Principauté du Trégoelo

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Principauté du Trégoelo
Flag Principauté du Trégoelo.png
Blason Principauté Trégoelo.png
Coat of arms

Capital city Paimpol
Demonym Trégoelosien / Trégolosienne
Government Principality with government
- Prince Antonin de Trégoelo
Established April, 20 2018
Area claimed 24 km²
Time zone (UTC+1)

Official website

The principality of Trégoelo is a micronation established on April 20, 2018 by young French. The principality claims the city of Paimpol in Côtes-d'Armor (France). The principality possesses an embassy in this city.


The principality was established on April, 20 2018 by young French, prince Antonin of Trégoelo. The principality claims the city of Paimpol in France as territory. The principality possesses a property in this city. The principality defends a more just, more social and more ecologist vision.


The power of the principality is divided into 3 different powers: the executive power, represented by the prince and Prime Minister, legislative power, represented by the parliament elected every 5 years and the judiciary which is represented by the supreme court.

Diplomatic Relations

The prince is creating diplomatic relations with several countries of the world.

Things to know

National holidays

  • April 20 : day of the national sovereignty
  • January 11 : Birthday of the Prince

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