Parliament of New Eiffel

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N.E. Parliament
Parliament of the Principality of New Eiffel
His Royal Privy Council of New Eiffel.jpeg
Type Bicameral
Houses (Prince-in-Parliament)
Lower Sters
Prince Zed I Monarch Prince Zed I
since 19 January 2019
Members 15?
Sters political groups Socialist Scandinavian Party, The Orange Party, New Eiffel Anti-Smoking Party, Communism Party of New Eiffel
Lower Sters political groups Pro-Subdivisions Political Party, Nationalist Party of New Eiffel, Shrek Super Party, Red Party, Monarchy Party
Sters last election 25 December 2018

The Parliament of the Principality of New Eiffel is the Legislature in New Eiffel. Parliament has twenty-nine seats.