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F0rtn1te DumpST3R (Also spelled F0rtn1te Dumpst3r, Fortnite Dumpster, or Fortn1te DumpST3R) is a New Eiffelic gamflik Independent comedy music singer. F0rtn1te DumpST3R has released one album titled ‘F0rtn1te DumpST3R - vol 1. song covers’, which has seven covers, all sang by him. The album was released on 9 February 2019.

Despite his first album only being covers, F0rtn1te DumpST3R has announced that he will be realising original music. He has also announced that unlike his first album which was explicit, most of his future songs will be family friendly.

Personal life

F0rtn1te DumpST3R’s real name is thought to be Chris. Although his birth date is unknown, by the sound of his voice he seems to be a teenager, possibly in his very early sixteens.

Chris also used a Parental Advisory symbol on his first album, which means he could be British or American.

Music career

F0rtn1te DumpST3R - vol 1. song covers

His first and only album to date was released on 9 February 2019. The songs in the album consisted of:

  • Look What You Made Me Do (Cover)
  • Witch Savannah by Grandayy but it’s a cover by me
  • Johnathon, Johnathan, Yes Father
  • No Mercy (Cover)
  • The Muffin Song (Cover)
  • D3$p@ciT0 (C0v3r)
  • Alma - Karma (Cover) *Explicit*

Fortnite King

On 1 May 2019, he released a single called "Fortnite King". It was his first original song, and was uploaded to YouTube.

Critical reception

His first album as received mostly bad reviews, with people mocking it for being nonsensical and plain stupid. Even other gamflik artists and critics said it wasn’t funny or creative enough.

Despite this, F0rtn1te DumpST3R has gained a massive cult following in New Eiffel and other micronations.

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