Antonian Empire

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Antonian Empire
Flag of Antonian Empire
Coat of arms of Antonian Empire
Coat of arms
Motto: Unitum Ut Unum, Divisus Per Nullus” (Latin: United as One, Divided by None)
Anthem: Camille Saint-Saëns Symphony 3 4th Movement in C Minor
LocationSurrey, Maine and South Argentina
and largest city
Halcyon City
Official languagesEnglish, Russian
GovernmentElective Constitutional Monarchy with a Unitary Parliamentary Democracy
• Emperor
Anthony Birch
LegislatureGrand Senate
Establishment3rd November 2018
• Census
CurrencyAntonian Rica
Time zone(UTC)

The Antonian Empire, commonly known as Antonia, was a self-declared secessionist sovereign state. The Antonian Empire is a nation made up of non-contiguous plots of land located around the world which represent many differing cultures and values. The Antonian Empire was mainly located in the United Kingdom, but also had territory in Maine and South Argentina. The Antonian Empire is an Elective Constitutional Monarchy with a Unitary Parliamentary Democracy.


The name "Antonia" is derived from the revelations received in the dreams of the first Emperor, His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Anthony I. The Imperial Status of Antonia is derived from the will of the citizens to be an imperial state, tradition, and the fact that the Antonian Empire does host colonies.


Beginning Era

On the 3rd of November 2018, the Antonian Empire declared independence, on the 23rd of November the Constitution was drafted, ratified, and signed. On the 14th of September 2019, the Bill of Rights was also signed into being, thus completing the three most important documents in our history. On the 19th of September, the first professionally printed Antonian flags arrive in Halcyon City. On the 3rd of November 2019, one year after Antonia formed, it celebrated its first year of existence, in which fireworks were launched and Antonia formally entered the Micronational Community.

Friendly Era

On the 4th of November 2019, the Antonian Empire signed its first Treaty of Bilateral Recognition and on the 10th of November the Antonian Empire passed the first Act (piece of common law). On the 29th of November, the Provisional Grand Senate is inaugurated and set into law. On the 27th of December the longest act in Antonian law was passed, dubbed the Ministry Act of 2019. In the new year, the government sets a 2020 targets list for the Antonian Empire and sets out what needs to be done in 2020 to make it successful. On the 11th of January, the Antonian Empire oversees the Great Merge between MicroCom and the PMA to form the ComSov, soon to be one of the most prestigious intermicronational organizations in the Instagram community. In March the Antonian Empire formally enters the Discord platform and releases its first Financial Report and the first Convention of the Grand Senate takes place, in which a record number of Acts, Conventions, and a Charter are passed. At the end of March, the Emperor signs a treaty with the Misberian Confederacy, the start of a prosperous and special relationship between the two nation

Era of Mixed Emotions

In April the Government conducts Operation Yokohama, gaining an exponential amount of land. The territory of the Antonian Empire increases by 6200%. Imperial Day is celebrated on May 8 for the first time as well and the Commonwealth of Sovereignties collapses and is dissolved. On June 11 it was announced the Constitution collapsed and a black alert was called. The government is shut down and a new constitution is promised. On August 1, an Antonian Citizen, Maria Birch, sadly passes away, and 14 days of mourning are announced, and flags around the nation fly at half mast.

Modern Era

In October the Halcyon Convention is announced and is signed by Antonia and 11 other nations. On the 3rd of November 2020, Antonian Empire celebrates its 2nd Independence Day and a speech is delivered by the Emperor. In January 2021, the Antonian Empire dissolved and joined the Misberian Confederacy.

Politics and Government

The nation is lead by an Emperor with the title of Antonian Emperor, the current Emperor is Anthony Birch. The position of Emperor if vacant shall be voted on by two thirds majority to fill the position, the Emperor can be impeached by the Grand Senate is seen as unfit to rule or violating the constitution. The Emperor lives in the Imperial palace Palacio Imperium. The nation's legislature is the Grand Senate, which is in charge of helping manage the nation and its affairs. The Grand Senate holds significant power within the nation including calling referendums, removing an Emperor and declaring emergencies. The Grand Senate itself meets mainly online but it has been known to meet in person should the opportunity arise.


