Amalgamated Film Rating Board

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Amalgamated Film Rating Board
Current placeholder logo, adopted in 2020

14 April 2020 (De jure)

20 April 2020 (De facto)

Type Government owned
Purpose Film and television age ratings
Headquarters TBD; New Eiffel, New Leeds (De Facto)
Region Served Cupertino Alliance

The Amalgamated Film Rating Board (AFRB) is an organisation responsible for video work (film, television programmes, commercials, public information, etc.) classification in the Cupertino Alliance and its member states. It was founded by the Medellín Agreement on Film Classification, with its ratings based off the Official New Eiffel Ratings Board, which merged with the AFRB.[1]


Responsibilities and powers

The AFRB has jurisdiction to all members who ratify the agreement. Restrictions to persons who may view each films (i.e. whether or not someone under the age of 18 may get in trouble for viewing an 18+ rated film) may vary by member state.

Current ratings

The AFRB may give a film any rating it deems. The film does not need to fulfill all of the criteria. Any decisions may be appealed by the filmmaker, and the AFRB will take it into consideration. The AFRB can classify a film from one of seven ratings:[2] For comparison of swear words or language, please refer to Ofcom's ranking of swear words in order of offensiveness (A list of swear words in order of offensiveness is being made by the organisation.

Symbol Name Description Guidelines
Everyone Suitable for all. Unlikely to offend or harm in any way. This can include minor name calling, minor violence, etc.
Parental Guidance Suitable for young children, however some scenes may not be suitable for very young children. May contain slight mild things which could offend or scare a too young viewer. Mild language may be tolerated, as well as minor violence, minor drug references, and minor sexual references.
13PG Must be 13 or over unless accompanied or given permission to view by a parent or a guardian. Medium language can be heard, strong language as well but must be brief, moderate violence, little sex can be allowed though must be censored. Some drug references and very mild sexual violence.
13+ Suitable for persons of 13 years and over. Moderate language is allowed, moderate violence, some gore, though not too vulgar. Some drug references allowed.
15PG Must be 15 or over unless accompanied or given permission to view by a parent or a guardian. Strong and sexual language, moderate violence, nudity allowed (though must not be too vulgar). Softcore sex is allowed, and minor sexual violence. Heavy drug use is allowed with some restrictions, decided by the Board. Some gore allowed.
18+ Suitable for persons of 18 years and over. Will always have mature themes. Films rated 18+ are not fit for the aforementioned ratings.
Highly Restrictive Suitable for persons of 18 years and over, more severe content to deem it any other rating. Will usually always contain either hardcore pornography or graphic violence or gore.


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