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The Republic of Charleia is a small micronation located in the United States of America. with the Capitol being Independona.

Republic of Charleia
6th Charleia Flag New.png
Coat of Arms of Charleia

Momento Mori
Capital cityIndependona
Official language(s)(No Official Language) English (most commonly spoken)
Official religion(s)(No Official Religion) Protestant Christianity (most commonly worshiped)
GovernmentFederal Constitutional Parliamentary Republic
- PresidentPresident O'Halloran
EstablishedMay 7, 2017
Time zoneGMT-4
National animalWhite Tailed Deer


The name comes from an area in the woods of where President O'Halloran favored greatly, he would go there to relax and be alone and his code name for it was Charleia. He called it this as it wasn't anyone's name and he wanted to keep that place a secret because of how much he treasured it. Today the area is called Point Independence and is protected as a national preservation area and is a national park.


A relatively new micronation, Charleia declared independence on May 7, 2017. In the year 2020 Charleia was in a state of war against the Democratic Republic of Murcia. When The President of Murica Mason Adcock attempted to overthrow President O'Halloran. The war remained cold for the duration of the war. It ended on February 25, 2020, when the Treaty of Tyler was signed and resulted in the complete annexation of Murcia into the Republic of Charleia, Murcia is now known as the state of Xolera.

Politics and government

Charleia is a constitutional parliamentary republic, with the founder and President being Ian O'Halloran. The Vice President is Bryce Patrick, and the Speaker of Parliament is James Moore. The three branches are the Executive, Representation and Law branch. The Executive branch is made the President, Vice President and the Cabinet. The Representation branch is parliament separated into two, The House of Representatives and The Senate. The House of Representatives is made up of one representative from each of the five states, and the House of Commons is made up of senators. The number of which depends on the population the max amount of senators one state can have is 3. Parliamentary assemblies occur once every month our when a law is to be voted on, to vote on funding, government actions or confirmation hearings. The law branch is made up of the Supreme Court (made up of one Judge from each state) and all investigative agencies. The Supreme Court acts as the final arbiter in Court cases. When Supreme Court trials are being conducted the group of Judges vote on punishment and the Jury purely decides weather or not the defendant is guilty.

Law and order

Law enforcement is small in Charleia and is run differently in each state. Charleia only uses the death penalty for criminals who are considered "a threat to the nation" the justice system is a one judge system and the penalty for the criminal is decided by a jury of 13 unbiased people. The supreme Court is a group of 5 judges appointed by parliament one from each state in order to get equal legal representation.

Foreign relations

The first interaction with other micronations Charleia has experienced was its 2020 war with Murcia. This war was quickly ended with the Treaty of Tyler being signed. Charleia joined the IMC or (International Micro Community) and left on April 5, 2020 because of conflicts with the Republic of Errick. President O'Halloran stated saying "Charleia joined the IMC looking for protection and support. Errick got us in two cold wars between the IMC and COMSOV. I feel its safe to say, Errick is a Power hungry tyrant who feels like he can do what ever he wants with the member states of the IMC, Errick really only cares about his own sovereignty." Charleia officially denounced Errick the same week, Charleia are members of COMSOV (Community of Sovereigns) and the ACDF (Anti-Communist Defense force).


The military is small comprised of the marines and the army. The ranks are in order from lowest to highest. Private, Commander 1st class, Commander 2nd class, Commander 3rd class, Sargent 1st class, Sargent 2nd class, Sargent 3rd class, Lieutenant 1st class, Lieutenant 2nd class lieutenant 3rd class, Brigadier General, 5 star General. The military uses non-lethal weapons and only uses weapons like explosives and lethal firearms in the most dire of situations. This is because of the worst-case scenario policy.


The national currency is the Canor pegged to the US Dollar (USD) at a 1:1 ratio. Charleia is a mostly tourism based economy. President O'Halloran hopes to start a small oil sector by 2023.

Culture and media

Culture wise charleia is very much like the United States. National holidays like Independence Day (May 7) work is closed and people celebrate. Vacation is two weeks but that can be altered by the employer. Medicine follows western traditions and is of high quality. Charleian culture follows the basic western traditions and is very similar to that of the United States.