Antonia has a military called the Armed Forces of the Antonian Empire, the military has never been used for violence and is only used in time of national crisis as Antonia believes in peaceful existence with all.

Administrative Regions

Name Flag Size Citizens Capital Officials Established Location
Province of Halcyon City 8.7m2 4 Halcyon City Senator: Alan Sanderton 03/11/2018 Surrey, UK
Province of Bonvenon 0.9m2 1 Senator: Anthony Rich 24/12/2019 Surrey, UK
Province of New


22.7m2 1 Senator: Vernier Lethe 24/12/2019 Surrey, UK
Province of Terrano 95.6m2 1 Highbury Senator: William March 20/03/2020 Surrey, UK
Province of Connorensis 106.7m2 0 Connorsville Emperor: HIM Emperor Anthony I 15/12/2020 South Argentina
Protectorate of Antonian Misberia 268.6m2 8 Ahtuwen Lord Protector: Otto Gillespie Birch 23/01/2021 Maine
Undeclared Antonia Majora None 489.9m2 0 None Emperor: HIM Emperor Anthony I 3/11/2018 Surrey, UK
Territory of Connorensis


Unannounced 0 None Emperor: HIM Emperor Anthony I 15/12/2020 South Argentina

Geography and climate

Most of Antonia enjoys light rolling hills and ocean breezes as most of Antonia is either on the coast or inland.

Weather for Antonia Majora

Climate data for England
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 17.6


























Record low °C (°F) −26.1


























Source: The Met Office

Weather for Sahpiyel

Climate data for Machias, Maine
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 26


























Average low °F (°C) 4


























Average precipitation inches (mm) 4.4


























Source: Weatherbase


Currently Antonia does not have an economy but has a currency and does import goods from the United Kingdom. The currency of the Antonian Empire is the Antonian Rica, the plural of it is Antonian Rica. The smaller denominations, are named the Antonian Denarus, the plural of which is Antonian Denarii. The Antonian Rica has banknotes for Five (5), Ten (10), Twenty (20), Fifty (50) and One Hundred (100) Antonian Rica. There shall be minted coins for One (1) Antonian Denarus, for Two (2), Five (5), Ten (10), Twenty (20) and Fifty (50) Antonian Denarii and for One (1) and Two (2) Antonian Rica. For 1 Antonian Rica one gets 100 Antonian Denarii, the Antonian Rica is pinned 1:1 to the Swiss Franc. The denotation for the Antonian Rica is “A” and the denotation for the Antonian Denarus is “a”.

Culture and Media


The culture of Antonia is distinctly British with flairs of Russian and American, most of the population lives in the United Kingdom and many can be heard speaking with a British accent and indulging in British cuisine, culture and education. Antonia enjoys flairs of Russian and American cultures from the citizenry who have lived or living in either Russia or the United States.


The Antonian government allows freedom of information and speech and runs news and informational sites for the people of Antonia and the community. Antonia has an Instagram presence and is well known on there, the Office of The Emperor is based on Discord and is responsible for updating the nation on the Emperor and any decrees they may announce. The Bobwhite Gazette reports on all national news for Antonia in conjunction with the Emperor and the Grand Senate.

Foreign Relations

Antonia holds significant status within the Instagram community including having lead the Commonwealth of Sovereignties as well as being a member of UMEC. The nation holds many allies from around the world and partakes in community events. Antonia joined the HAAM group including Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall, Kingdom of Atlia and Misberian Confederacy to create a unified community of nations which all hold land in Machias, Maine as well as working on projects and programs including easier citizenship paths amongst member states.

Type Number Notes
Antonian Diplomacy
Macronation 196 Includes Palestine, Holy See and Republic of China
Nation or Project Nation 35 Includes nations like Commonwealth of Ederlaand
Convention 7 Created the Halcyon Convention
Organization 3 Is a prominent member of UMEC