Draig Tatws, New Potato Land

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Commonwealth of Draig Tatws
Photo of Draig Tatws
Photo of Draig Tatws
 • Executive Officer of New Potato Land (capital)Josiah Welch
 • Total3
Time zoneUTC

Draig Tatws was founded on 2017. It translates from Welsh as 'Potato Dragon.'


This was originally the capital of the Federal Republic of New Potato Land. The original Offical buildings were constructed here. In mid 2018, since land obstacles were in between District 1(where Draig Tatws resides) and the rest of mainland New Potato Land, it was decided in Parliament that there would be funding cuts to District 1, which had a major effect on the towns of Draig Tatws and Daearoedd Cerddoriaeth, New Potato Land. It left Draig Tatws in ruins. In mid 2019, District 1 was decided to be once again, regularly funded by the Federal Republic of New Potato Land Parliament. Following the re-foundation of District 1, the land occupying Land of Sqweebujuah was annexed by Draig Tatws in January 25, 2020, connecting District 1 to contiguous New Potato Land.


It used to house the Federal Republic of New Potato Land Parliament before funding cuts were put onto the district it resides in. It is the oldest town with the most developed government. It existed before districts were established in the Federal Republic of New Potato Land, that gave the town relatively more autonomy than the post-partitioned towns. The closest town to Draig Tatws is its younger 'sister' town, Preswylfeydd Daeërydd, which resides in District 2.

Climate & Geography

Draig Tatws had access to the nearby military town of Daearoedd Cerddoriaeth, giving it access to protection that is unavailable to other towns in the Federal Republic of New Potato Land. There are many trees in Draig Tatws, thus having more resources, more resources means that Draig Tatws could support larger populations.


Draig Tatws is considered the wealthiest town in the Federal Republic of New Potato Land. It is the most politically divided town in the country, from its high relative autonomy as a town in New Potato Land.

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