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The current date is
23 February 2018




  • 1st - The Holy Empire of New Israel will celebrate a fifth year since its foundation.
  • 27th - Suwerenny will turn 4 years old.


  • 20th - West Korea would have its independence day.



  • 2nd - The Prince of Andany celebrates his 13th birthday.
  • 6th - Abelden celebrates its 4th founding anniversary.
  • 6th - Pacem celebrates its 3rd year of existence
  • 7th - The Orchard Park Republic will, for the first time, celebrate its independence day. It'll be two years old.







  • 17th Federation of Zenrax will celebrate 4 years of unification, and 19 years of history.
  • 17th Hodiny will celebrate its 5th year in existence.
  • 24th Ohio Republic will be celebrating it's first year of independence.
  • 25th Litvania will celebrate its 3rd year in existence.

List of micronations

Nation (start of year) Months Nation (end of year)
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
Principality of Andany Principality of Andany
United States of Akkerman United States of Akkerman
Kingdom of Atovia Kingdom of Atovia
Bir Tawil Empire Bir Tawil Empire
Commonwealth of Danatia Republic of Liber
Essian Commonwealth Essian Commonwealth
Kingdom of Giovalen Kingdom of Giovalen
Gymnasium State Gymnasium State
Juclandia Juclandia
Republic of Latitudia Republic of Latitudia
Republic of Litvania Litvania
Lurk Lurk
MYCUS Republic MYCUS Republic
Free State of Northern Medelpad Free State of Northern Medelpad
Second Empire of Pacem Second Empire of Pacem
Ohio Republic Ohio Republic
Orchard Park Republic Orchard Park Republic
Sabia and Verona Sabia and Verona
Republic of St. John Republic of St. John
Vladislavia United States of Akkerman
Rosignano Rosignano
Federal Kingdom of Arkonia Federal Kingdom of Arkonia