age with warning. Suitable for young children. May contain slight mild things which could offend or scare a too young viewer. Minor brief swear words (Please compare to mild language Ofcom's ranking of swear words in order of offensiveness), minor violence, slight sexual references, very brief drugs references
ONERB 13A Rating.jpeg 13A Must be 13 or over unless accompanied or given permission to view by a parent or a guardian. Moderate language (Mostly medium language), strong swear words must be brief, minor action scenes, minor scares, some nudity, only brief and non vulgar, little sex allowed, must be censored. Some drugs references, and very mild sexual violence.
ONERB 13 Rating.jpeg 13 Must be 13 or over. Moderate swearing allowed, not too severe. Most violence is allowed, and some gore, brief nudity, not too vulgar, scary themes, some sexy stuff and certain fetish material allowed, must be censored. Some sexual violence, not too violent. Drug references.
ONERB 15A Rating.jpeg 15A Must be 15 or over unless accompanied or given permission to view by a parent or a guardian. Almost all swear words are allowed, with the exceptions of too many uses of co*ksucker or c*nt (only 1 to 3 allowed comparable to the strongest swearwords). Moderate violence allowed, and most gore, scary themes, but not too dark. Nudity allowed, can’t be too vulgar. Softcore sex allowed. Sexual violence, with some limitations. Heavy drug use with some restrictions.
ONERB 16 Rating.jpeg 16 Must be 16 or over. All swear words allowed, almost all violence allowed, and mort gore. Very scary themes allowed not too dark. Almost all sex and nudity allowed, including ones very vulgar. Almost all drugs allowed, however not to strong.
ONERB R18 Rating.jpeg R18 (Restricted 18) Restricted. Must be 18 or over. All swear words and types of swearing allowed, all violence is allowed and almost all gore is allowed, with some censoring. All scary/horror themes allowed, unless too graphic or too dark. Hardcore sex and fetishism, most drugs, drug references, and drug use allowed.
n/a HR (Highly restricted) Highly restricted film.


  1. Government of the Aenderese Republic official YouTube Channel. "New Eiffel's new film ratings: What you need to know".

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