District 1

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District 1
Dosbarth Cyntaf
  Allocated District  
[[File:Npl-district-1.jpg|100px|border|alt=|Flag of District 1]]
Motto: "Ni gallwn farw heddiw!"
Capital Draig Tatws, New Potato Land
Allocated 20 February 2019
 - District Officer Grace Stolle
 - Total 0 sq mi (0.00809371 km2)
Population (2018)(3 living in District 1, 3 from minor territories added for census)
 - Total 6
 - Density 1,920/sq mi (741.3/km2)
Postal Code M1
Region Code 01
Languages English, Welsh

District 1 is one of the districts of the Federal Republic of New Potato Land. District 1 is apart of the mainland districts in New Potato Land.


District 1 was allocated on the 20th of February 2019. The territory of District 1 prior to its allocation, was owned by New Potato Land. Many of the towns of District 1 follow their original governance instated while they were apart of the republic, notably Draig Tatws, New Potato Land and Daearoedd Cerddoriaeth.


It is the second largest and second most diverse District of New Potato Land. It is occupied by green grasslands and tall beautiful fruit trees.