Draig Tatws, New Potato Land

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Draig Tatws
—  City  —
Photo of Draig Tatws
Nickname(s): Drts
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City Government of Example
 - Leader title Example Leader
 - Total 1 km2 (0.4 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 - Total 1
Time zone UTC

Draig Tatws, New Potato Land was founded on 2017, dissolved in 2018.


This was originally the capital of New Potato Land. The original Offical buildings were constructed here. In late 2018, since land obstacles were in between Draig Tatws and mainland New Potato Land, a deal was settled in the Offical to demote the Draig Tatws from a province to a territorial settlement. When districts of New Potato Land was introduced in the Offical, Draig Tatws dissolved; Draig Tatws wasn't allocated any land nor funded by the Offical.


When Draig Tatws was still a province and was funded, Draig Tatws had a high federal rank on the government. Besides that, it's government was no different than the other provinces of New Potato Land.

Climate & Geography

Draig Tatws flourished because of its location, it was very well hidden, small, had access to its neighbors. Draig Tatws had the best living conditions compared to other provinces.


Draig Tatws was very rich, that resided in its residents. Its had a strong communal value to New Potato Land, because it had a very high population density.

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