United Micronations Elite Council

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United Micronations Elite Council
Flag of United Micronations Elite Council
Coat of arms of United Micronations Elite Council
Coat of arms
Motto: Together We Conquer, Divided We Fall
Anthem: "Auld Lang Syne"
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)Member States
Establishment20 February 2020
CurrencyUMECOS (Þ)
This Union is a member of the UOU.

Founded in 2020, UMEC holds itself as one of the most professional unions in the Micronational community.[citation needed]

Application form: https://form.jotform.com/220246309534855

Member States (Current and Former)

Flag Nation Status
Hurikano flag.jpg Kingdom of Hurikano Current
IMG 20210326...128 298.jpg The Lagoan Isles
Government of Cosecha Flag.jpg Kingdom of Cosecha
UK-Mercia.png Principality of Hyeck
Npl flag.jpg Federal Republic of New Potato Land
Mindtasia.jpeg The Republic Of Mindtasia
IMG 20210326...950 964.jpg Kingdom of Hotonia
IMG 20210326...658 321.jpg
Province of Voldenstien
IMG 20210327...038 991.jpg Republic of Charleia
IMG 20210303...317 951.jpg The Republic of Sant’Aldo
IMG 20210327...334 516.jpg Saarditian Democratic Republic
Official Flag of Airedale and Alder Impress.png The United Kingdom of Airedale and Alder
IMG 20210705 161123 555.jpg People's Republic of Edristan
IMG 20210326...658 321.jpg
Reino d'e Tanes
Antonian Empire.png Antonian Empire Former
The Flag of Xoli.jpg Kingdom of Xoli
Republic of Belle Flag.jpg Republic of Belle
Unova2.jpg Kingdom of Unova
IMG 20210326...809 978.jpg Grand Order of DR

Police Members

The UMEC is based upon an Instagram private group, with 4 "police" members for security and 1 chairman.

UMEC Police
The badge of "police" members in the UMEC.

Former members

  • Kingdom of Adiona Flag.jpg Kingdom of Adiona(defunct)

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