Federal Republic of New Potato Land

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Federal Republic of New Potato Land
Npl flag.jpg

Gwaith. Ymarfer. Gwella.

Nebraska, United States
Capital city Draig Tatws, New Potato Land
Largest city Tatws Mawr, New Potato Land
Official language(s) Welsh, English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Short name NPL, NN(assigned microcode)
Demonym (New) Potatite, (New) Potatian
Government Federal Republic
Josiah Welch
Legislature Offical
Established 2017
Area claimed 65340 ft²
Population 7 (as of 2019 census)
Currency Arians
Time zone CST/UTC-6)
National sport Wrestling
National animal Potato
Patron saint St. Haemophilus influenzae #1,234,277
This nation is a member of the Collective Power of Unionized Micronations

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The Federal Republic of New Potato Land is a micronation founded in 2017 in the state of Nebraska.


'Potato Land' from New Potato Land comes from the micronation of our founder's origin. 'Potato' from 'Potato Land' from 'New Potato Land' comes from the Potato's Supremacy over our world. 'New' from 'New Potato Land' comes from New Potato Land's independence from Potato Land.


On July 6, 2017, Potato Land was founded. It owned (present-day Tatws Mawr) and a small stretch of land. It was in war with (present-day Land of Dweeb) at the time of its founding. Potato Land was very governmentally instable, which was how the president disbanded from Potato Land. The war between Potato Land and (present day Land of Sqweeb) was short-lasting, since both Potato Land and (present-day Land of Sqweeb) had a nearly non-existent governmental structure. On July 6–9, 2017, the president of NPL fled from Potato Land and started constructing (present-day Offical), later in construction, NPL started to gain citzens. Many structures were built with every citizen coming in. On July 10, 2017, NPL was 'officially' founded. Having 4 citizens, 3 structures built, and approx. 300 Arians for the government, it was doing pretty well. Potato Land was in the process of stabilizing the government, while NPL was developing. On July 12, 2017, Potato Land destroyed all of the structures and temporally destabilizing our government. This was quite chaotic for the economy and government of NPL. Nothing got rebuilt immediately after the war. On May 17, 2018, the government was stabilized, economy stabilized, statistically speaking, everything was nominal. NPL build temporary structures when needed. The Land of Sqweeb was founded, and immediately went to war between Potato Land, NPL, and The Land of Sqweeb. The war lasted for a good period of time and was a great period for development. The Land of Sqweeb got their precedence in the region, and NPL gained two more citizens and government was reformed. Potato Land didn't flourish like the other two nations, they gained one citizen, but had severe damage done to their government and land. On January 20, 2019, NPL started a campaign to gain more of a precedence in the micronation community and opened up their economical system and citizenship to the public.

Government and politics

The parliament is called the Offical, which is made up of State Officers from each district and including the Executive Officer. The senators either create the bill or was proposed to the State Officer. The bill that a State Officer would propose would get voted on between the members of the Offical and the Executive Officer has the ability to veto if they would like. The Executive Officer has also full control over finances and can found new departments, or other members can vote to create a new department, which the Executive Officer can choose to fund. The Executive Officer is usually the founder of the nation, but in the event of resignation or impeachment, it would create either a civil war or the largest election in The Federal Republic of New Potato Land to date.

Law and order

Most severe circumstances, they would be force out the country temporarily or permanently. If it's someone of high importance, most likely they would be put on house arrest. Major crimes are dealt with an international assembly to decide the fate of the accused.

Foreign relations

They're actively attempting to make diplomatic relations with as many (trusted) nations as possible. Currently the nations with diplomatic connections to NPL are: The Republic of Iska Akaliazen, United Land of Noastan, The Republic of Roconia, Free People's State Wakering, and our neighbor, Sqweebajuhbwah.


The ideology of The Federal Republic of New Potato Land's 'military' is based on organized militias. The surrounding militias of an attack would be forced into defending.

Geography and climate

This is a bird discovered on the New Potatian border.

Weather in NPL varies, but nominal for Nebraskan standards. NPL is located in The Great Plains, so it is very flat. Here are the average temperature for each month: January: 36 °F to 15 °F February: 40 °F to 19 °F March: 53 °F to 29 °F April: 64 °F to 40 °F May: 74 °F to 51 °F June: 84 °F to 62 °F July: 88 °F to ∞°F August: 86 °F to 64 °F September: 79 °F to 55 °F October: 67 °F to 52 °F November: 52 °F to 29 °F December: 38 °F to 18 °F


The national economy has evolved into a feudalistic trade system. New Potato Land also has a major income into the country.


Not too much different than other micronations. Ideology differs between person-to-person, but most of them are excessively patriotic or strategic-minded.


Most of the news comes from orally or thru the Instagram [1]

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