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United Micronations Elite Committee
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Together We Conquer, Devided We Fall
Auld Lang Syne

Official language(s)English,
Short nameUMEC
DemonymMember States
Established20th February 2020
Area claimed1km²
Population20 (as of 2021 census)
National sportN/A
National animalN/A
Patron saintN/A
This Union is a member of the UOU

Government Website

Founded in 2020, UMEC holds itself as one of the most professional unions in the Micronational community.

Member States

Former Members

  • Antonian Empire.png Antonian Empire
  • Republic of Belle Flag.jpg Republic of Belle

Police Members

The UMEC is based upon an Instagram private group, with 4 "police" members for security and 1 chairman.

UMEC Police
The badge of "police" members in the UMEC.

Former members

  • Kingdom of Adiona Flag.jpg Kingdom of Adiona(defunct)

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