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New Leeds
—  City  —


Coat of arms
 - Mayor Vacant
 - Total 5
Demonym New Leeder, New Leedser (Unofficial)
Mail Code 001

New Leeds is the largest and most populous city in New Eiffel. Located in the eastern-most point of New Eiffel, New Leeds expands an area of 260 m². New Leeds has a total population of five.


New Leeds is situated in the eastern-most point in New Eiffel, founded after early January 2018, originally named "Smithington". The city was founded alongside the same date as New Eiffel's other two cities. The city has continuously been the territory of New Eiffel since the Republic of New Finland, through the Kingdom of New Finland and now the Principality of New Eiffel, and has only received very mild territorial changes. The city was renamed to its current name on 11 August 2018, following the reunification of New Eiffel.


New Leeds is situated in the eastern-most point in New Eiffel, and has a total area of 260m². The city has a small amount of plantation. New Leeds borders the New Eiffelic city of Plitvice to the west, and the macronation of the United Kingdom to all other sides.

Natural history

The city rarely sees red foxes entering across the border, and two domesticated cats of the royal family, as well as occasionally the cat Ralph who is the only animal that has been banned from entering into New Eiffel. Another two to three cats are estimated to cross into New Leeds every year.



A large number of popular New Eiffelic businesses operate or are headquartered in New Leeds.

XCU Therapy

XCU Therapy is an independent private business which provides therapy. It is by far the largest business in New Eiffel by number of clients and income.

Smith Restaurant

Smith Restaurant was created in 2007 and registered as a company in New Eiffel in early January 2018. It has outdoor and indoor seating. It is also the only active restaurant in New Eiffel, and serves some popular New Eiffelic cuisine.


Statistic-Dime is a popular intermicronational statistics company, headquartered in New Leeds, and is the de facto national statistical office of New Eiffel. Statistic-Dime primarily focuses on micronational statistics and research, creating multiple indexes such as the 2019 LGBT Rights Index and the controversial Micronational Popularity Index, however also publishes Dime Micronationalist of the Month among other projects.

Win-a-lot Casino

Win-a-lot Casino is a pop-up casino. It was founded on 12 November 2018, and had a grand opening night which hosted multiple games and slot machines. Win-a-lot Casino had a second event which took place on 16 November 2019 between 9:25 to 9:42 pm. It hosted a slot machine, spin wheel, Roulette, and card games such as blackjack. Over ŁN135 was given out, losing the casino money.


Z&jProductions is a public nonprofit South African-British-New Eiffelic film and television studio founded on 18 April 2017. Z&jProductions has produced over twenty films, and is the biggest film production studio in New Eiffel, and has a total budget of, including assets, £2,863.56.


Zínt Fashion is a high-quality luxury fashion brand. Zínt is based in New Leeds however creates its products in Új Repülő. Zínt operates multiple social media accounts, and has a minor following. Zínt has created a large number of clothes, mainly specialising in shirts and shoes. As of November 2019, Zínt's total assets are worth over £1,400.


A large number of banks, Ziggo?, Biggo Banks and the central bank Official ZedBank o' Ex New Finland and New Eiffel are headquartered in New Leeds.


Utilities - including electricity, gas and water supplies - are all provided to New Eiffel by the United Kingdom.


New Leeds is home to one building, the government home. The government home has multiple rooms, used as living spaces, parliament and ministry cabinets, as well as having the Millanian embassy[1] and a cardboard constructed Embassy of Plushunia. The New Eiffelic South-East Border is the Intermicronational border separating New Eiffel and the United Kingdom to the south-east side. Separated by a stone brick wall, the border has an estimated 950 to 1,300 crossings annually.


New Leeds has one active car regularly used by the royal family. Seat Square and New Leeds Alley are located in New Leeds.

Sister cities

New Leeds has two sister cities, both of which were gained through phase one of the GUM Sister Cities project:[2]

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