Kingdom of Voldenstien

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Kingdom of Voldenstien
Largest cityShedenia
Demonym(s)Voldestienian (Sometimes Vold)
LegislatureKing's Council
Time zoneCST

The Kingdom of Voldenstien, Commonly known as Voldenstien, is a micronation located in the Central Eastern parts of Texas and completely surrounded by the United States. The Kingdom of Voldenstien is partly famous for being a part of Commonwealth of Sovereignties and also ,Umec organization , Central Committee and a founding member of the ACDF. (Anti-Communist Defense Force). The Kingdom of Voldenstien was founded on November 17, 2019 out of sheer lack of nothing to do and boredom of the King. the system of government in Voldenstien is an Absolute monarchy.


The name of Voldenstien is a very simple story. The king was having trouble naming the country so he decided to take heavy insparaton from the Republic of Molossia and created the parent parent nation, The Kingdom of Vuldstien. The word Voldenstien (and in some contexts just vold) can mean "Violence in Danish, which was a complete coincidence and is in no way suppose to imply we are a violent nation.


In 2017, President Wright came up with his first nation, The Second Republic of Texas. This nation wouldn't last however and about one week later he seceded all territory back to the United States. The King didn't want to give up so one year later in 2018 he came up with the Federal Republic of Yothol. This nation also didn't last however, and just 3 short days later the president secede all land back to the US. The President was saddened by this. Another year later on November 17, 2019, President Wright decided one last time to make a micronation. He decided to make The Grand Republic of Voldenstien. Things started off rocky and the president decided to end the project. The Republic was quickly forgotten about until on Janurary 8th, the King was attending an event with his friend when he soon found out that he had a micronation as well, the Kingdom of Plavonia. This made the King remember his past nation and he started to get invested in it again. He decided to ditch the republican government system to instead give way for the monarchy one. The nation then took off. On February 14 they joined the Commonwealth of Sovereignties. Later that month we decided to form the ACDF alongside the Dane Republic and the Dictatorship of Ublecistan. On February 20 the King got deactivated from all of his social media accounts. When he got back he found himself in the middle of a cold war. The IMC and ACDF vs the Community of Micronations (CM) and the Commonwealth of Sovereignties. The war started on February 22. Even though they could've have joined both sides they decided to stay neutral in the war. The war officially ended on February 29, 2020. On March 28 the Kingdom of Voldenstien joined the Commonwealth of Sovereignties Central Committee. On April 12 The King officially established the Voldenstienian Army, Air Force and Navy. The army consists of two soldiers and armed with airsoft guns. The air force consists of one drone. The navy consists of three small pool rafts, two large pool rafts and a few water guns. We also have a border guard armed with modified Nerf guns and bullets. on May 10, The Kingdom of Plavonia and The Kingdom of Voldenstien had thier first offical visit since the start of Covid-19.

Government and politics

The Kingdom of Voldenstien is a federal state divided into two provinces and one colony. The Kingdom of Voldenstien is a Parliamentary Absolute Monarchy (like 1700's Britain). Each territory of Voldenstien has a Representative in the King's council corresponding to with how many people live there. The head of the King's council is King Wright I. The King's council is the legislation body of Voldenstien. They can make decision with the kings approval. There is also the judicial branch of the government called the Royal Court. They have full control power over there branch meaning they don't need the kings approval for anything. The last branch is obviously the Royal highness, Him King Wright I. He can make any decision he wants with out any approval from the other branches. We have many diplomatic realtions with numerous nations, those include: Charleia, Hurikano Republic of Concordia United Empire of Belle Federal Republic of New Potato Land Grand Order of Dane Republic Imperian Empire Dictatorship of Ubleckistan and all nations of the Commonwealth of Sovereignties, but the closest to us are Kingdom of Brienia Antonian Empire and Federal Kingdom of Maltiva


The Kingdom of Voldenstien is a mostly flat country in Texas. The Federal Province is completely flat. The Province of Shedenburg has a max height of 895 feet, the lowest point is 884 feet. The colony of Holzstrad has a highest point of 863 feet with it's lowest point at 789 feet.


The Kingdom of Voldenstien is sperated in two provinces and one colony alongside a puppet state.

Shedenburg: Shedenburg is the where the Voldenstienian navy is based.

Holzstrad: Holzstrad is where the lumber industry is based. It has one town, Holzenville and has a lumber plant where our lumber is made.

The Federal District is where the capital is. It is where Voldenstien's politics take place. The Parliament building and National Court House are also located here. This is also where the King's Royal Palace is.

The Reformed Republic of The Posse: This is the biggest territory by area. It is where the construction industry is located.


The Kingdom of Voldenstien's climate is a mix of cold and hot. In the Winter the lows can be in the 30's while the highs can be in the 60's. In the Summer, the lows can hit in the 70's and the highs can be in the 100's.


The culture of Voldenstien is a mix of Texan culture, American culture and German culture. We have our own food, the Voldenstienian mashed potato and are famous for our Tex-Mex food. We have our art style and have our own theory on Christanity.

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