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Despite New Eiffel's small population of five residents and some thirty citizens, the music of New Eiffel is vibrant; with a number of EDM, pop and experimental songs having been produced and released within New Eiffel. Artists include experimentalist DJ Zeddy — the stage name for Zabëlle Skye — former New Eiffelic citizen and pianist Zinjin and gamflik artist and coverer F0rtn1te DumpST3R.

DJ Zeddy was a music artist since 2016, and published his first album "DJ Zeddy" in 2018. EDM was still the most popular form of music. The former artist Zinjin who was a New Eiffelic citizen composed 22 music pieces in 2018. F0rtn1te DumpST3R came to rise in 2019, with his debut album featuring seven covers, all of the gamflik genre and poorly covered. The former artist known as Zinjin who was a New Eiffelic citizen composed 5–10 music pieces in 2019 before retirement. "GUM DIS TRACK: THE UNITED MICRANATIONS is better", a comedic music video making fun of the Grand Unified Micronational was released on January 2020 by Zabëlle Skye, and became his signature song. DJ Zeddy has since published three albums in total.



Patriotic music in New Eiffel dates back to its reformation into a principality:


Classical music





Non-New Eiffelic music