Federal Republic of New Potato Land

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Federal Republic of New Potato Land
Motto: i'r Arglwydd.

Nebraska, United States
CapitalDraig Tatws, New Potato Land
Largest cityTatws Mawr, New Potato Land
Official languagesWelsh, English, Umoⁿhoⁿ
Demonym(s)Potatolandic, Potatolander
GovernmentFederal Republic
LegislatureNew Potato Land Parliament (historically, Offical)
• (as of March 2020 census calculations) census
CurrencyUS Dollar (de facto)
Time zoneCST/UTC-6)

The Federal Republic of New Potato Land is a micronation founded in 2017 in the Squeebujuahan Region.


On July 6, 2017, the Democratic Republic of Potato Land was founded. It owned a section of District 1 and a small stretch of land. On July 9, 2017, Josiah Welch immigrated out of the Democratic Republic of Potato Land and settled in Draig Tatws. Many immigrated from the Democratic Republic of Potato Land and nearby regions to Draig Tatws. On July 10, 2017, Draig Tatws assumed sovereignty over the Democratic Republic of Potato Land. They didn't take the newfound sovereignty of Draig Tatws lightly, Draig Tatws went to war with the Democratic Republic of Potato Land, the Federal Republic of New Potato Land Revolutionary War. At the beginning of the war, Draig Tatws, New Potato Land had two citizens, and one structures built. On July 12, 2017, the first battle, the Battle of the Dreigiau, of the war began, Draig Tatws claimed land west, that was affectionately named, Tatws Draig, becoming a federal republic, the Federal Republic of New Potato Land. New Potato Land invaded the military base-city of Daearoedd Cerddoriaeth, giving New Potato Land an advantage when Potato Land invaded. There was three more battles after this, New Potato Land lost one and won three; New Potato Land won the war. After the war, New Potato Land's population doubled, tripled in average town mass. That assisted in the major debt from the war. In November of 2018, New Potato Land joined Potato Land in the Fogatchasian-Squeebujuahan War. February 2019, land that contains Tatws Mawr was appended after legal conflict with the Democratic Republic of Potato Land, doubling New Potato Land's size. In March 2020, New Potato Land annexed Adelie Land and parts of Wilkes Land in East Antarctica, after signing Adélie Land Treaty of Cession with United Republics of Antarctica.

Government and politics

The parliament is generally referred as the New Potato Land Parliament, which is made up of District Officers from each district and including the Executive Officer. The Districts of the Federal Republic of New Potato Land propose the bill to the body of Parliament. The bill that a District would propose would get voted on between the members of Parliament. New Potato Land Parliament is bipartisan, composed of the body of the parliament and the Administration; both have equal power. The Executive Officer is the head of the administration(currently it is the Welch Administration), they generally serve until resignation or their inevitable death, but in the event of resignation or removal of office, it would create either a civil war or the largest election in the history of Federal Republic of New Potato Land to date.

Law and order

Violation of the law is met with fair ruling. There is currently only one national court in New Potato Land.

Foreign relations

They're actively attempting to make diplomatic relations with as many (trusted) nations as possible. Currently the nations with basic to advanced diplomatic connections to New Potato Land are: The Republic of Iska Akaliazen, United Land of Noastan, The Republic of Roconia, and Free People's State Wakering, Kingdom of Voldenstien, and many other participating states. Our nations with goalward diplomacy are United Republics of Antarctica and members of TSA.


There are three military classes that participate in different levels of threats. Class I, sometimes called the National Army, it is only called during a Class IV or V threat. Class II, generally organized by district. Primarily deals with Class III or II threats that pertain to the region/district that is protected by army. Class III, occasionally is confused with the Police due to similar issues that it deals with. They only deal with Class II or I threats. It is usually organized by towns or by landmark within towns.

Geography and climate

This is a bird discovered on the Potatolandic border.

Weather in New Potato Land varies, but quite nominal for Nebraskan standards. New Potato Land is located in The Great Plains of America, the geography is generally very flat and full of hills.


The national economy has evolved into a feudalistic trade system. New Potato Land also has a major income into the country. New Potato Land is currently attempting to implement a physical and permanent currency.


Not too much different than other micronations.


Rockall Island

Image of the island of Rockall.

A small islet near the coast of Scotland. Its area is approximately 0.2 acres with 0 inhabitants It contains a section of District 3 of New Potato Land, the smallest district of the current three districts.

Adélie Land Treaty of Cession

Federal Map of Antarctica with the borders recognized by New Potato Land.

The Adélie Land Treaty of Cession includes Adélie Land and parts of Wilkes Land. By New Potato Land calculations, it is approximately 863,561 square miles in area. It contains the entirety of District 2. It has an approximate population of 43, which varies throughout the year. The land got into New Potato Land's possession after the Adélie Land Treaty of Cession was signed by the president of The United Republics of Antartica, Vasia Bratchuk and the Executive Officer of the Federal Republic of New Potato Land, Josiah Welch.


Mainland New Potato Land showing Districts 1-3.

This is oldest land claims held by New Potato Land, See History. In censuses, minor territories are included with the Mainland census, so its population(including minor territories) is 10. It has an approximated area of 3 acres. It contains District 1, with the capital, Draig Tatws.


Most of the news comes from the New Potato Land News or through the Instagram.[1]

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